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West Craven Middle School Opening Staff Meeting

"Collaborate, Create, Communicate and Critical Thinking ". West Craven Middle School Opening Staff Meeting. August 18, 2011. Please Welcome Our New Staff Members. Sarah Bailey– 8 th grade Math Velvet Scoggins– 7th th grade Math John Scarfpin – CTE (STEM)

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West Craven Middle School Opening Staff Meeting

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  1. "Collaborate, Create, Communicate and Critical Thinking " West Craven Middle SchoolOpening Staff Meeting August 18, 2011

  2. Please Welcome Our New Staff Members • Sarah Bailey– 8th grade Math • Velvet Scoggins– 7thth grade Math • John Scarfpin – CTE (STEM) • There were 13 new teachers last year

  3. Celebrations • Ms. Georgia Espino is well and back at WCMS • 2:1 Laptops • STEM Lab at WCMS • IMPACT V Grant

  4. How Much Do You Really Know About The People You Work With? • How Much Do You Really Know About Who You Work With? • Let’s Find OUT!!

  5. WCMS Organizational Review August 18th 2011

  6. 2010-2011 Student Data

  7. 2010-2011 ABC/AYP Results

  8. 2010-2011 ABC/AYP Performance, Growth, and Recognition Status

  9. 2011 (AYP) Results by Subgroup

  10. What is AYP? How do we make it? What should our goals be?

  11. AYP Proficiency Targets 71.1 +5points 76.1% 77.6 +5points 81.6% Safe Harbor (73.99%) Safe Harbor (78.94%)

  12. Superintendent Expectations • All students shall be reading on grade level by the end of second grade. • Reading and Math proficiency shall increase a minimum of 5 percentage points from the previous year at all elementary and middle schools, unless proficiency is greater than or equal to 90% • A minimum of a 5% increase on each EOC at all high schools unless proficiency is equal to or greater than 90% • All schools shall achieve expected or high growth (Which We Did) • Writing proficiency shall increase a minimum of 5 percentage points from previous year at all high schools • All schools shall be recognized as a School of Distinction or School of Excellence • Attendance rate at all schools shall be equal to or greater than 95% • Dropout rate at all high schools shall be equal to or less than 3% • Dropout rate at all middle schools shall be @ 0% • All schools meet all AYP target goals (We missed a few) • All student subgroups at all schools shall meet minimum AYP requirements

  13. Superintendent Expectations • A minimum standard of 90% satisfaction rating on every stakeholder survey question with a minimum return rate of 65% (We missed it but will fix it). • All employees will meet the standard of “progressing”, or “proficient”, or “at standard” as a minimum on their respective End of Year or State Evaluation. • Schools shall meet all identified district facility safety standards as found in District Action Plan 2.1. • A minimum combined reading and math SAT result of 1,000 or higher • A minimum combined reading, math and writing SAT result of 1,500 or higher • Graduation cohort rate equal to or greater than 80%, or a 2% increase over the previous year’s graduation cohort rate • All students shall be reading on grade level by the end of second grade. • Reading and Math proficiency shall increase a minimum of 5 percentage points from the previous year at all elementary and middle schools, unless proficiency is greater than or equal to 90% • A minimum of a 5% increase on each EOC at all high schools unless proficiency is equal to or greater than 90% • All schools shall achieve expected or high growth

  14. District Policy Review • WCMS Moodle • Professional Learning Communities • Policies • Safety Videos • Presentations • Copy This Down • http://iportal.craven.k12.nc.us/wcmmoodle • User Name – is the same as your Groupwise • Password – changeme • Wikispaces • http://francisaltman.wikispaces.com/

  15. Policy Review Signature Forms Sign review pages and turn-in to Mrs. Colbey prior to 3:00 8/19/11

  16. WCMS Policies and Procedures

  17. Staff Development Process • PLC dates are to be held on each S-Day and monthly during house meetings • Jill Darrough will provide technology coaching sessions and project based planning • Everyone should complete a reflection sheet after each PLC training • CEU credits will be allocated as appropriate. • SEA System (Victor Garcia)

