chesapeake bay research n.
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Chesapeake Bay Research PowerPoint Presentation
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Chesapeake Bay Research

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Chesapeake Bay Research - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chesapeake Bay Research
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  1. Chesapeake Bay Research BY:aliaogunsanya

  2. Blue crabs • The blue crabs are very importnant to the bay because many people have devolped about them. • They live underwater medows of bay grass • They walk sideways or walk differently. • They go though stages or go though aniamal life stages . • Their claws are blue and their body is bluish- green. • Without them they will excint . • The people wanted to discover about them and part of the food chain.

  3. Lined seahorses • They are fish mixed together • A person would used the parts from an aniamal to create • Middle or lower of the chesapeake bay • They swim in a erect position • They eat shrimp, plankton and sea worms • Lined seahorses are eaten by blue crabs, birds, sea turtles, and rays • Japansesse people have hunt them for medicence and they needed to be protect them

  4. Crass Cerith • It is a gaiter snail the bay • They live in grass meadows of the Chesapeake bay • They move with there strong foot • They eat small algae • Grass Cerith are eaten by ducks and blue crabs • Without them they become excint • These sea snails needed to be protected before people start hunting them

  5. Conclusion • In conclusion I have learn that these aniamals[blue crabs, lined seahorses, and grass cerith]are important to the bay because these people have hunt them for food or products that people make for other people. • In ph1, you have learn that blue crabs are important to the bay because it’s a important food source. • In ph 2 you have learn that lined seahorses are important to the bay because japanese people had hunt them for medicine • In ph3, you have learn that grass cerith are important to the bay because they to be protected if hunters come and hunt them. • In overall, you have learn that all of these aniamals are important to the bay and help them by not killing them.

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