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A PowerPoint about your Capstone PowerPoint PowerPoint Presentation
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A PowerPoint about your Capstone PowerPoint

A PowerPoint about your Capstone PowerPoint

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A PowerPoint about your Capstone PowerPoint

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  1. A PowerPoint about your Capstone PowerPoint THIS IS NOT A TEMPLATE

  2. Creating your PPT • When producing your PowerPoint: • 30 Slides minimum • Presentation Must be 15 minutes minimal speaking time • Be prepared for at least 5 minutes of questions • Maintain focus on what you have learned • Imbed the standards and citations throughout the presentation • The following slides are ONLY a guide

  3. PowerPoint Notes • You must use the “Click to add notes” area in your PowerPoint presentation for your speaker notes • Add animation and relevant graphics to your PowerPoint • Check all spelling and pronunciations

  4. Create a catchy title for your presentation Your Name Slide

  5. Core Question • State your core question in large type Slide

  6. Why Selected Slide • Define why your core question is significant • How is based upon your interests? • What will you learn? • How is this new knowledge for you? • What real world problem is it related to?

  7. Why Selected • Bullet why you chose this project • What was your motivation? Slide

  8. Overview • Provide a bulleted overview of your project • How did you propose to complete your capstone project? Slide

  9. Mention Standards • When your PowerPoint is finished review it • Think about your slides and which standards have been met • Write about how you met them in your speaker notes • Add them to the bottom of your PowerPoint as a reminder to speak about them A2a

  10. Learning Stretch • Bullet your learning stretch • What did you hope to learn? Slide

  11. Timeframe • Bullet benchmark dates for your project • What are the key dates to accomplish your capstone project? Slide

  12. Capstone Binder • Reference information in your portfolio • Only if you choose to Possible Slide

  13. (My topic) • Highlight your research strategy • What did you learn about your topic? Slide

  14. (Research Slides 1-10) • Bullet key facts for each piece of research • Place citation on the bottom of the slide as a reference • If your work meets a standard that you have chosen place it in your speaker notes • See the next slide for an example Slide

  15. Example Research Slide • Set up your research using the next slide as an example • The major title • The information • The citation • Any standards they may illustrate • Place what you are going to say in the speaker notes area

  16. Earnings & Benefits • National Median Salary for Educational Administrators • $77,740 (May 2006) • Principals • $92,965 • Assistant Principals • $75,121 • Benefits • 4-5 Weeks Vacation • Generous Health Care and Retirement package Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2008-09 Edition, Education Administrators, on the Internet at (visited October 29, 2008). R–10–8.2 EXAMPLE RESEARCH SLIDE Slide

  17. Speaker Note Area Be sure to mention a transition to the next slide in your speaker notes area Place your speaker notes here

  18. EXAMPLE Speaker Notes EXAMPLE • In 2006-2007 a survey conducted by the Educational Research Service found that principals made $92965 and assistant principals made $75121 per year. • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics overall benefits are very good. • Several factors effect the salary of administrators such as location and enrollment levels along with district financial factors. • My mentor at Jamestown High School makes $102,000 per year. • Mr. Soanso receives 3 weeks vacation, health care and dental benefits, and state retirement after the age of 65 • This piece of research demonstrates my ability to meet standard Synthesizing and evaluating information relevant to the salary of administrators (R–10–8.2)

  19. (Transition Slide) • How did you apply what you have learned to accomplish your capstone project? • This slide moves you from your research to your product. Slide

  20. My Product • How did you accomplish your capstone project? • What proof and feedback did you receive on your capstone project? • The following slides provide proof of your capstone project • Add standards if appropriate • Content • Applied Learning

  21. (Product) • As many slides as needed • Pictures of your shadow, event, or physical product • What was happening in the photographs? Slide

  22. (Product Proof) • As many slides as needed • What are the results of your self assessment? • What are the results of your mentor assessment? • What are the results of the student assessments/evaluations? Slide

  23. Obstacles • Bullet any obstacles you have encountered • Describe in the speaker notes area the obstacles Slide

  24. Solutions • For each obstacle encountered bullet your solution • Describe in the speaker notes are your solutions Slide

  25. Answer to Core Question • What is the answer to your core question? • Provide a conclusion by restating your core question and how you answered it Slide

  26. Reflection • Bullet highlights from your final reflection • Describe new insights you have gained by completing this project • Tie this back to your learning stretch • Writing standards • Reflections and journals • Oral communication standards Slide

  27. Thank You Slide

  28. Questions Slide

  29. Animation and Graphics • Once your PowerPoint is finished and the content is checked add graphics and animation. • Please be careful you don’t over do it • They should not detract from your content or distract the audience

  30. When Presenting • Use eye contact often • Speak clearly at an even pace with good voice • Engage the audience make your subject interesting • Be sure to speak in the appropriate context, use correct grammar • Transition to the next slide • Dress professionally • Check all spelling and pronunciations • Answer all questions confidently • Answer all questions confidently