Good vs bad credit
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Good vs. Bad Credit - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Credit – the ability to borrow money and pay it back later. Good credit means: Lenders want to loan money to you because you have a history of paying money back on time and in full. You get more money offered and lower interest rates. Good vs. Bad Credit .

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Good vs bad credit

Good vs. Bad Credit

Good vs bad credit1

  • What does it mean to have bad credit? later.

    • Lenders don’t want to loan you money because you don’t pay your bills on time or in full.

    • Less money will be offered to you and your interest rate will be higher.

Good vs. Bad Credit

Good vs bad credit2

  • How can you build good credit? later.

    • Maintain a balanced check book – no bounced checks

    • Consistently paying bills on time

    • Having no criminal history

    • Having a low number of credit cards

    • Checking credit score to remove any errors

Good vs. Bad Credit

Good vs bad credit3

  • Building bad credit later.

    • Missing a payment

    • Not paying the minimum

    • Having a criminal record

    • Having too much available credit

    • Filing for bankruptcy

Good vs. Bad Credit

Good vs bad credit4

  • Why is building a credit history important? later.

    • If you plan on making big ticket purchases in your life.

    • It will determine if you will get the loan, credit card, lease and what interest rate you will be charged.

Good vs. Bad Credit

Good vs bad credit5

  • You do not build a credit history if… later.

    • You don’t have any credit in your name.

    • You pay cash for all major purchases

    • You don’t have loans

      Being late with a credit card or loan payment even once your credit report is impacted and will remain on your credit report for the next 7 years.

Good vs. Bad Credit

Good vs bad credit6

  • What is a credit report? later.

    • A collection of facts about you that tells lenders whether you’re a good risk to lend money to

Good vs. Bad Credit

Good vs bad credit7

  • What is part of your credit report? later.

    • Every loan/credit card you’ve applied for or received

    • Amount received

    • Monthly payments

    • If you’ve paid on time

    • If other lenders have asked to see your credit report

    • Your 3 digit FICO score

    • Employment history

    • Public records – criminal history

Good vs. Bad Credit

Good vs bad credit8

  • What will your credit report determine? later.

    • If you get a loan

    • The interest rate you are charged on the loan

      The better your credit score the lower your interest

      rate and the more money you will ultimately save.

Good vs. Bad Credit

Good vs bad credit9

Good vs. Bad Credit

Good vs bad credit10

Good vs. Bad Credit

Good vs bad credit11

  • Your credit score is determined by: worthy you are

    • 35% payment history – timely manner of paying bills.

    • 30% outstanding debt – amount of current debt

    • 15% credit history – amount of time you have held credit accounts and how often they are used

    • 10% pursuit of new credit - # of accounts opened in a time period.

    • 10% types of credit in use – credit cards, gas cards, store cards, loans

Good vs. Bad Credit

Good vs bad credit12

Companies that publish credit report worthy you are




Good vs. Bad Credit