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  1. NAVAJO NATION Smoke Alarm Project April – June 2005

  2. INTRODUCTION Fire Department ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE - Fire Station #10PO Box 3360, Window Rock, Arizona 86515 Fire Station #40PO Box 1960Tuba City, Arizona 86045 Fire Station #50PO Box 825Chinle, Arizona 86503 Fire Station #80PO Box 5085Leupp, Arizona 86035 Fire Station #72PO Box 3127Indian Wells, Arizona 86031

  3. PLAN OF OPERATION Pursuant to the Navajo Nation Fire Department’s Plan of Operation, we exist to safeguard the public welfare by: • protecting life, • health and • property from fire, • hazardous materials and other perils.

  4. FIRE PREVENTION GRANT Navajo Nation was granted 9,902 smoke alarms. Under this grant, NFPA has also adapted the Remembering When program for Navajo elders. The Reservation extends into the states of Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico covering over 27,000 square miles. The Navajo Nation has 110 Chapter Houses, which are similar to Town Halls. The Chapter Areas selected were: Hardrock, Leupp, Chinle, Indian Wells, Tuba City, Fort Defiance, Saint Michaels, Shiprock and the Eastern Navajo Area.

  5. Navajo Reservation SHIPROCK HARDROCK EASTERN NAVAJO 9,902

  6. HARDROCK, AZ Navajo Name: Tse Dildo’i meaning “Hardrock”. Hardrock Chapter is situated within the Former Joint Use Area, now referred to as Navajo and Hopi Partitioned Lands. 305,000 acres was reduced to 78,100 acres. 1266 Smoke Alarms installed.

  7. LEUPP, AZ Navajo Name: To’ chi’ikooh meaning “Canyon River”. Leupp was the first designated chapter of the Navajo Reservation and recently celebrated it’s 75th anniversary. In a sad case the community was used as a holding camp for Japanese Americans during WWII. 300 Smoke Alarms installed.

  8. CHINLE, AZ Navajo Name: Ch’ini’li meaning “Flowing out”. Chinle is near the scenic area Canyon De Chelly. Chinle is noted for agriculture and grazing in the late 1800s and early 1900s; these trades are still practiced by local Navajo farmers. 690 Smoke Alarms installed.

  9. TUBA CITY, AZ Navajo Name: To’Nanees’Dizi’ meaning “Water Scattered”. Tuba City is second largest community. Tuba City is probably the one community in the U.S., which maintains two different time zones. 300 Smoke Alarms installed.

  10. INDIAN WELLS, AZ Navajo Name: To hahadleeh meaning “Dipping Water From A Well”. Indian Wells was first settled in the 1800’s. The Indian Wells Trading Post and hospital were built in the very early 1900’s. 2106 Smoke Alarms installed.

  11. FORT DEFIANCE, AZ Navajo Name: Tse hootsooi meaning “Meadow in Between the Rocks”. Fort Defiance is the third largest community. Fort Defiance is located 6 miles North of the Navajo Nation Capitol Window Rock, AZ. 300 Smoke Alarms installed.

  12. SAINT MICHAELS, AZ Navajo Name: Ch’ihootsooi meaning “Green Meadow speading out from a narrow pion”. Window Rock, the Navajo Nation Capitol is within the Saint Michaels Chapter area. Technically, an administrative area like the District of Columbia, was withdrawn for governmental operations. 500 Smoke Alarms installed.

  13. EASTERN NAVAJO Eastern Navajo Agency is comprised of 28 Navajo Chapters located in the boundaries of New Mexico. Churchrock, Crownpoint, Fort Wingate, Mariano Lake and Pinedale, 2423 Smoke Alarms installed.

  14. SHIPROCK, NM Navajo Name: Tse’bi t’ai meaning “Rock’s Wings”. Shiprock is the largest Navajo community. The soft volcanic rock makes up the awesome monolith, making it a dangerous challenge to climb; however, the California Sierra Club scaled it successfully in 1939. It has since been closed to the public. 300 Smoke Alarms installed.


  16. Smoke Alarm Installation Seminar

  17. Smoke Alarm Installation Seminar Smoke Alarm Installation Seminar

  18. “Remembering When” Class

  19. Navajo Nation Fire Department Navajo Nation Fire Department