the process of bible translation into egyptian sign language btesl n.
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The Process of Bible Translation into Egyptian Sign Language (BTESL) PowerPoint Presentation
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The Process of Bible Translation into Egyptian Sign Language (BTESL)

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The Process of Bible Translation into Egyptian Sign Language (BTESL) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Process of Bible Translation into Egyptian Sign Language (BTESL). The Process of Building the Team.

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the process of building the team
The Process of Building the Team

Before starting the Bible translation project, we had to develop a good environment in the deaf community. The deaf community was very divided between different denominations in Egypt. Many deaf people do not believe in themselves and have low self-esteem. It took a lot of effort to build a spiritually mature team among the deaf to start the Bible translation project.

why we started
Why we started?

While we are thankful for those who help as ESL interpreters, most Deaf do not understand what is presented and very few are able to pass on what has been interpreted.

We have found that Deaf-teaching-Deaf results in many understanding what is taught at a much deeper level, to retain the teaching, and the ability by Deaf to pass on what they have learned to others in a relatively short amount of time.

The Diocese of Egypt saw that there was a real need for Deaf people in Cairo to have their own church, in their own culture and language and at the beginning of January 2008 the Anglican Deaf Church began. The Deaf can worship in their own language and Culture without fear of anyone judging them.
the beginning
The Beginning

When we started the Bible translation project two years ago, we had no training from anyone. We used to sit together and read the Bible and sign it to each other. Deaf people would then draw what they understood. After that, each deaf person would come to the front and sign it to the group. The group would choose the best one and video it. Each week, at the Sunday deaf church services, more than 150 deaf families would watch the video and give feedback.

developing our project
Developing our Project

We started to share our vision with Wycliffe and other organizations inside and outside Egypt. We are so thankful to Wycliffe who sent us equipment and people to train us. Our deaf people have developed skills and knowledge in Bible translation. However, we still need experienced people to stay with us for one year or more, and support us in this project.