Colonialism racism third world and cinema
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Colonialism , Racism, Third World and Cinema - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Colonialism , Racism, Third World and Cinema. Engl 332 N. Langah. Some important terms: . Colonialism Racism Third World . Colonialism .

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Colonialism racism third world and cinema
Colonialism, Racism, Third World and Cinema

Engl 332

N. Langah

Some important terms
Some important terms:

  • Colonialism

  • Racism

  • Third World


  • Process by which the European powers reached a position of economic, military, political and cultural domination in much of Asia, Africa and Latin America.

  • The process relates to slave trade which became popular from 1900 and the end of the world war I and began to be reversed after the disintegration of European colonial empires after world war II.

Third world
Third World

  • Third world refers to the historical victims of the process of colonialism

  • Colonised, neo-colonised, de-colonised nations of the world whose economic and political structures have been shaped and deformed within the colonial process.

  • The colonial domination has to do with structural domination rather than with crude economic (the poor), racial (non-white), cultural (the backward) or geographical categories.


  • Albert Memmi’s definition:

    ‘the generalised and final assigning of values to real or imaginary differences to the accuser’s benefit and at his victim’s and expense, in order to justify the former’s own privilege or aggression.

    The logic of racism leads to violence and exploitation.

    Racism is an outcome of concrete oppressions

Europe s self image
Europe’s self-image

  • Europe constructed its self-mage on the backs of ite equally constructed OTHER – ‘the saveage’, ‘the cannibal’.

Glorified colonialism
Glorified colonialism

The Novel: Robinson Crusoe (1719):

‘hero becomes wealthy through the slave trade and through Brazlian sugar mills, and whose first thought, upon seeing human footprints after years of solitude, is to get him a slave’.

European cinema stereotyped non eu races
European Cinema stereotyped non-Eu races

  • Lazy Mexicans, shifty Arabs, savage Africans and exotic Asiatics.

  • This resulted in many ‘mis-representations’ in Hollywood films.

  • Sometimes even the absence of representation of groups. For instance many films gave the impression that there were no blacks in America (or whites in Africa)

  • Such efforts ‘mis-represent’ some histories.


  • From Course Pack read:

  • Robert Stam and Louise Spence

  • ‘Colonialism, Racism, and Representation: An Introduction’

  • (pg 877- 891)