  18. W-Days • The W-Days on the 2011-2012 school calendar will be Race to the Top Staff Development for Essential Standards and Common Core Training. This fulfills the requirement of the DPI waiver. • Dates: Aug. 24th, Oct. 31st, Jan. 20th, Mar. 30th and June 8th. There will be five additional school days next year.Modules for DPI1. Call for Change (August 24th)2. Revised Bloom's Taxonomy3. Formative Assessment-NC Falcon4. Developing Local Curricula. • 5. NC Professional Standards and Evaluation System

  19. Field Trip Process • Field Trip Forms Located On WCM Staff Wiki • Follow the process outlined in the field trip packet • http://francisaltman.wikispaces.com/ • One field trip per grade-level • Identify Field Trips to Mr. Chapman by 9/3/11 • No field trips in May or June Non-negotiable

  20. Transportation • Afternoon Dismissal • Line-up and dismissal process • Teachers stay with students until loading completed • AM Duty • Teachers need to be at your door to greet students

  21. Maintenance • E-mail Mr. Garcia • Ms. Pearsall • Ms. Coleby • Check your rooms for any maintenance issues and report them to Mr. Garcia • Students may not have access to school keys at any time

  22. Healthy Active Children • Integrate your energizers into 5 minutes before or after class or work out in team schedule • Healthy Active Children Policy is posted on Moodle • In Curriculum Notebooks • HAC will be scheduled during lunch

  23. Normal Work Day schedule and PW & W Days • Normal workday is from 7:30-3:20 • Workdays Sign-in through the main office • On PW, O, and W Days be in promptly by 8:00 • Leave slips must be approved in advance

  24. Duty Schedules • On WCM Staff Wiki • Any questions please place BIN for Admin • Substitutes need to know that they have to cover for your duty

  25. Absence/Sickness • All absences must be pre-approved before calling for a sub (Unless emergency) • Ms. Pearsall must have leave slips in 5 business days prior to planned absence • Data will be monitored and reported by Admin • In the event that a teacher needs to leave the building during the day, they must clear with Admin

  26. Changes to Student Handbook • Dress Code • 1st/2nd Offense sent to ISS to get into dress code • 3rd Offense 1 day ISS • 4th Offense 2 days ISS • 5th and subsequent Offenses 1Day OSS • Abusive Language • OSS Every Time • The color of shoes is not addressed in uniform policy • No piercings including gauges in the ears

  27. Agenda Boards • Should be able to see what objective is planned for that week or day • What is the learning target for the day. • The student does not know what they are expected to learn during the class period. This is where they should see it first.

  28. Fixed Assets • Do not move anything around that has fixed asset unless it has been approved and form has been filled out and returned to Carol Johnson

  29. Copiers • Report any jams, problems to Mrs. Coleby • Do not fix it yourself • Contact Ms. Pearsall for paper to be delivered • We do need to conserve as much paper as possible. We spent over $3,084 on paper to begin the year and will have to reorder. • Your number of copies is limited… (2,154) • Worksheets Don’t Grow Dendrites!!! • Scan and upload documents to Moodle

  30. Meetings with Parents • Have an agenda (It will keep meetings on track and time) • Explain the purpose • Introduce everyone • Always set a positive tone • Have a recorder • Always look at what is best for the student • Summarize at the end • Remember that the parents are going to be advocates for their child • Try to set up a win win situation

  31. Dress Code for Staff • Our staff will model appropriate attire for students at all times • No T-shirts, shorts or jeans • Dress professionally • Professional Footwear (No flip-flops) • Read county dress code policy for staff 710.20

  32. NC Wise • Do not give your password to anyone • Record attendance by 9:30 • Johnnie can’t do her job until attendance has been entered.

  33. Media Center • Must have assignments • Must have pass issued by teacher

  34. Procedure for Handling Free/Reduced Lunch Applications • All applications will be secured in an inter office closed envelope and marked CONFIDENTIAL. • Applications will be promptly sent on the day of receipt to the Child Nutrition central office. • No application will be left on desks for viewing by others. • Only school officials, central office personnel or Child Nutrition staff may transport application to Child Nutrition central office.

