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  1. DOGS • You will read poetry about dogs like gizmo, cardy, shadow and kasey.

  2. Meet the dogs of my poem! Gizmo shadow Kasey Cardy

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  4. Finally, mine! • I moved into this house and I loved their bed. It became mine. I loved the new couches. Mine. Also I loved the youngest chair. Finally mine!

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  6. My treasure • I am cardy. I am curious. I am the great dane of ideas. Cant you see? I hope to find a treasure for me me me!!! Help me find it before you see me whine.

  7. My nice fat pink tong • See my tong? Nice and pink. It will be gone in a blink!! Look fast before its gone! My nice fat tongue.

  8. me • I am shadow. See my gray spots, I’m 14 years old!!! My nickname is Oreo I want a hug and a kiss. Want it now before I flip!!!

  9. BFF’s today and tomorrow • One is big, one is small, but we don’t care! Were BFF’s today and tomorrow. We help each other. Ones a girl and ones a boy. We don’t care at all!!!!! Were BFF’s today and tomorrow.

  10. My glasses • See my glasses? So cute!!!!! I’m the only one that wears sunglasses on my block. People and pets make fun of me. I don’t care! Its just me!

  11. soundless life • My name is Kasey. After my best friend Mack died, I had a soundless life. We don’t know why, we just know that I ignore you. • I don’t care, its very peaceful. I don’t hear planes roar over. I don’t hear other dogs, but my boyfriend ‘’sunny’’. My soundless life.

  12. My chair • This is the youngest chair. When I moved in, their was my new chair. I begged and begged to have it, finally I got it. It is red, and I hide my bone in it. Hope you don’t find it. My owners take it out and throw it away. I don’t know why I don’t find a new hiding place for my bone except My chair.