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Communication. The Language of Leadership. Elements of Communication Active Listening Diplomatic Dialogue. Learning Objectives After This Training Learners Will be Able to . . . Describe the three forms of communication (verbal, vocal, and non-verbal)

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The Language of Leadership

Elements of Communication

Active Listening

Diplomatic Dialogue

learning objectives after this training learners will be able to
Learning ObjectivesAfter This Training Learners Will be Able to . . .
  • Describe the three forms of communication (verbal, vocal, and non-verbal)
  • Describe what active listening is and implement it in their interactions
  • Identify forms of non-listening
  • Identify ways in which communication impacts their leadership abilities
  • Explain how communication intersects with emotional intelligence
  • Use qualifying, diplomatic language, to improve interpersonal interactions
  • Better use appropriate mediums of communication for specific supervisory situations
elements of communications
Elements of Communications

Why Communications in a Leadership/Supervisor Training?

“People who are perceived to be charismatic are simply more animated than others. What we call charisma, then, can better be understood as energy and expressiveness.”

“Words matter. They’re as much a form of expression for leaders as they are for poets, singers, and writers.”

-The Leadership Challenge

“What you do screams so loudly in my ears I cannot hear what you say”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

active listening
Active Listening
  • Mindfulness
  • Stop Talking
  • Get Rid of Distractions
  • Look for Non-Verbal and Vocal Cues
  • Mirror Emotions
  • Use Minimal Encouragers
  • Suspend Judgment, Have Empathy
  • Clarify with Paraphrase or Questions
  • Use Listening Body-Language

“I only wish I could find an institute that teaches people how to listen. After all, a good manager needs to listen at least as much as he needs to talk. Too many people fail to realize that real communication goes in both directions.”

- Lee Iacocca

active listening1
Active Listening
  • Forms of Non-Listening
  • Pseudo Listening
  • Monopolizing
  • Selective Listening
  • Defensive Listening
  • Ambushing
  • Literal Listening

“It seems rather incongruous that in a society of super sophisticated communication, we often suffer from a shortage of listeners.”

- Erma Bombeck

diplomatic dialogue
Diplomatic Dialogue
  • Avoid Using “Loaded Language”
  • Avoid Totalizing
  • Try to use Qualifying Language
  • Find the Assertive Balance

“ I made it a rule to forbear all direct contradiction to the sentiment of others, and all positive assertion of my own. I even forbade myself the use of every word or expression in the language that imported a fix’d opinion, such as ‘certainly,’ ‘undoubtedly,’ etc., and I adopted instead of them, ‘I conceive,’ ‘I apprehend,’ or ‘I imagine’ a thing to be so or so, or ‘ it so appears to me at present.’ When another asserted something that I thought an error, I deny’d myself the pleasure of contradicting him abruptly, and of showing immediately some absurdity in his proposition.”

- Benjamin Franklin




manage your communications web
Manage Your Communications Web

Hi Trainers

I have talked to Joel and OT, Mark and the Rec Dept and not for the training that is now scheduled for this week as well as the 21st to Feb 1st, can Dysphagia go at 8:00 to 9:00 and put Recreation Therapy to 11:45 to 12:30?? Thankx for reviewing this request, not for this month but in the future and Joel has told me you are considering other changes int he NEO also. Thanks for considering this request and call me if you have a question or clarification. This will also mean Music and speech will be moved slightly.

Thankx pete

manage your communications web1
Manage Your Communications Web

Hi Training Staff

I met with the Social Work Dept today and they wondered if there is any way they can moved from a Tuesday Schedule to a Wednesday schedule for the NEO training. As they were planning on the covering the training on Tues the 15th at 2:00 and again Tues the 19th, they wondered if per chance they could change to a Wednesday schedule with Physicals or something. The reason is they assign it to staff and many have PCP on Tues and Thrus in the 2 to 3 time frame and thus a natural conflict.

If you need clarification, please contact John Stevens and he will explain further.

Thankx for considering a potential change for Social Work as you are in the process of revising the schedule Social work will cover the 2 sessions planned for the 15th and 29th but are hoping for a modification after than. Thankx pete