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COOKIES. Emily Bucklew Mrs. Sefcik English III AP - Period 7 September 27, 2010. What is your favorite cookie?.

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  1. COOKIES Emily Bucklew Mrs. Sefcik English III AP - Period 7 September 27, 2010

  2. What is your favorite cookie? Figure 1: Pie chart:what people in my 7th and 4th period classes’ favorite flavor of cookies are. This chart shows what cookies people enjoy and divides the class, classifying them into categories of cookies.

  3. Chocolate Chip Cookies vs. Digital Cookies Chocolate chip cookies are yummy and make people happy. They are made by combining ingredients to make a soft warm pastry. Chocolate chip cookies do not spy on computers or people but they are made with love. Digital cookies do not taste good but can make computer chefs happy. Cookies are little files that web sites put on your computer hard disk drive when you first visit. They are used to monitor activities but some can be bad and spy on computers. Figures 3 (chocolate chip cookies) and 4 (computer screen) : these pictures compare and contrast chocolate chip cookies and digital cookies you get on your computer.

  4. Oreo Cookie Top chocolaty Oreo cookie Middle sweet vanilla cream layer Figure 4: Oreo cookie: defines exactly what a delicious Oreo cookie really is. Bottom chocolaty Oreo cookie Bite taken out of delicious cookie

  5. The Last Cookie  Read this direction Figure 5: The Last Cookie Comic: shows a visual narrative of two people sharing a cookie.

  6. Time Effects Yummyness of Cookies Figure 6: Deliciousness of Cookies graph: this image illustrates how time effects the deliciousness of a cookie.

  7. Buy Me and Receive Good Cookies Figure 7: Cook Book: this book persuades you to buy it just by the cover, having a colorful picture of delicious cookies right on the front, beckoning for you to open it. Just upon opening it the pictures make its purchase more likely.

  8. How to decide which cookie to eat Figure 8: Chart below: illustrates the process of deciding which cookie to eat. Crave Cookies No cookies?! no Fine with baking Yes! Lazy Must have the chocolates! Ew chocolate I ate too much chocolate today Oreo Want something plain yet sugary Milk chocolate White chocolate Want something else No thanks Cinnamon = yum No likeie nuts nuts Nuts! Fruity! nuts No nuts Sugar cookie Snicker-doodle White chocolate macadamia Raisins! lemon! Chocolate chip with nuts Peanut butter cookies Oatmeal raisin Lemon cookies Chocolate chip Sadface

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