marine worms n.
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Marine Worms

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Marine Worms - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Marine Worms. Flatworms, Nematodes, Annelids,. General Characteristics of Marine Worms. bilateral symmetry Cephalization (Has a head ) Hydrostatic skeleton (no bones) most are benthic. Flatworms 2 types. No body cavity = flatbodies

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Marine Worms

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marine worms

Marine Worms

Flatworms, Nematodes, Annelids,

general characteristics of marine worms
General Characteristics of Marine Worms
  • bilateral symmetry
  • Cephalization(Has a head)
  • Hydrostatic skeleton (no bones)
  • most are benthic
flatworms 2 types
Flatworms2 types
  • No body cavity=flatbodies
  • _No_ segments, No_ circulatory system, No Respiratory system
  • _Type 1_:Turbellarians (Non Parasitic)
  • _Type 2_: flukes and tapeworms (parasitic)
  • Most turbellarians are _carnivorous
  • __Chemoreceptors_: detect prey
  • unique prey-capturing mechanisms
    • _Stab__
    • _Suffocate_
  • pharynx secretes enzymes and pulls in food
  • food is digested in the gastrovascular cavity = which functions as a mouth and an anus__.
  • Reproduction
    • _Asexually through regeneration
    • _Sexually_: Penis Fencing (flatworms are male and female. They fight with their penis’s the winner becomes the male, looser becomes the female)
  • _round worms, tapered at both ends
  • _No segments___
  • _They have a body cavity_: Hence why round in shape
  • __Most numerous animals on the planet__
    • Handful of sediment may contain 3 million nematodes
  • Nonparasitic species are scavengers and are small in size__
  • Parasitic and carnivorous species are larger_:
  • Bodies divided into _Segments_
  • Has _a closed circulatory system__
  • “more advanced” worm
  • Setae: used for locomotion and defense
  • Polychaetes (Not a bird)  are the main type of marine worm: For example, earthworm is an annelid, but it is not a polychaete

↑ common marine polychaetes

↓ deep sea vent tube worms


← errant polychaete


  • Polychaetes Annelids 2 Types:
    • _Type 1: Sedentary polychaetes that burrow or built tubes of sand, calcium carbonate, proteins. They filter feed_with cilia that extend from tubes and the aid of chemoreceptors.
my favorite
My Favorite

Sedentary Polychaetes:

_Christmas Tree Worms_;

Also used in Avatar; IN Real Life

Use their gills to capture plankton


Polychaetes Annelids 2 Types:

  • Type 2: _Errant (swim)_polychaetes have jaws with teeth_ and nocturnally hunt small invertebrates. Many are poisonous and have a painful bite.
sexual reproduction in polychaetes
Sexual Reproduction in Polychaetes
  • _Epitoky_ is a form of reproduction ,The worms undergo a transformation into an _Epitoke, a pelagic morph capable of _Sexual Reproduction.
  • Often an epitoke is the end part of the worm, which separates from the head. The end then releases the eggs or sperm.
  • .
other marine worms
Other Marine Worms
  • _Peanut Worms_: Filter Feeder that burrows in the sand, sticking out its head to feed
other marine worms1
Other Marine Worms
  • _Spaghetti worms__: lies hidden in sediment or rocky crevices while its food-gathering tentacles wave overhead.
other marine worms2
Other Marine Worms
  • Fire worms have bristles that are filled with venom and easily break when touched to discourage predators. They also inflict a painful rash on any human who handles them
aliens or marine worms
Aliens or Marine Worms?

New Species, of marine worms

Yet still to be named……..


Marine Worms

  • Name the three types/classifications of worms
  • List them from simple to complex
  • List three characteristics of each type of worm
  • Give two examples of sexual reproduction for worms
  • Describe two ecological roles of marine worms.
  • What is swimmers itch?
  • Define: Sedentary, Cephalization, Benthic, Errant, Polychaete and gastrovascular cavity
  • 7.