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Kingdom People Values

Kingdom People Values. Headship of Jesus Sound biblical doctrine Worship and Prayer Community and the Poor Team Leadership. Team leadership. Reflect the Godhead Trinity Gen 1:1-2; John 1:2-3,14 Col.1:16; Gen 1:26-27. Team Leadership. 2. Imitate biblical leaders Moses and Aaron

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Kingdom People Values

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  1. Kingdom People Values Headship of Jesus Sound biblical doctrine Worship and Prayer Community and the Poor Team Leadership

  2. Team leadership Reflect the Godhead Trinity Gen 1:1-2;John 1:2-3,14 Col.1:16; Gen 1:26-27

  3. Team Leadership 2. Imitate biblical leaders Moses and Aaron Psalm 77:20; Exodus 4-7 Moses and the team of judges Exodus 18:13-27

  4. Team Leadership David’s mighty men 1Chronicles 11 Jesus and the Apostles Mark 3:13-14 Social, relational and missional

  5. Team Leadership Paul, Barnabas and Titus Gal. 2:1, Acts 11:30 Paul, Timothy and Silas Acts 16 :1-3, Acts 19:22

  6. Team Leadership 3. Greater Effectiveness in ministry P-J Smythe ‘The world needs more elders’

  7. Team Leadership • Anthony Dube • Rob Hollands • Zulu Dube • Tapedza Masanganise • Joyman Makamure • Simba Chinyowa

  8. Team Leadership 4. Accountability within the leadership

  9. Team Leadership 5. Protection of the leaders from unbiblical expectations and pressures from the church.

  10. Biblical Leadership Oxford dictionary defines a leader as ‘a person followed by others’ Leadership is serving Matthew 20:25-28 Often equated with position and status yet the opposite is true its a loss of status and dignity for the sake of others Philipians 2:7

  11. Biblical Leadership • Leadership is a God given gift for the building of His church. Rom. 12:6-8

  12. Biblical Leadership ‘Priesthood of all believers’ is celebrated however this does not mean ‘leadership of all believers’. Having a leadership gift does not make one more important than others

  13. Biblical Leadership ‘The leadership gift serves the body by creating an atmosphere where other gifts are recognised, correctly positioned and fully released; and by helping those gifts to work harmoniously towards a God honouring goal’

  14. Biblical leadership 1.Leadership in the Trinity Jesus follows the Father John 5:19 Jesus submits to the Fathers will Mark 14:35-37 Submission is not a dirty word.

  15. Biblical Leadership 2. Leadership in the family Ephesians 5:22-33 Wives Submission to your own husbands is an established principle. In everything.

  16. Biblical Leadership *Exceptions to this.. Demands that go against what is clearly stated in scripture, e.g. Just accept my extra-marital relationship,have an abortion,lie to the policeman etc.

  17. Biblical Leadership Husbands It is not your responsibility to command your wife to submit Be willing to die for your wife

  18. Biblical Leadership Giving up Your pride to defend her Your favourite tv show to talk to her Your night out with the boys to support her etc

  19. Biblical Leadership Risk your life to protect her Wash her with the word Lead and love her

  20. Biblical Leadership 3. Leadership in the church Hebrews 13:17 1Peter 5:1-4 Elders will give account Followers to submit and obey with joy Elders to care for and feed the sheep

  21. Biblical Leadership Elders to lead willingly,no ulterior motives Elders to be examples Elders are not to lord it over the sheepPaul’s attitude in Philemon 8-11,13-17 1Tim 5:17-20 David - 1 Chron.11:17-19

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