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Health whoop is a site that is dedicated to helping you keep your mind and body healthy and fit. Our site contains a variety of free information on diverse health topics. \n\n

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What is Prostate Milking?

It can be a medical benefit or simply a stimulant that arouses sexual emotions in you, but the secret to the word prostate milking is simply nothing but prostate massage. To start with, the first question that arises in the mind when you say prostate milking is the basic question as to how to milk the prostate but before you opt for such a medical performance, evaluate the reason or the cause for the need of milking the prostate. Even though it is beneficial medical wise, the process gone wrong would definitely damage the prostate gland and stir up a new line of problems in you. done both internally and externally, the procedure should be done with slow step by step progress and one should at all times keep in consultancy with a medical practitioner throughout the process, especially if something feels unusual or off.


Pleasurable Benefits of Prostate Milking

Prostate gland located in your anal region is connected to the genitalia on the front and this connection is made through millions of supportive emotion inducing nerves. Massaging or prostate milking can therefore arouse a sexual pleasure as the nerves become sensitive on massaging.

The penis in the male genitalia which is a strong source of sexual pleasure point apart from the basic necessities. Now, it is told that about a third of the entire penis shaft is hidden inside the body of the man, the base of which when pressed during the prostate milking can arise pleasurable feelings or sensations.


Pilar Cyst

A pilar cyst is also known as a trichilemmal cyst or sebaceous cyst which grows primarily on the scalp but it can appear anywhere on your skin. It is a small sac which can be touched or felt easily. The area of the scalp where the pilar cyst forms usually swells up. The reason why they are most primarily found on the scalp is because they form from the hair follicle roots which are in abundant in the scalp. These are fluid filled cysts and look like an oily toothpaste.

Though pilar cysts have a tough wall but they can be easily separated from the skin. The cysts becomes soft and inflamed if it is touched after its rupture. But they generally don’t burst a lot since they have a tough wall. These cysts do tend to become large and people face difficulty in wearing a helmet or a hat. Around 10% of the population are affected by this type of cyst and usually have more than one cyst.

Pilar cysts are generally harmless but can cause pain to the patient and the patient might not be able to perform his daily chores smoothly.


Pilar Cyst Causes

Pilar cysts generally occur when the cells are close to the skin and if they get deeper into the skin and continue to multiply, and then they can develop into a sac and make keratin. There are some other reasons as well that help in the formation of a pilar cyst. Around 90% of the pilar cyst develops on the scalp while the remaining 10% forms on the face, trunk and extremities. It is more common in women than in men.

Blocked Glands: Pilar cysts occur if the sebaceous glands are blocked due to any reason. Sebaceous glands produce sebum which is an oily substance and is used to lubricate your hair.

Skin Injury: Pilar cysts can also develop if you are suffering from some skin injury. They tend to accumulate keratin in the injured area and the region then forms big lumps.

Heredity: Many people inherit this problem from their parents. The children will most probably get affected if the parents have the problem.


Progesterone During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, the maintenance and ovulation of the process is handled by a vital hormone that we often call progesterone. This belongs to the steroidal class where the hormone itself is produced by the female ovary during the early stages of incurring pregnancy. As the placenta in the system develops with time and forms an appropriate size, the production of the progesterone during pregnancy hormone is taken over by it. The progressive nature of the levels of this hormone increases for the next nine months and in the end triggers the labor contractions and the delivery process. Post to that the levels go back down.


About Us

Health whoop is a site that is dedicated to helping you keep your mind and body healthy and fit. Our site contains a variety of free information on diverse health topics. You will find extremely useful and easy-to-implement information on men and women’s health, skin care, children and infant’s health, exercise and fitness, food and nutrition and even mental health.

To make it easier for the visitor to find what he is looking for, we have created an entire list of categories on the right side of the page which allows him to choose the information he wishes to read about quickly. We also have an entire section dedicated to pregnant women who can find answers to all their queries instantly.


Thank You

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