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Havanese Dogs

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Havanese Dogs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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We will post all of our puppies and update as much as possible for you!  We have so many calls for our Havanese with waiting lists for some.  So when we share our pictures we will try to let you know which ones we have left, and which have joined another Happy Family! We update pup pictures as much as possible after they are placed and when families send us more!  We love to see pictures of the pups with their new families!

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Havanese Dogs

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Christa’s Jumpy Clown AISHA

Ahhh tender loving Aisha!   Aisha is an old spirit.  Just calm and very motherly with all the rest of the pack.  She can play like a pup with her pups, toys or a ball.  She loves playing catch, but for the most part she loves being Daddy’s girl and hanging out where ever he goes.  She has been an excellent mom making sure her pups are safe and clean and always fed.  Greets everyone new with caution for her babies but always polite and welcoming when she knows they are friends.  The best word to describe our Aisha would be a beautiful mom to all!  She is mostly white with touches of creamy red color in her soft hair. Dad is 6x champion and mom is 3X!!


Havanese Dogs

The Havanese is a small and sturdy dog, and part of the Bichon family of breeds. This family also includes the Bichon Frise and the Maltese. They are just slightly longer than tall with untrimmed wavy hair. The Havanese has traditionally been a family pet in their native country of Cuba. In fact, for many years, the Havanese was the traditional lap dog of Cuban aristocracy. Throughout the years, this breed has also been used to herd poultry. They are recognizable for their especially springy gait in walking. This gait is caused by the fact that their front legs are slightly shorter than their hind legs. The Havanese is a toy dog, so they are quite small, though they don't appear fragile or delicate. Their eyes are set high on their heads and are dark brown and almond shaped. Their ears are of medium length and when extended, reach halfway to the nose. They are set high up and are folded and broad at the base. The rims around their eyes and lips should be black, except in a true chocolate dog. Their muzzles are fairly short and their noses are broad with a square shape. They typically have a scissors bite.


Christa’s Jumpy Clown BONITA

Ms Bonita (aka Moni) is quite the head turner. NOW A MOM! All lady and smiles.  No bad hair days for this fine Lady! Her creamy curls are soooo soft and fun to run your hands through.  She can be coy or demure, bold and insisting , outgoing or shy. Yet you could never say she was moody, as her disposition is that of a sweet loving, caring companion.  Playful and jumpy as all the rest, she can run like the wind when playing tag with the boys! Dad and Mom champions !!  It is no wonder she is just soooo cute!    Most of her babies had straight hair!


Richard and Heidi

She is a joy we absolutely love her so much.  She is so happy and friendly and adorable that really is the best word for her, ADORABLE!.  Our friends and family refer to her as "the cuteness"  She is very friendly with other dogs and she absolutely loves any person that comes near her begging for a belly rub.  What a great watch dog!  She is a very good listener and sometimes when you tell her no - she howls back to you in the cutest way.  She loves to chase the boys around the house she is getting so quick.  She is getting so big so we wanted to send you some recent photos.


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