suborder gobiodei the gobies n.
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Suborder Gobiodei: The Gobies PowerPoint Presentation
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Suborder Gobiodei: The Gobies

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Suborder Gobiodei: The Gobies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Suborder Gobiodei: The Gobies. Thomas J Bland Olatunde Akinwale 21 November, 2008. Gobiodei. 9 families, 270 genera, 2211 species Benthic Mostly Marine Small bodied. Gobiodei. Swim bladder absent Pelvic fins below pectoral fins Fused (usually)

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Suborder Gobiodei: The Gobies

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suborder gobiodei the gobies

Suborder Gobiodei: The Gobies

Thomas J Bland

Olatunde Akinwale

21 November, 2008


9 families, 270 genera, 2211 species


Mostly Marine

Small bodied


Swim bladder absent

Pelvic fins below pectoral fins

Fused (usually)

Lateral line reduced

Cephalic canals

Can be highly variable among species


Gobioidei is monophyletic

Families are not

Thacker 2003

loach gobies
Loach Gobies

Family Rhyacicthyidae

1 genus, 2 species

Most primitive goby

Retains well developed lateral line

freshwater sleepers
Freshwater Sleepers

Family Odontobutidae

5 genera, 15 species

May not be monophyletic


Family Eleotridae

35 genera, 155 species

Marine, brackish, and freshwater

Pelvic fins separate

Oxyeleotris marmorata reaches 66cm

sand gobies
Sand Gobies

Family Kraemeriidae

2 genera, 8 species

Elongate body

Burrow into sand

gobies true gobies
Gobies, True Gobies

Family Gobiidae

210 genera, >2000 species

10-20 new species/year

Round goby (Neogobius melanostomus)


Family Microdesmidae

5 genera, 20 species

Very elongate

Burrow into substrate


Family Schindleriidae

1 genus, 3 species

Highly Paedomorphic

Transparent, some bones/cartilage does not develop

Lightest, shortest lived vertebrate

round goby neogobius melanostomus1
Round Goby(Neogobius melanostomus)

Ballast water introduction

round goby
Round Goby

High reproductive rate


Displaces native benthic fishes

Eat fish eggs and native mussels

Native predator of Zebra Mussel (Driessena polymorpha)

goby vids
Goby vids


Subfamily Oxudercinae

10 genera, 39 species

Distribution ranges from

Tropical and subtropical

Intertidal soft-bottomed

Shores of West Africa and

Indo-Pacific region.

mudskippers cont d
Mudskippers (cont’d)

Some species possess adaptations to terrestrial environment and amphibious life.

In particular, periophthalms (genus Periophthalmus) and boleophthalms (genus Boleophthalmus) include species that inspired popular and scientific imagination since the dawn of the Natural Sciences.

mudskippers cont d1
Mudskippers (cont’d)

Periophthalmus argentilineatus

Boleophthalmus pectinirostris


What adaptations do gobies have for a benthic lifestyle?

Why are loach gobies considered the most primitive gobies?

Why is Gobiidae so speciose?

Why do experts think there may be lots of undiscovered species in Gobiidae?

Where is the round goby native to?

What role does the goby play in the shrimp goby/shrimp mutualism?