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Communication. Contents. Methods Motivation and communication Effective communication Barriers to effective communication How to improve communication Difficulties with larger organisations . Communication.

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Presentation Transcript
  • Methods
  • Motivation and communication
  • Effective communication
  • Barriers to effective communication
  • How to improve communication
  • Difficulties with larger organisations
  • Transferring information from one part of the business to another that leads to some outcome, changed behaviour or changed practice
  • Formal Communication – established and agreed procedures
  • Informal Communication – channels not formally recognised – ‘the grapevine’
  • Process:

Finance Dept

Change in payment systems


Sender or






  • Methods:
    • Verbal – face to face
    • Written
    • Electronic
    • Visual
    • Audio
    • Group meetings
    • Notice boards
    • Text
communication and motivation
Communication and Motivation
  • Better communication increases motivation as workers respond from attention (Mayo)
  • In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs communication is key to achieving the higher level needs
  • Employee empowerment needs good communication so workers know what they are doing
  • Teams need to be able to communicate to work effectively together
motivation and communication
Motivation and Communication
  • If employees are well motivated can impact communication as they are more likely to speak to senior employees
  • Poor levels of motivation are likely to have a negative impact on communication
  • Communication and motivation are related – if one increases it is likely to have a positive impact on the other
effective communication
Effective communication
  • Effective communication has the following benefits:
    • It makes change easier – this is particularly important to businesses who are in industries which are changing rapidly
    • It increases commitment from employees
    • It increases coordination
    • It helps ensure that all employees are working towards the same objectives
  • Barriers to Successful Communication
    • Ability of the sender – how much the sender understands of the message they are trying to send
    • Content – including technicalities and jargon
    • Method of communication – including style and body language where appropriate!
    • Skills and attitude of the receiver
    • Organisational factors – complexity of the organisation, scope of the organisation
    • Cultural attitudes
    • Perceptions, prejudices and stereotypes
    • Inappropriate target for the message
    • Technical capabilities – ICT
how to improve communication
How to improve communication
  • Communication can be improved by:
    • Staff training in communication skills
    • Keeping information to a minimum
    • Increasing awareness of cultural and linguistic differences
difficulties for larger organisations
Difficulties for larger organisations
  • As organisations grow they often experience problems with communication which can lead to diseconomies of scale
  • These may be caused by:
    • Communication overload
    • Too many levels in the hierarchy
    • Decentralisation
difficulties for larger organisations12
Difficulties for larger organisations
  • Larger organisations need to manage communication to ensure it is effective
  • They can use ICT to speed up communication throughout the business
  • Clear messages need to be communicated down the chain of command
  • Communication is the passing of information between parties
  • Communication can be classified as formal and planned or informal
  • There are many methods of communication including written, verbal, audio etc
  • Motivation and communication – In businesses where there is good communication levels of motivation tend to increase
  • If workers are motivated they tend to communicate better
  • Effective communication brings many benefits to the business including increasing flexibility of the business and providing direction
  • Barriers to effective communication mean that communication can fail to meet its purpose
  • Communication can be improved with staff training, keeping information to a minimum and increasing awareness of linguistic and cultural difficulties
  • Larger organisations often experience problems with communication causing diseconomies of scale