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Making Cookies

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Making Cookies
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Making Cookies

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  1. Making Cookies

  2. have little liquid which gives them a more substantial texture

  3. Six Types of Cookies: • Bar cookies * baked in a shallow pan and then cut into bars or squares *some are soft dough, some are layered doughs (bases, fillings, toppings) *example: brownies *cut when cool using a thin-blade knife *remove the corner piece first

  4. Drop cookies *soft dough dropped on a cookie sheet *use a small cookie scoop or 2 teaspoons *place at least 2 inches apart *spread and flatten as they cook *examples: chocolate chip cookies

  5. Rolled cookies *example: holiday cookies *made from stiff dough that is rolled out and cut into different shapes with cookie cutters *chilled for easier handling *work a small amount at a time

  6. *roll dough to 1/8th inch on a lightly floured surface *dip cookie cutter in flour and shake off excess *cut efficiently to minimize scraps of dough *using a spatula remove cookies and place on a cookie sheet 1 inch apart

  7. Molded cookies *shaped by hand *balls of dough are rolled in chopped nuts or other coatings before baking *some are flattened (bottom of a glass), engraved with cookie stamps or tiles, pressed with a fork (peanut butter cookies)

  8. *use chilled dough *pinch off walnut size piece and form quickly *place 1 inch apart on cookie sheet *place 3 inches apart if pressing *dip glass in flour or sugar to keep from sticking *stamps are oiled lightly before using and floured in between cookies

  9. Refrigerator cookies *form dough into long, even rolls about one and half to two inches in diameter *wrap the rolls with wax paper, foil, or plastic wrap, and chill *can be prepared several days in advance *slice the roll by encircling it with heavy thread and pulling the ends *place slices about 1 inch apart on a cookie sheet

  10. Pressed cookies *made by using a cookie press to force dough on to baking sheet *use stiff dough- must be soft enough to press but firm enough to hold its shape *some are chilled and must be used quickly *stiff dough spread little- place a half inch apart

  11. Baking Cookies • Uniform in size= bake evenly • Cool cookie sheets between batches or the dough will soften and loose its shape • Delicately brown when down • Remove cookies immediately after baking

  12. Storing Cookies • Store in a container after cooking • Cover crisp cookies with a lid that fits loosely • Cover soft cookies with a tight fitting lid • Store each type separately • Freeze cookies