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Research and development project PowerPoint Presentation
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Research and development project

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Research and development project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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An International comparison of guidelines and recommendations for cycle infrastructure Louise Gustafsson. Research and development project. 3-year project (2010-2012) Funded by the Swedish Transport Administration

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An International comparison of guidelines and recommendations for cycle infrastructureLouise Gustafsson
research and development project
Research and development project
  • 3-year project (2010-2012)
  • Funded by the Swedish Transport Administration
  • The goal is to update and validate the current national guidelines for cycle infrastructure

Special conditions during winter

  • Maintenance vehicles need access
results of the study
Results of the study
  • Commuter cyclist
  • Mapping problems
  • Need for improvements

Problems in many cases due

  • to lack of appropriate design guidelines
  • existing design guidelines not good enough
design guidelines in sweden
Design guidelines in Sweden
  • VGU (The Design of Roads and Streets)
  • Municipalities – several local design manuals
  • Part 1 – study of national and local guidelines
  • Part 2 – international comparison
  • Part 3 – field study to validate existing guidelines
international comparison
International comparison
  • Denmark: Byernes trafikarealer: forudsaetninger for den geometriske udformning

Idékatalog for cykeltrafik

  • Netherlands: Design Manual for Bicycle Traffic
  • Norway: Sykkelhåndboka

Veg- og gateutformning

  • Germany: Richtlinien für die Anlage von Stadtstrassen
  • England: London Cycling Design Standards

Cycle Superhighways Design Guideance

Cycle Infrastructure Design

Manual for Streets

Design Manual for Roads and Bridges

  • USA: Guide for the development of Bicycle Facilities

NYC Street Design Manual

Bike Lane Design Guide

Maryland Bicycle and Pedestrian Design Guidelines

Highway Design Manual


Guidelines or required measures?

  • ”lowest acceptable”
  • Sweden: the road designer decides
  • Norway: clear differences between accepted and preferred
  • In several studied guidelines = not specified
sight distance
Sight distance
  • AASHTO – national guidelines in USA
    • Based on gradient, e.g.
      • 0 % gradient + Speed 20 km/h = 20 m sight distance required
  • Sykkelhåndboka – national guidelines in Norway
    • Downhill slope = Special guidelines
  • CROW - Netherland
    • Based on speed and slope
    • Sight distance while moving, when stopping and when approaching another vehicle/cyclist
measures and values
Measures and values
  • Determine measures and values to adopt in Sweden
  • Need to consider cycle culture and existing norms
  • Guidelines – how to obtain enforcement?
  • Need for improved guidelines for sight distance and alignment
  • Capacity and flow of cyclist – dimensions
    • Netherland good example
  • Requirement or recommendation?
    • Need to specify level of demand
  • Sweden – only country without specific handbook for cyclist!
  • A research project 2010-2012
  • Updating and validating existing guidelines
  • Proposal will include updated guidelines
  • Best practice and influences from other countries will be used
thank you
Thank you!

Louise Gustafsson

Sweco Infrastructure


Louise Gustafsson

Sweco Infrastructure