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Objectives. Discuss the development of “The Sandwich” as an American staple Introduce Apprentice Task Number 3. The Almighty Sandwich. Who invented the sandwich and when remains a matter for debate Let’s take a closer look at what lies between the layers.

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  • Discuss the development of

“The Sandwich” as an American


  • Introduce Apprentice Task

Number 3

the almighty sandwich
The Almighty Sandwich
  • Who invented the sandwich and when remains a matter for debate
  • Let’s take a closer look at what lies between the layers
brief history of the sandwich
Brief History of the Sandwich

The 4th Earl of Sandwich, John Montagu (1718 - 1792) is said to have eaten salted meat and bread during his distinguished naval career

According to food historian Solomon Katz, he may have first coined the term

the evolution of the sandwich
The Evolution of the Sandwich

The Dutch added the butter and the sandwich soon increased in popularity in Europe and beyond.

Later, when the Industrial Revolution got underway, it became a convenient and portable snack for the workforce

the evolution of the sandwich1
The Evolution of the Sandwich
  • The earliest concept of the sandwich belongs to Neolithic times when meat and herbs were wrapped in
  • unleavened bread.
  • The Middle Ages saw slabs of bread (trenchers) used to soak up food, the idea caught on among the aristocracy as a late night snack
the open sandwich
The Open Sandwich
  • - evolved from the medieval trencher. While there are many interesting interpretations of the open model, none of them are technically sandwiches which need two slices of bread around an enclosed filling.
the club sandwich
The Club Sandwich
  • - was first mentioned in print in 1903, and consisted of three toasted layers, including chicken, lettuce, mayonnaise, tomato and bacon. The name may have come from an earlier two-layered version matching the two-decker railway "club" cars running in the US at the time
the blt
  • (bacon, lettuce & tomato) - a variant of the club sandwich originating in North America
the dagwood
The Dagwood
  • - many layered and overstuffed, as preferred by the USA character of the same name in the filmstrip "Blondie" first portrayed in 1936.
the submarine or torpedo
The Submarine or Torpedo
  • - originated in the southern states of USA and is of substantial cylindrical design, made of French bread and various fillings which aimed to satisfy the appetite of the poor.
hot roast beef sandwiches
Hot Roast Beef Sandwiches
  • - popular in American Delis and elsewhere

Task # 3:

The Corner Sandwich Project

the corner promotion
The Corner Promotion

TEAMS: A new project manager should be selected for this task.

MISSION: Your first task is to design a new prototype sandwich for The Corner Pub & Grill.

TASK: You must then design a promotional campaign for your new prototypesandwich. The campaign must include three types of advertising.

the corner flying high
The Corner….Flying High
  • Please review the website and be prepared to discuss the following questions in class:
    • Who/What is The Corner Pub & Grill?
    • What makes The Corner unique?

The Corner Pub & Grill - St. Louis

the corner promotion1
The Corner Promotion

1. Determine your target market

2. Design a new prototype sandwich for The Corner

3. Determine your promotional objectives (message)

4. Design a promotional campaign that

promotes the new sandwich for The Corner.

5. The promotional campaign must include three

types of advertising.

(I.E. Print, Broadcast, Website, Direct Mail, Special Event, or viral marketing strategy, etc…..)

the corner project
The Corner Project


Make a prototype of your sandwich.

Design a PowerPoint that contains all of

the criteria. Use that PowerPoint to make

a presentation to the Marketing II class.


The project will be judged by a member of

The Corner Pub & Grill Management team.

brainstorming session
Brainstorming Session
  • Please work with your group for the rest of the class period and brainstorm for new dessert ideas.
  • You will present this project on

March 7th & 8th.