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  1. Good Morning, come in, and when the bell rings you should be silently copying the current events.9/9/2013 What sport has the International Olympic Committee decided to reinstate during the 2020 Olympic games? What was the controversy surrounding the sport? What is the location of the 2020 Olympics? What is Apple set to announce on Tuesday?

  2. 9/9/2013 • The International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced yesterday that wrestling will be reinstated in the 2020 Olympics. • The controversy surroundings the fact the wrestling, a sport from the 708 BC Olympics was eliminated. • It was announced yesterday that the 2020 Olympics will take place in Tokyo. • Apple will announce Tuesday that for the first time it will be releasing two new models of the iPhone instead of one. One will be a cheaper version of the iphone 5 and one will be a faster processing version of the 5s. • What are some of the economic reasons Apple may be doing this?

  3. 9/10/2013 • Senators have decided to delay a vote concerning military strikes in what international conflict? List two positive and two negative effects of choosing not to get into this conflict. • Why have senators who were supporting the conflict in the past week began to backtrack? • Why are Charlotteans headed to the polls today? For what two offices voters be voting? • The leader of what civil rights organization will be stepping down on Dec. 31st?

  4. 9/10/13 1. – 2. Syria. Senators have decided to back off on voting because of public sentiment against going to war in Syria and because Russia and France have discussed drafting resolutions. • Voters in Charlotte will be heading to the polls to vote for the republican and democratic mayoral primaries and to elect half of the city council. The candidates include – Mayoral: Patrick Cannon, Gary Dunn, James Mitchell and Lucille Puckett face off in the Democratic primary. Ed Peacock and David Michael Rice meet in the Republican primary. The winners face each other in November. 4. Ben Jealous, the president and ceo of the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) will be stepping down. He was the youngest president in the organization's history

  5. 9/11/2013 • Why was Florida man, John Andrew Welden, indicted yesterday under the rarely used federal unborn victims of violence act. • What victory did 18-year-old Hani Khan score against the Abercrombie & Fitch company in court last week? • For what crime against her husband was Newlywed Jordan Linn Graham arranged yesterday?

  6. John Andrew Welden was indicted yesterday because last year after his pregnant girlfriend got an infection and needed an anti-biotic, he tricked her by creating a fake label for the bottle and instead gave her the abortion pill causing her to miscarry. If he would have gone to trial, he would have faced life in prison if he would have been convicted. Because he accepted a plea deal, he is facing up to thirteen years in prison. • She scored a legal victory in an anti-discrimination suit because she was fired by a Hollister store for wearing her hijab. Eleven days after she was fired they offered her her job back if she did not wear her hijab to work; she refused.