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Navajo Indians

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Navajo Indians . By: Kayce swink & Austin Humphrey. Navajo Indians. The Navajo was a very big tribe . they lived in hogans and had very little food for how many people who lived in the tribe. Navajo Homes.

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navajo indians

Navajo Indians

By: Kayce swink & Austin Humphrey

navajo indians1
Navajo Indians

The Navajo was a very big tribe . they lived in hogans and had very little food for how many people who lived in the tribe.

navajo homes
Navajo Homes

The Navajo lived Hogan. This was there culture. this Hogan is made of special wood, framework packed with clay into a dome shape with the door facing east.

navajo hunting
Navajo Hunting.

Navajo men hunted animals around them such as: Deer, Antelope, and other small game.


Navajo food

the Navajo ate deer, elk, beans, and corn .



the Navajo wore breechcloths, deer skin leggings, skirts made of woven yucca fiber. They wore moccasins on their feet. Also the breech clothes were made from woven yucca fiber.

navajo shoes
Navajo Shoes

the moccasins were made from skins.

navajo and white settlers
Navajo and white settlers.

The navajo people interacted with the white settlers. It was a negative interaction because they were raiding each other . Also they were stealing from each other.

interesting facts
Interesting Facts

They had special words for the animals like : the buffalo word is ayani. The word for the Eagle was atsa.


I got my information from Brittaca .com

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