navajo i ndians n.
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Navajo I ndians PowerPoint Presentation
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Navajo I ndians

Navajo I ndians

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Navajo I ndians

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  1. Navajo Indians By Liam Allen

  2. TABLE OF CONTENTS • Tribe traditions • What did they eat • Where did thy live • how did they dress • Famous people • Contributions • How big is the tribe • Extra information • Quiz • Bibliography • About the author

  3. TRIBE TRADITIONS • The name comes from pueblo Indians • Word for plated fields. • Or farm land the pueblo Indians loved corn probably gave the the name because unlike their relatives the didn't like to harm animals

  4. What they eatthey would eat a lot of plans like salad.And they ate meat to such as sheep deer elkmany kinds of bird’s like fanzines doves ducks and geese.Also corn and strawberries and lots more food.

  5. where they lived.They lived many places like Arizona Utah new Mexico and finely Colorado. They moved a lot and there houses are under groundwhy they did this is so they can stay out of the wind and heatand it help them stay cool in the summer and stay worm in thewinter.

  6. How they dressmen wear big feather hat. And thy all wear leather close like tops the women wear leather boots and men wear this sandalsa lot sorter then women.

  7. This only one of the fames chefs that rolled there tribe the are 100s more of them but suddenly there are notas many

  8. The Navajo invented lot of things but but one of the thingsthey did is hull house as I like to call it they invited it anther tribesin vetted clef dwellings.

  9. There tribe is pretty big about 250,000 people are in there tribe but there are probably more members.

  10. Extra info I thought it was really cool that they maidhull house to stay worm and to kip cool and how the had to dig it out.

  11. QUIZ Who invited the clef houses? what tribe was sackajewa? How did Indians stat?

  12. websites • histostory for kids.

  13. About the author • I live in west Pont. • My favorite book is big Nate. • My favorite activities are dirt biking and skiing. • You should know that I'm a funny person. • How can I help others is I can help them up win they fall. • My favorite subject is science .