aet 515 instructional plan faria rota n.
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AET/515 Instructional Plan Faria Rota PowerPoint Presentation
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AET/515 Instructional Plan Faria Rota

AET/515 Instructional Plan Faria Rota

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AET/515 Instructional Plan Faria Rota

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  1. AET/515Instructional PlanFaria Rota Instructional Plan Template | Slide 1

  2. Needs Assessment • What is the learning problem or opportunity? • According to P.L. Block & Associates, LLC , “In organizational analysis, we focus on factors such as organizational goals, available resources, constraints, and support.” (n.d.). Those factors will help us find the opportunity and the problems within the organization. • Baderman Island Corporate University have the opportunity to incorporate the Recreational Sports Specialist class to those employees that want to gain additional skills for advancement and development. Instructional Plan Template | Slide 2

  3. Needs Assessment (cont’d.) • Based on the Course Listings, Boardman Corporate University offers a • course that is somewhat related to the Recreational Sports arena, which is the: • Customer Service in Hospitality Services, which emphasis on the • Island mission and policies. As well as how to deal with customer • service issues within the recreational, hotel and restaurant areas. Instructional Plan Template | Slide 3

  4. Needs Assessment (cont’d.) • I propose a Recreational Sports Specialist Course, to introduce hands on knowledge of the recreational equipment, as well as the safety risks and guidelines for their usage. With the CPR course as a pre-requisite, employees will obtain knowledge on how to handle health emergencies within the recreational area. • The instructional content will include: • Coaching guests, • Safety tips, • Discipline, • Customer care skills. Instructional Plan Template | Slide 4

  5. Needs Assessment (cont’d.) • The Customer Service in Hospitality Services course gives employees the tools on how to approach guests in difficult situations, incorporating the mission and policies of the Island. This course mainly focuses on how to deal with situational barriers with guests. • With the Recreational Sports Specialist course, employees will learn how to use and coach guests about the recreational equipment. Some customer interaction tools will be included, as well as discipline and safety standards to provide a safe environment. Instructional Plan Template | Slide 5

  6. Needs Assessment (cont’d.) • I would first conduct an interview to managers of all departments and employees, to ensure the Recreational Sports Specialist course content targets their needs, this will help me satisfy the demand of the course. • I will also conduct interviews to nearby Resorts regarding their recreational amenities and the management aspects of that department. Instructional Plan Template | Slide 6

  7. Instructional Goal • (Kirkpatrick’s four level evaluation model, 2012) Instructional Plan Template | Slide 7

  8. Instructional Goal (cont’d.) • “Fixing a problem or making a process better is just as good as a Return on Investment (ROI), if not better” Big dog & little dog’s performance juxtaposition, (2014). • After the completion of the Recreational Sports Specialist course the learner will be able to maintain and manage all the equipment in the recreational area. As well as providing safety guidelines and coaching guests. • The skills gained with this course will expand the company’s established reputation, and employees knowledge on the hotel equipment, which is a key factor for managerial goals. Instructional Plan Template | Slide 8

  9. Performance-Based Objectives 1. Baderman Island Corporate University students enrolled in the Recreational Sports Specialist course will demonstrate hands on knowledge on rock climbing, scuba diving, snorkeling, and kayak usage. By experiencing its usage, will help them integrate problem solving skills into practice. 2. Baderman Island Corporate University students enrolled in the Recreational Sports Specialist course will show how the abilities learned will increase their productivity and efficiency, by providing an effective premature response to stressful scenarios while coaching guests. Instructional Plan Template | Slide 9

  10. Summative Assessment and Learning Outcomes • After the completion of the Recreational Sports Specialist course, students should be able to complete a written test and a role-playing performance test. Which will evaluate how they deal with stressful scenarios, how they apply the safety guidelines into practice, while incorporating the mission and policies of the Island. This knowledge will help them achieve career advancement within the Island. Instructional Plan Template | Slide 10

