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Research and Development

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Research and Development
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Research and Development

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  1. Research and Development Colin Donaldson

  2. Carpe Diem • Synopsis This is a story about love about seizing the day and not wasting opportunities in life. A young man and women see each other almost everyday on the morning commute they both share awkward glances as they struggle with nerves to connect with each other. Instead the recite their favorite poem in the heads, Carpe Diem a famous Shakespeare poem.

  3. Characters • Male character: Young Man early 20’s with a geeky exterior. But visibly handsome underneath stereotype • Female character: Beautiful young women well dressed in office attire. • Extras: Couple of extras to represent commuters

  4. Themes • Perspective and Contact • Perspective of the couple reciting an old poem the old language conforming to a modern situation and surroundings. • Contact. Each interaction each glance of the characters is a form of contact and and expression of togetherness.

  5. Visual themes I recently watched a film called Like Crazy and in this film there were scenes where they shot directly into the sun, this gave the scene a warm feel this would be a style I would like to achieve.

  6. Locations I would like to shoot this in Cressington train station about two stops outside of the city centre. This train station still has an old fell to it but this fits the the old and modern aspect of the piece.

  7. Props/Resources • Props Would consist of. • Office clothing, work bag, hand bag, work mans clothes for extra. • Resources would be train fair for cast and crew possible use of car.

  8. What’s for Tea Decision

  9. Synopsis • What’s for tea is the a question asked everyday all over the world, but it is never straight forward deciding what you want. Steven and Lucy are a typical couple but can never make a decision between them. This results in the endless battle off choosing what to have for dinner.

  10. Characters • Steven • Lucy • Both indecisive and dramatic

  11. Theme • Decisions Although this is a very literal idea in context to the theme, I still think its relevant the little decisions can be important.

  12. Visual Style I would like to have this piece in black and white to dramatise the sequence and use filming and lighting techniques like we see in the film 12 angry men.

  13. Location The Location would be my home but by using lighting and dressing the set we can get away from the basic setting feel.

  14. Props Resources • Props • I have already acquired a lot of takeaway menus these will be the premise of the sequence. • Transport to location will be via train or car. • Cast will not pay for their own transport.

  15. Tenor Perspective

  16. Synopsis • Opera singer Marcello Puzo leaves his home happily singing unaware he’s being watched, it’s a police operation but why on Marcello? He’s not what he seems. As the police follow Marcello we find that he’s up to no good.

  17. Characters • Marcello Puzo. • Large man conforming to the stereotype to an opera singer. • 4-5 police officers male and female.

  18. Theme • Perspective. • This is to signify the we perceive is never always the truth.

  19. Visual Style Visual style would be like the recent gritty series good cop. Using particular filming techniques and shot choices to get the desired effect for the sequence.

  20. Locations The Rodney street area has wealthy looking houses which fits to our main protagonist. And is also close to college. The Anglican cemetery is also a good location for shooting a walking sequence.

  21. Props/Resources • Costumes would be pretty important in this sequence Marcello would wear a suit and mac. • Police would wear undercover uniforms with vests and ear pieces. • All location near and around college.