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presentation of rural network unit communication work 2009 n.
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Presentation of Rural Network Unit communication work 2009 PowerPoint Presentation
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Presentation of Rural Network Unit communication work 2009

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Presentation of Rural Network Unit communication work 2009
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Presentation of Rural Network Unit communication work 2009

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  1. Presentation of Rural Network Unit communication work2009

  2. Rural Network Unit communication Rural Network Unit communication observes the communication strategy and plan created for the Rural Development Programme for Mainland Finland 2007-2013. Characteristics of communication: active, targeted and unequivocally clear; open interaction and active cooperation with different stakeholders The focus is on electronic communication. Languages of communication are Finnish, Swedish and English.

  3. Objectives of communication • The objective of communication is to promote recognition of the Rural Network Unit, present rural programmes, and provide information about the various opportunities that they offer. • The Rural Network Unit is seen as a kind of “salesperson” for the rural programmes. • Communicational sales work for the rural programmes is targeted according to the needs of the recipient group. Rural Network Unit communication expresses the content of a special theme selected for each year. The theme for 2008 is entrepreneurship.

  4. Forms of communication • Electronic communication: Internet:, action group ekstranet, Dimmi, bulletins, television and radio stories, online articles, Internet-TV • Printed communication: brochures, inserts, participation in printed trade journals, newspaper articles • Events: exhibitions, communication events, PR work • Communication material: presentation, advertising and corporate gifts

  5. Target groups of communication • Rural developers: the primary communication channel is the website, as well as the Extranet service and a printed trade journal, communication campaigns • Beneficiaries: again the communication channel is the website, as well as brochures to provide supplementary and background information, with rural sector newspapers, a printed special periodical/trade journal and communication campaigns for the media • General public: bulletin material for local, regional and national mass media, website especially the general sections, exhibition events, communication campaigns • International stakeholders: international magazine, international newsletter, English version of the website

  6. Printed communication: brochures and inserts - Inserts in 2009 • An English-language magazine produced in cooperation with Maaseutu Plussa will be published in the middle of September. The magazine will also have a section produced by the Rural Network Unit. • Three sections (”inserts”) will also be produced for the Maaseutu Plus magazine: 2/2009, 3/2009 and 5/2009. • An insert for the Maaseudun Tulevaisuus newspaper will be produced in September to meet communication needs related to the KoneAgria and Elma exhibitions. • A Swedish-language insert for the Landsbygdens Folk newspaper will be produced at the end of 2009. - Updating of brochures and production of new brochures

  7. Information signs The Rural Development Unit is responsible for purchasing information signs that indicate Rural Development Programme financing. Four different types of signs indicating Programme financing are needed. 1) an indoor sign for each Leader group office, a so-called office sign 2) an optional sign distributed to projects 3) signs related to investments of more than EUR 50,000 ("explanatory plaque”) 4) signs related to investments of more than EUR 500,000 (”billboard”) An advertsising agency has designed the look of the information signs and is responsible for layout work for ready-to-print material. The information signs are made of aluminium covered with composite plastic. The signs are A4 and A3 in size. The first orders for information signs were printed in spring 2009.

  8. PR work Stakeholder work • The Rural Network unit cooperates with the Häme T&E Centre in the marketing of national project work. Exhibitions and stakeholder events • Farmari 30 July–2 August 2009 • Elma exhibition 6-8 November 2009 Communication and information material • The attraction at Farmari 2009 will be an activity requiring throwing accuracy with prizes of sports bags and fishing rods. The Rural Network has also purchased sweets, memory sticks, aprons and bags as well as postcards for its use.

  9. Objectives of the communication campaign to promote rural entrepreneurship • To make target groups aware of the fact that rural entrepreneurship is promoted by means of funds granted from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development • To increase awareness of the fact that entrepreneurship promotes rural well-being, which benefits all Finns • To show rural entrepreneurship in a positive light • To reach the largest possible number of target group representatives on a national level The campaign is part of the Rural Network's communication plan.

  10. Entrepreneurship campaign messages • Communication concept: ”Quality of life” • A diverse and modern operating environment: The countryside offers quality of life - space to live and move, safety and proximity to nature – AND every opportunity for business Message: Every opportunity for business

  11. Campaign times • Spring campaign, weeks 12–14 • Campaign site on the website • Announcements, publication date 18 March • Radio spots, starting 23 March • Event participation, Oma Yritys exhibition 25–26 March • Autumn campaign • Campaign website • Announcements, publication date 7 October • Radio spots, starting 31 August • Event participation, Farmari 30 July–2 August and Yrittäjän Päivä 5 September

  12. Announcements, spring and autumn

  13. Campaign site online: • A mini-website with links to basic information for those interested in rural entrepreneurship • Button leading to the site on the home page of the website and on the sub-websites

  14. Event participation, spring 2009 Oma Yritys 25–26 March • Own exhibition booth, 12 m2 • Exhibition partitions, computer, activity, giveaway (fishing rods) • 2,500 visitors directly from the target group • Publicity in, for example, Kauppalehti magazine and the TV news FEEDBACK: • The right target groups • Genuinely interested • Brochure material ran out on the 1st day • Additions to bulletin distribution

  15. Event participation, summer 2009 • Farmari 30 July–2 August • Part of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry's Natural Resources booth • Joint booth with the T&E Centres • Roll-up partitions • Activity suitable for children and adults • Giveaway: orange covered fishing rod manufactured in Finland

  16. Roll-up partitions

  17. Available material • The campaign material is stored on a CD • www buttons • newspaper ads • radio spots • roll-ups • multimedia presentation • Roll-ups can be borrowed from the Rural Network Unit

  18. Rural Network communication Contacts • Information Officer Kirsi Hakoniemi, Rural Network Unit tel. +358 40 550 5085 • Information Officer Annukka Lyra, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (Rural Development Unit) annukka.lyra@mmm.fitel. +358 400 707 577 • Information Officer Riika Isola, Agency for Rural Affairs riika.isola@mavi.fitel. +358 20 772 5643