  11. Learner Characteristics • The Baderman Island Resort employs over 80 professionals with backgrounds in finance, maintenance, business, food service, human resources, recreational activities, among others. As they work in a fast pass environment, their learning style is most likely active, due to the nature of the business. • Which implicates that the courses provided most be concise and aligned towards the learners capabilities. The resources used for the instructional process should be those that employees utilized on a daily basis, in that way they don’t have to waste time trying to adapt to new technology. Instructional Plan Template | Slide 11

  12. Learning Context • The Recreational Sports Specialist course will be provided face to face, for learners to better understand the usage of the equipment. • Role playing concepts will be included to help learners deal with real life situations with guests. • By incorporating the students characteristics into the learning setting, they will be evaluated at the end of every lesson, to ensure they move forward knowing every step. • The course will be provided in the recreational area where all the equipment is accessible, so all the students will be able to practice while learning. Instructional Plan Template | Slide 12

  13. Delivery Modality • The Recreational Sports Specialist will be led by an instructor which will utilizes: • Discussions • Demonstrations • Training on site • (Outdoors recreational sports, 2010) Instructional Plan Template | Slide 13

  14. Instructional Strategies • “Instructional strategies determine the approach a teacher may take to achieve learning objectives.” (Instructional Strategies Online, 2009). • The instructional strategies that will facilitate the content to ensure the learners follow the concepts are: • Strengthening problem solving skills • Enhancing teamwork skills • Improving communication skills Instructional Plan Template | Slide 14

  15. Plan for Implementation • Individuals Included: • Students • Instructors • Instructor Assistant • Materials: • Rubrics • Case studies • Scenarios • Assignments • Whiteboard Instructional Plan Template | Slide 15

  16. Instructional Resources • Rock climbing gear and equipment • Scuba gear and diving equipment • Snorkel gear and snorkeling equipment • Kayak • Internet resources for video tutorials Instructional Plan Template | Slide 16

  17. Formative Assessment • Rubrics for discussion questions • Ungraded quizzes • Concept map assessment • Demonstration of the acquired knowledge • Learning style inventory Instructional Plan Template | Slide 17

  18. Evaluation Strategies CATs (Classroom Assessment Techniques): • One-minute paper showing most important thing learned • Muddiest Point • Course-related checklist Instructional Plan Template | Slide 18

  19. Outcome Review • Design Goals • Combining the learners input in content process, and critical thinking increases their motivation towards acknowledging what was learned. Instructional Plan Template | Slide 19

  20. Outcome Review • Performance-based Objectives • To demonstrate of hands on knowledge in recreational sports • To provide an effective premature response to stressful scenarios • The rubrics will be used to align the department expectations with the course requirements. Which will include extracurricular activities to maintain students knowledge. Instructional Plan Template | Slide 20

  21. Outcome Review • Learning Outcomes • Students enroll voluntarily in the courses provided by Baderman Corporate University. Students expect this education to: • Create opportunities • Company support to gain skills for advancement • Standardized orientation towards students success • The Recreational Sports Specialist course will help students gain additional skills for advancement and development. Instructional Plan Template | Slide 21

  22. Recommendations • Students should submit anonymous feedback to measure any type of restlessness they couldn’t address to the instructor. • I would measure students muddiest point evaluation, not only when the class ends but every six months. Instructional Plan Template | Slide 22

  23. References • P.L. Block & Associates, LLC. (n.d.). Needs analysis, Part 1. Retrieved from • Big Dog and Little Dog's Performance Juxtaposition. (2012). Kirkpatrick’s four level evaluation model. Retrieved from • Boardman Management Group. (2012). Boardman Corporate University. Retrieved from • California State University San Bernardino. (2010). Outdoors recreational sports. Retrieved from Instructional Plan Template | Slide 23

  24. References • Saskatoon Public Schools. (2009). Instructional strategies online. Retrieved from • Haugen, L. (1999). Classroom assessment techniques (CATs). Iowa State University. Retrieved from Instructional Plan Template | Slide 24