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Report on Group One on Integrated Work Programme Martin Owor Assistant Commissioner Head of Disaster Devision Office of the Prime Minister Uganda 23 November 2005 Geneva. General comments:

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Report on Group One on Integrated Work Programme Martin Owor Assistant CommissionerHead of Disaster DevisionOffice of the Prime MinisterUganda23 November 2005Geneva


General comments:

The group is in harmony with the proposal of the integrated work programme. But raised the following recommendations:


Comments on the Integrated work programme:

  • Clarify the vision of the enhanced ISDR system
  • Link actions at national, regional and international levels
  • Integrate the functions of different stakeholders, which should not only limited to the UN system
  • Establish the base-line position from which progress will be measured on each thematic area
  • Provide mechanisms for promoting DRR at national level and specify national roles and needs in DRR
  • Provide common approach to training, education, advocacy, research in order to avoid duplication and overlaps

Comments on the Integrated work programme:

  • Provide mechanisms for cost-sharing among ISDR system members at national levels
  • Emphasize outcomes/results, responsibility and accountability of system members at all levels
  • Emphasize the roles and functions of UN RC system and UN country teams to promote DRR and support and strengthening national platforms and national DRR programmes
  • Be simplified and focused, not too ambitious 


the follow elements were recommended :

  • Take full advantage and work through existing mechanisms
  • Clarify and giving due recognition of who is doing what – including and beyond UN system
  • Clarify and articulate the terms of reference of the MOB, PAC and GP/DRR
  • Emphasize that the PAC’s role is advisory, not approval

The trust fund should:

  • Focus on core function of the ISDR Secretariat and governance of ISDR system
  • Provide seeds money to strengthen national platforms, but with expert support
  • Be looked at by the MOB to work out clear modalities for the its use
  • Be developed (structure and function), based on the recognition that resources are limited and will continue to be limited
  • Not over rely on voluntary contribution.  

Next steps

  • The group recognized the need to deliver on the Hyogo Framework (show results by 22 January for one year anniversary of WCDR)
  • The group decided to continue consultations to shape and develop the integrated workplan through email facilitated by the ISDR secretariat. (during the coming two weeks)
  • The group echoed that HFA calls for the various elements of ISDR system to avoid overlap and work together to deliver results through concrete actions.