Elementary math facilitator s meeting
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Elementary Math Facilitator’s Meeting. April 2012. Next Generation Assessments. Los Angeles 270 Miles. I think we need to stop for gas before we get to LA. Solve This!. No, we’ll be ok. The tank holds about 15 gallons and I filled it up yesterday. We don’t have time to stop. FUEL Empty.

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Elementary math facilitator s meeting

Elementary Math Facilitator’s Meeting

April 2012

Next Generation Assessments

Solve this

Los Angeles

270 Miles

I think we need to stop for gas before we get to LA

Solve This!

No, we’ll be ok. The tank holds about 15 gallons and I filled it up yesterday. We don’t have time to stop



How many miles does this car get to a gallon?



On the freeway, at this speed, about 35 miles per gallon.

a. Do they need to stop for gas?

b. Suppose they decide to stop for gas and the stop takes 30 minutes. If they continue their trip at the same speed, what time will they reach Los Angeles?

Solve this1

Los Angeles

270 Miles

Solve This!





Approaches to determine if they have enough gas in the tank?

Quick write
Quick Write

On an index card, write down

Everything you Know about EOGs


Ball it up



Technology changes everything
Technology changes everything

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLsm15qrcGA

Imagine the possibilities
Imagine the Possibilities

With NO CONSTRAINTS, how would YOU assess student understanding?

Turn and talk with a partner. What would THE IDEAL assessments look like?

Next generation assessments
Next Generation Assessments

What you’re seeing across the …education industry as a whole is broad recognition that there is so much more we can do for students to be successful, if only we better leverage the assessment system capabilities that technology presents us.

Jon Twing, Chief Measurement

Officer for Pearson

If we always do what we’ve always done, then we’ll always get what we’ve always gotten!


Seriously? Nothing is going to really change, SSDD baby!

Same STANDARDS, different day!

Common core assessments
Common Core Assessments

Get ready… we’re about to


With a partner
With a Partner

  • These are NOT sample assessment items!These are NOT sample assessment items!

  • These are NOT sample assessment items!

Let s talk tasks
Let’s talk Tasks

  • What did you notice?

  • How does technology make it possible to assess greater depth of understanding?


  • What are the benefits to the items you’ve seen?

  • Benefits to online assessments?

Quick quiz
Quick Quiz !

12% - 17%

5% - 10%

5% - 10%

10% - 15%

2% - 7%

12% - 17%

Next generation assessments vs eog
“Next Generation” Assessments vs. EOG

A teacher at your school says,

“The assessments won’t really

change anyway…”

  • With a partner, generate a list response for this teacher.

    • Include 3 key points about the Next Generation Assessments

Transitioning to next generation assessments a roadmap to 2014
Transitioning to Next Generation Assessments: A Roadmap to 2014

“Moving to online testing

requires an entirely

different way of thinking

about things. Now that

we’ve completed the

transition, I feel that it’s

probably the best thing

Virginia ever did. It’s

provided so many benefits

for us and we’re just

beginning to be able to

completely utilize the

power of being online. “

Shelley Loving-Ryder, Assistant

Superintendent of the Division

of Student Assessment & School

Improvement for the VDOE

Want to know more
Want to Know More? 2014