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Mrs. Workman’s Virtual Field Trip. What is a VFT?. A virtual field trip is where we explore locations through the world wide web ( internet ) without leaving our classroom. What is Transportation?. Is the way items are moved from one location to another. How Are Things Transported?. By Land.

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What is a vft
What is a VFT?

  • A virtual field trip is where we explore locations through the world wide web (internet) without leaving our classroom.

What is transportation
What is Transportation?

  • Is the way items are moved from one location to another.

How are things transported
How Are Things Transported?

By Land

By Air

By Water

By land
By Land

  • Cars/Trucks/Bus

  • Walking

  • Motorcycles

  • Bikes

  • Train

By air
By Air

  • Planes

  • Helicopters

  • Hot Air Balloon

By water
By Water

  • Steamboat

  • Ferry/Boat

What is a steamboat
What is a Steamboat?

  • A boat that is propelled by a steam engine, esp. a paddle-wheel craft of a type used widely on rivers in the 19th century.

What and where is the mississippi river
What and Whereis the Mississippi River?

  • The Mississippi River is the largest flowing body of water in North America.

  • The Mississippi flows through ten states.

  • Our very own Kanahwa River flow to the Ohio River and then into the Mississippi River.

What are gophers
What are Gophers?

  • A burrowing rodent with fur-lined pouches on the outside of the cheeks, found in North and Central America.

  • Our tour guides for this VFT.

What will we see in st louis
What will we see in St. Louis?

  • Mississippi River

  • Gateway Arch

  • Surprise Discovery

Let the journey begin with wilson ditch st louis or bust
Let the Journey Beginwith Wilson & DitchSt. Louis or Bust!

What did you discover
What did you discover?

  • St. Louis is a Midwest City.

  • It has a landmark – The Gateway Arch which was built in 1967. It is tallest building in St. Louis and it took them 2 years to build it.

  • The Gateway Arch is the “Gateway to the West”

  • Wilson & Ditch are very funny!

  • How to spell Mississippi.

  • The Mississippi River flows through 10 states and is called the “Great River.”

  • Steamboats travel the River multiple times a day as a way of transporting items and people from one location to another.

  • Ice Cream cones made their debut in St. Louis.

Thank you for visiting st louis with wilson ditch
Thank you for visitingSt. Louis with Wilson & Ditch!