  35. $$$$ Show Me the Money $$$$ • Turn-in all money the day in which it is collected to Ms. Pearsall no later than 1:00 • Receipt all money received • Check-out receipt books from Ms. Pearsall • Leave Slips • Subs

  36. Safety /Energy Conservation Victor Garcia • Copy of tornado , Code 300, Fire etc for red bags • Lights, computers, LCD projectors off each day • AC/Heat schedule (Max/Min Temps) • Code 300/Blood Bourne pathogens watch on school television at 2:00 August 18th and 19th and posted on school Moodle and Wiki.

  37. 2011-2012 BudgetThings to Be Aware Of 2010-11 Beginning Budget $26,089 2011-12 Beginning Budget $18,810 27.9%($7,279) Paper - $3,084.01 Math Scan Cards - $505.92 Art Order - $742.08 Printer Cartridges - $1,800.92 Science Order - $1,200 News Paper - $142.80 Magazine Subscipts -$391.79 Clay Order - $326.95 REMAINING BALLACE $7,365.71 • Paper - $9,730 • Math Scan Cards - $334.23 • Art Order - $807.17 • Printer Cartridges - $4,500 • Science Order - $1,200 • News Paper - $142.80 • Magazine Subscipts -$405.36 • Perma Bound Books (Media) - $503.15

  38. Cumulative Folders • Cum folders are stored in counseling center • All teachers SHALL review cum records, IEP’s and 504’s on each student within 5 days of enrollment • Records may be reviewed in the records room. If records are removed from the records room, they must be signed out and returned prior to 4:00 each day • The door to the record room is to remain locked at all times

  39. PEP/Yellow folder • PEP must be completed as soon as child is at-risk of failure • Need to be started now for students who did not score a level III-IV • Teacher who recommends yellow folder should be in attendance during meetings for strategies

  40. Confidentiality • Many people have access to confidential information. A major determination of access to confidential information is that person’s need to know. • A NEED TO KNOW is defined as any teacher who currently teaches the student or has a valid reason for access to confidential information. • Watch what we say in community or to other parents

  41. Phone logs/E-mails • Kept on all calls • Need to have date, time, and notes • I would file e-mails from parents in a folder for that year and archive them • Parents keep notes too…

  42. Calendar of Events / Neshawn Dawson • Preliminary rough draft by Mrs. Dawson (In Handbooks) • Updated by Mrs. Colbey throughout year • Web site will be updated by Ms. Johnson and Mr. Altman • School Meeting Schedules • Cabinet • Goal Teams • Faculty Meetings/Monthly

  43. Dance and Sport sign up sheets • Sign up sheets • 2 dances • 4 athletic events • 2 Athletic = .5 flex time • 2 dances =.5 flex time

  44. Principals Expectations On WCMS Staff Wiki

  45. Principals Expectations • EOG time will be considered a sacred time. To maintain consistency for students, teachers are asked to ensure that they will be in their classes giving the EOG in May. Local Assessments should mirror the EOG! • Parent communication should be returned the same day, but not later than the next day (district wide expectation). This includes e-mails, notes, and phone messages. • All staff expected to have goals/objectives posted each week in room (Help students use their Agenda, and cont. to use PDSA Board) • Teachers discuss Goals/Objectives with students each day • Teacher websites update every week • Attend all after school obligations • Technology integrated into the classroom instruction

  46. Principals Expectations Cont… • All staff visit teacher boxes in the AM and PM • 45 day plans , pacing guides, and alignment with SCOS • Kagan Implementation gradually for all teachers. (Use a Cooperative Learning approach in your classrooms) • Accelerated Math and Reading Renaissance used as an additional resource to promote learning • Check e-mails EVERYDAY • At no time should a staff member discuss confidential information with someone that does not have the child • Meetings with parents need to be negotiable (Not all during teachers planning) If parent cannot get off work we need to make other arrangements.

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