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PRESENTATION OF THE NETWORK. CONTENT. The tools of the Network LVE : Audit guide Professionalism of partners LVE PRO : Common Database. QUALITY. The labelling program Challenge : to improve and maintain the quality of services and mutual knowledge

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The tools of the Network LVE :

Audit guide

Professionalism of partners

LVE PRO : Common Database

The labelling program

Challenge : to improve and maintain the quality of services and mutual knowledge

Goal : to regularly improve the labeling quality program (renewed every two years)

28 labelling of structures in 2007

34 labelling of structures in 2009

Following the 2009 audit, 1 structure formerly labelized in 2007 was not anymore in 2009

the members of lyon ville de l entrepreneuriat
The members of Lyon Ville de l’Entrepreneuriat

CCI de Lyon et ses antennes territoriales

Chambre des Métiers et de l’Artisanat du Rhône


Créons Scop

Centre d’Information aux Droits des Femmes

Activ'Idées Bron

La Coursive d’entreprises St Fons

CREAR – ville de Rillieux la Pape

ADL Villeurbanne

Graines de SOL

Pépinière Saône Mont d’Or Création

Service Economique Ville de Vénissieux

Boutique Initiative de Vaulx en Velin

Boutique de l’Initiative de Vénissieux

Cré’Acteur Vénissieux

  • ADIE
  • Novacité
  • Créalys
  • Union Régionale des SCOP
  • Cap Services
  • Elycoop
  • Escale Création
  • Action’Elles
  • Maison de la Création de la Duchère
  • DACE (St Priest, Feyzin)
  • Rhône Développement Initiative (RDI)
  • le Village des Créateurs
  • Pépinière CARCO
  • Talent 9
the permanent quality unit monitoring tool of the quality part
The permanent quality unit(Monitoring tool of the "quality" part)


To guarantee the implementation of the Quality System LVE

To continuously improve the network's efficiency

To guide the integration of new members and partners (integration process and pathway)

To stimulate collective opportunities of skill development in the network

To manage stakeholders' skills within the framework of the Quality System

To collect information on practices (possible benchmarking besides analogue networks)



1. TO BRIEF : present our services, our terms of intervention, and the public to whom we address.

2. TO ADVISE : guide you to one of our partners if our organization cannot meet your needs.

3. TO ASSIST : To approve your project’s presentation and to help you to complete it in order to give you the best keys to achieve it and to facilitate the financial organism’s intervention.

4. CONFIDENTIALITY : preserve the confidentiality of your project.

5. TO PROVIDE A SINGLE CONTACT : designate one of our advisors for the coordination and oversight of your project.



6. SKILLS : provide you with relevant and qualified interlocutors.

7. TIME LIMIT: meet all deadlines.

8. MATERIAL RESOURCES : facilitate the provision of material resources suited to the development of your project.

9. FEEDBACK & IMPROVEMENTS : take your comments into consideration in order to continuously improve the services.

10. INVOLVEMENT & NETWORK : Get involved in the LVE network for the best fulfillment of your expectations.

a cceptability criteria of application
Acceptability criteria of application

Ratio would-be entrepreneur to total "clients" > 50%

Operationnality degree > 50%

Presence time in the region >50%

Minimum two years in the field of creation

Minimum two years in the region

Contribute to the network a new service or improvement of coverage

Regular work with network members in the last two years.


Key elements of the work on the competences standards :


Further to the audits in 2009, we noticed that the competences standards were not anymore in concordance with the LVE network partners professions, they were obsolete in consideration of the partner maturity level for the quality service

Strong willing from the LVE network creation to have an effective professionalization tool which develops the network intern competences = to notice in the network some expert partners and subjects of work = Develop the global quality level and high requirements.

professionalisation key elements of the work on the competences standards
PROFESSIONALISATION:Key elements of the work on the competences standards

Actions :

Move from the LVE working groups to profession groups

Those new groups have been definedaccording to partner common problemswhich have the samepositioning on the pathway of the would-be entrepreneur :

Inform and orientate individuals ideas/projects

Validate the couple Individual /project-idea

Support the individual and its project

Finance the individual and its project (creation and take over)

Support the entrepreneur and its company

- This work will permit to make new competences standards and makeit more relevant for the partners and professions in LVE network.

- Organization by external experts

professionalisation key elements of the work on the competences standards1
Targets :

- To give to the LVE partners an intern evaluation tool of competences

- Check out subjects, needs or common work axis for partners of the network

Check out experts to set up some tools, information, or training programs which aim at professionalize the network partners

- Create some competences standards which will become a reference for the stakeholders of the creation field

PROFESSIONALISATION:Key elements of the work on the competences standards
lve pro the common data base
LVE PRO: the common data base
  • Challenge :
    • To provide our clients with a framework
    • To have precise monitoring tools
  • Target : to set up a new online version of the common database for any user of the network, in order to track would-be entrepreneurs
    • For information: second version of database available from Sept. 09
  • Operational tool : search engine for orientation in the network + data sharing between partners

lve pro

This data base has 4 main targets :

1 : To guide the would-be entrepreneur atanystep of hispathway

2 : To visualise the pathway of the would-be entrepreneur

3 : To fill in the informations about the would-be entrepreneur into the database

4 : To increase the knowledge on the network by the users