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  1. Vision • Fruitzies! aims to provide our customers a place to abode as they try to escape the daily stresses of life, while they are refreshing up themselves with the best of our offered services with such low and affordable prices, could also be the best place to bond with you colleagues and friends all in one.

  2. Mission • To intensify the nutrition needed of the people, especially the youth in helping them to restores their fitness and energy in fulfilling their tasks and activities well, also to empower them as they surpass the everyday distress of life by providing them a great and relaxing ambiance.

  3. Values • “Angkalusugan ay kayamanan”, as the saying goes. Filipinos are often conscious about works and tasks for everyday. They must be productive enough to achieve all their goals in life and for the attainment of their dreams for a better future. And as they fully submit themselves to their work, some tend to call them as “workaholics” and even skip their meal in order for them to attain all their goals over a short period of time. But how can they work efficiently and productively if they could not concentrate well on their work and losses all their focus due to poor health.

  4. Overview of the Business • Name of the Business, Fruitzies! • Fruitzies! is a kind of food service business enterprise that offers a wide range of freshly baked breads, cookies and cakes stuffed with freshly picked fruits that will certainly satisfy your taste buds and endow you with the right and enough nutrients that you need in your daily activities whether it’s in school or home. • Fruitzies! also offers a variation of beverages from hot chocolates to fruit shakes that will definitely defeat you thirst under the hot sun.

  5. The Problem/Need • Because of the non-stop projects and activities given to the students in order for them to learn and gain experience, most of them skip or even forget the importance of their health. Some of the students even buy junk foods in order to satisfy their hunger without knowing that these junk foods only gives few to no nutrients to their young bodies, without knowing that what they are doing can lead them to have nutritional imbalance.

  6. The Problem/Need • Fruitzies! offers low cost but highly nutritious pastry products and fruit beverages that will surely bring back the life of the students. With the right amount of nutrients that will run into their bodies, they will definitely love school much more, they can focus much better on what they are doing without the risks of catching a disease. Yet, it can also help them in doing thing efficiently and effectively.

  7. Marketing Plan • Since Fruitzies! is established outside and nearby a school full of hard-working students, these students serve as the business target market. The large size of the crowd during the noon where in the students wait for their time to enter the school, and a number of by –standers is an opportunity for sales. • There are times that activities such as; conducting a play, presenting a coral speech are done by the students. They usually perform practices outside the school during weekdays (after class) and weekends. Fruitzies! can offer them food that will energize them while having their break their practice and even while they are training themselves for a athletic event.

  8. Marketing Plan • Nearby a school is a very popular place to establish a store, as it is a place where hundreds to thousands of people pass by. Since it is popular, Fruitzies! has a lot of competitors from stalls to large Sari-sari stores. But the fact that we, Fruitzies!, offers a wide variety of nutritious, unique, delicious and refreshing products that can give us more customers than our competitors.

  9. Critical Plan • Fruitzies! aims to divert the attention of the students who is fond of buying “sago’tgulaman, palamig, etc”, instead indulge them in buying our mouthful delights and products since people, especially the youth are fond of sweets. The products offered will definitely be unique in its appearance and serving features that will surely capture the satisfaction of the target market. However, the weakness of the business enterprise is during the cold seasons, since at that moment, people subject to heat themselves.

  10. The expected outcome is that Fruitzies! should hook the attention of the customers in buying the products rendered by the enterprise and have as a regular costumers for stable increase in sales. The outcome must be achieved within the span of six months to one and a half year to really know if the business hooked the customers’ concern