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Civil Engineering and Geosciences PowerPoint Presentation
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Civil Engineering and Geosciences

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Civil Engineering and Geosciences
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Civil Engineering and Geosciences

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  1. Civil Engineering and Geosciences Faculty presentation

  2. Mission Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences An international leading position in education and research in the fields of delta technology, watertechnology, mobility, construction and geo-energy

  3. Our challenges bigger than ever • Safety risks - delta • Water supply • Mobility • Energy • Sustainable built environment • Climate change

  4. The Netherlands Flat low delta, precarious location, best flood control system in the world. Several Dutch companies are involved in waterprojects. Conservation projects and land reclamation throughout the world Lowest altitude: 6.74 meter below sea level (near Rotterdam) Highest altitude: 323 meter (near Maastricht) Two main porst: airport Schiphol (the fourth largest airport in Europe) and seaport Rotterdam (the largest seaport in Europe)

  5. Our Response Outstanding research groups Outstanding launching customers Integral approach Delft Research Initiatives: Environment Infrastructures Energy Nationwide public-private cooperation Worldwide partnerships Investing in innovation

  6. Our research groups Water Hydraulic Engineering and Sanitary Engineering Construction Structural and Building Engineering Material Science and Sustainable Construction Road and Railway Engineering Earth Resource Engineering Petroleum Engineering and Geosciences Geo-Engineering Transport Transportation Planning and Traffic Engineering

  7. Water Challenges • Flood control delta area’s • Coastal erosion • Salination • Climate change and land subsidence • Drinking water supply and sewage systems • Building for nature

  8. Water Experimental research in unique lab facilities Unique monitoring jet skis Combined remote sensing and numerical modelling Coupled abiotic and biotic approach Combination of biochemistry and hydraulics Integrated approach for political, managerial, building and physical processes Real time control of hydraulic systems Innovation

  9. Construction Sustainable cities Multiple use of space Durability of infrastructures Cradle to Cradle Transition of construction and contracting processes Challenges

  10. Construction New and smart building materials Recycling of waste and demolition materials Micro mechanic modelling Computational mechanics Experimental research in unique large scale lab facilities Asset management Innovation

  11. Geotechnology Increase oil and gas demand CO2 capture and storage (CCS) New fossil carbon exploitation (gas hydrates) Renewable energy Sustainable use of soil Remediation of contaminated sites Challenges

  12. Geotechnology Passive geophysical methods Gas, steam and foam injections for reservoir management Clean coal technology by injection Smart field production technology Geo-vision management Geo-bio engineering Soft soil modelling Innovation

  13. Transport Increasing demand for transport of persons and freight Need for reliable mobility Optimum use of existing infrastructure Challenges

  14. Transport Multi modal transport modelling Discrete choice modelling Robust timetabeling Automated transport systems Dynamic traffic management Innovation

  15. Our Staff (01/01/09) fte(full-time equivalent) professors 34,4 associate professors 37,8 assistant professors 41,4 other scientific staff 131,2 PhD students 218,1 total scientific staff 462.8 supporting staff 112,5

  16. Our Labatories Water lab Construction lab Micro lab Geo lab Transport lab (Edu lab)

  17. Our educational programmes BSc Civil Engineering BSc Applied Earth Sciences

  18. MSc Civil Engineering Hydraulic Engineering Water Management Building Engineering Structural Engineering Transport and Planning Geo-Engineering MSc Applied Earth Sciences Petroleum Engineering and Geosciences Resource Engineering Geo-Engineering Applied Geophysics

  19. Interfaculty MSc Transport, Infrastructure & Logistics MSc Geomatics MSc Offshore Engineering 3 TU MSc Construction Management Engineering IDEA League(Imperial College London, ETH Zürich, ParisTech) Applied Geophysics Eramus Mundus programmes MSc Coastal Marine Engineering and Management Erasmus Mundus Minerals and Environmental Programme

  20. Total number of students

  21. Students Civil Engineering China, Greece, Ethiopia, Indonesia and USA Applied Earth Sciences Kazakhstan, Iran and Nigeria of Foreign Nationalities