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Dogs and More Dogs

Dogs and More Dogs

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Dogs and More Dogs

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  1. Dogs and More Dogs By: Matthew McGrath 2/6/12

  2. The Shepherd's DogBy Mary Darby Robinson • I liked this poem because it showed the dog’s devotion to his master. It also showed how much his master and the village loved him. With the facts together, both the dog and people got along well and loved each other. Though what I find so touching is even after his master died he still helped him to shore to guard his body.

  3. Two Dogs Have I by Ogden Nash • I like this poem because it shows the feeling between these dogs, and under the circumstances this could be true. With my dogs, they have definitely experienced this, except the other way around. I remember when we got two Pomeranian puppies, they thought our other older Pomeranian was there mom so they loved on her. Though she thought they were her replacements, so for the longest time she tried to have nothing to do with them by growling, barking, and any other way she could think of. Though a month later, she realized we still love her, so she started loving on the puppies and they became united.

  4. Verse For a Certain Dog by Dorothy Parker • When I read this I think of how I treat my dogs on their reactions. Sometimes they are really good and help me out or a lot. Though sometimes they are bad and make me do more work. Whether my dog is good or bad is not my call, I just leave it to him to decide.

  5. Two Dogs Have I By Ogden Nash

  6. For years we've had a little dog,Last year we acquired a big dog;He wasn't big when we got him,He was littler than the dog we had.We thought our little dog would love him,Would help him to become a trig dog,But the new little dog got bigger,And the old little dog got mad.

  7. Now the big dog loves the little dog,But the little dog hates the big dog,The little dog is eleven years old,And the big dog only one;The little dog calls him Schweinhund,The little dog calls him Pig-dog,She grumbles broken cursesAs she dreams in the August sun

  8. The big dog's teeth are terrible,But he wouldn't bite the little dog;The little dog wants to grind his bones,But the little dog has no teeth;The big dog is acrobatic,The little dog is a brittle dog;She leaps to grip his jugular,And passes underneath.

  9. The big dog clings to the little dogLike glue and cement and mortar;The little dog is his own true love;But the big dog is to herLike a scarlet rag to a Longhorn,Or a suitcase to a porter;The day he sat on the hornetI distinctly heard her purr.

  10. Well, how can you blame the little dog,Who was once the household darling?He romps like a young Adonis,She droops like an old mustache;No wonder she steals his corner,No wonder she comes out snarling,No wonder she calls him CochonAnd even Espèce de vache.

  11. Yet once I wanted a sandwich,Either caviar or cucumber,When the sun had not yet risenAnd the moon had not yet sank;As I tiptoed through the hallwayThe big dog lay in slumber,And the little dog slept by the big dog,And her head was on his flank.

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