sct readout cables status n.
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SCT Readout Cables - Status

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SCT Readout Cables - Status - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SCT Readout Cables - Status. All 18 (SCT readout) cables for end-cap in sector 9 installed and tested, all OK (this was the first sector with SCT fibre cables ).

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sct readout cables status
SCT Readout Cables - Status
  • All 18 (SCT readout) cables for end-cap in sector 9 installed and tested, all OK (this was the first sector with SCT fibre cables).
  • 18 barrel cables installed in sector 3 during last two weeks (9 on side A and 9 on side C). These were the first SCT barrel readout cables installed. Barrel cables are quite fragile due to a 3 meter long strip-back of the cable cladding at the end of the cables. No serious problems were encountered during the installation. The cables need to be tested, probably with the help of people coming from Oxford.
  • 9 end-cap cables in sector 3 will be installed in the next phase, perhaps this week (6 cables on side A and 3 cables on side C).
  • Sector 1 should be installed afterwards. There are 18 end-cap cables and no barrel cable.

A.Ciocio - SCTSG

fsi delivery cables and tubes
FSI delivery cables and tubes
  • The first FSI delivery cable cut and prepared for the installation in sector 3. The length of the cable taken from the EDH table.
  • After the first cable is installed, the 8 more cables will be cut, labeled and installed (i.e. all cables for sector 3). The lengths to cut will be determined from the first cable.
  • (there are 38 cables for the FSI system in total).
  • The first FSI tube is going to be bended, cut and installed in these days by the technicians. The drawings of the tubes are not precise and needed some modifications to respect the real situation on the cryostat flange (was discussed with Claude Menot).

A.Ciocio - SCTSG