gabby heabeart 1 st hour october 11 th 2012 career tech n.
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Gabby Heabeart 1 st hour October 11 th , 2012 Career Tech PowerPoint Presentation
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Gabby Heabeart 1 st hour October 11 th , 2012 Career Tech

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Gabby Heabeart 1 st hour October 11 th , 2012 Career Tech - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dance. Instructor. Gabby Heabeart 1 st hour October 11 th , 2012 Career Tech. ~ Introduction ~.

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gabby heabeart 1 st hour october 11 th 2012 career tech



Gabby Heabeart

1st hour

October 11th, 2012

Career Tech

~ Introduction ~

Your students stand in a row in the centre. You click the music on, anticipation flowing through everyone’s veins. Theirs are filled with adrenaline as they leap, jette, and turn, finally correcting their mistakes and looking like true dancers. Your heart will swell with the feeling of pride as you watch them grow and learn. You’re a dance instructor. I’ve wanted to be one for a few years, all because of my passion for dance and the teachers who push me to do better and have helped create Gabby, the dancer. In order to get a better understanding of my chosen career field, I will be researching nature of work, working conditions, training, job outlook, earnings, and a related occupation.

nature of work
~ Nature of Work ~
  • Audition dancers for a role in a show or with a dance company
  • Choose the music that will accompany their dance routine
  • Assist with costume design, lighting, and other artistic aspects of a show
  • Teach complex dance movements that entertain an audience
  • Study new and emerging types of dance to design more creative dance routines
  • Help with the administrative duties of a dance company, such as budgeting
  • Help dancers grow and excel
working conditions
~ Working Conditions ~
  • 78 percent of choreographers work in dance schools/schools that specialize in performing arts
  • Injury rate for their students is high due to pressure dancers put on bodies
  • Hours depend on the nights they dance/where they work.
  • Some nights could be hours long, others may be a few short classes
  • Depends on the age of the students
  • Instructors who work in dance schools have regular workweek schedule
  • Very physical: you’re always on your feet and dancing around
  • Somewhat mental: have to get into the dance, have to make one up too
training qualification advancement
~ Training, Qualification, Advancement… ~
  • Must have studied dance
  • Six important qualities: balance, creativity, leadership skills, persistence, physical stamina, and teamwork.
  • Many colleges/universities offer a bachelor’s or master’s degree in dance
  • Could get away with having just a high school degree, but college is definitely recommended
  • Must be somewhat flexible, musically inclined, coordinated, and agile
  • Colleges I’m interested in: Grand Valley and Western
  • Minoring in dance, majoring in English
  • Classes I can take: aerobics or really any gym class
  • Will continue with dance lessons
job outlook employment
~ Job Outlook/Employment ~
  • Employment has rose 24 percent from 2010 to 2012
  • Interest in dance has grown, more jobs are opening up
  • Hope to stay in SCS/the area
  • Would love to work at my studio now
~ Earnings ~
  • Median hourly pay for choreographers as of May 2010: $18.11
  • Lowest: $8.93
  • Highest: $34.22
  • All depends on hours/schedule
  • Goal: pay my bills and still have money to spend
  • Extra money will be put towards my books and their publications/shopping/vacation to Disney World
side occupation
~ Side Occupation ~
  • Author
  • Work at home, in an office, writing books
  • Very mental and indoors
  • Physical: typing with hands
  • Median annual wage as of May 2010 was $55,420
  • Employment rate has barely grown
  • Strong competition is expected
  • Less common than other occupations
  • A bachelor’s degree is recommended
  • Also go to Western or Grand Valley for it
~ Summary ~

I’m very excited to be a dance instructor. I cannot wait to teach students, watch them grow and become better all because of me, and to choreograph dances. I always have dance ideas swarming in my head. To actually teach them to a group of dancers would be awesome. Also, going to college for it will expand my knowledge and make me a better dancer too. I’m really not looking forward to the disrespectful chatty girls my dance teachers and others everywhere have to deal with. They’re the ones who don’t take it seriously. I’m sensitive and impatient so I’ll take it to heart. I will learn how to be patient and more understanding of people. I’m really looking forward to being a dance teacher one day.

source s
~ Source(s) ~
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