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What did you write down & WHY? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Happy Wednesday! Food For Thought: on your index card write down ONE thing very important to you & WHY. Something you couldn’t stand to live without! (put some real thought into this one…). What did you write down & WHY?. Put those aside for a moment….

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What did you write down why

Happy Wednesday!Food For Thought: on your index card write down ONE thing very important to you & WHY. Something you couldn’t stand to live without!(put some real thought into this one…)

What did you write down why
What did you write down & WHY?

Put those aside for a moment
Put those aside for a moment…

  • Who thinks they are up to speed with Reconstruction so far???

Pre quiz

  • You’ll have about 10 minutes to answer the questions

  • If the majority of the class gets a 90% or higher, we won’t have HW tonight

  • No talking during or after, or you’ll lose points

  • No questions about the quiz

  • Try your hardest 


  • What were your first thoughts when I told you we’d be having a quiz today?

    • Anger? Anxiety? Confusion? Panic? …Preparedness?

  • How did you feel about having no time to review & only 10 minutes for a 30 question quiz?

  • Was it fair for me to give no warning & deduct points if you talked? Aren’t I allowed to?

  • If you had one word to represent the feelings of the entire class during the quiz, what would it be?

  • Let s switch gears for a moment
    Let’s switch gears for a moment…

    • Think about how annoyed or frustrated you are right now…

    • Take out those index cards from the beginning of class

    • How would you feel if I took away that one really important, really special thing if you failed this quiz?

      • If your parents took it from you?

      • If the school took it from you?

    What if that thing was freedom
    What if that “thing” wasFREEDOM?

    IMAGINE…you were once a slave, now you’re free!

    What you’ve fought so hard to gain is now yours!

    13th Amendment? 14th Amendment? 15th Amendment?

    …Until those freedoms & rights are taken away…

    Understand the impact & destruction brought on by segregation during Reconstruction

    Black Codes: Southern laws that severely limited the rights of African Americans after the Civil War

    Jim Crow Laws: laws that separated people of different races in public places in the South

    Side note
    Side Note:

    Take a deep breath….this was a simulation!

    No… the quiz doesn’t count!

    Government literacy tests
    Government & Literacy Tests

    • What you just took – Gov’t test

      • how hard was that!?!...would you be able to vote?

    • Require voters to read/ explain a section of the Constitution

      • Freedmen & poor whites with no education cannot vote

    Voting restrictions
    Voting Restrictions

    • Poll taxes – require voters to pay a fee each time they vote

      • Freedmen & poor whites cannot afford to vote

    Grandfather clauses
    Grandfather Clauses

    • Laws in favor of whites

    • If a voter’s father/ grandfather could vote on January 1, 1876, the voter did not have to take a literacy test

    • No African Americans in the South could vote before 1868 so this ensures only white men could vote

    Jim crow laws
    Jim Crow Laws

    • Legalizes segregation in…

      • Schools

      • Restaurants

      • Theaters

      • Trains

      • Streetcars

      • Playgrounds

      • Hospitals

      • Cemeteries


    • Separation becomes societally acceptable in the South

    Plessy vs ferguson
    Plessy vs. Ferguson

    • 1896

    • Segregation is legal as long as facilities for blacks and whites are equal

    • Is this the case?......

    What did you write down why
    “Strange Fruit”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4ZyuULy9zsWritten by Abel Meeropol (30s) Sung by Billie Holiday

    "Southern trees bear a strange fruit,

    Blood on the leaves and blood at the root,

    Black body swinging in the Southern breeze,

    Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees.

    Pastoral scene of the gallant South,

    The bulging eyes and the twisted mouth,

    Scent of magnolia sweet and fresh,

    And the sudden smell of burning flesh!

    Here is a fruit for the crows to pluck,

    For the rain to gather, for the wind to suck,

    For the sun to rot, for a tree to drop,

    Here is a strange and bitter crop."

    For homework
    For Homework

    • 5 points, in your binders

    • ½ a page on loose-leaf (checked for points)

    • We will share Friday if you’re comfortable

    • Talk about…

      • A time when you/ your group of friends/ your family felt isolated, put down, or made fun of

      • A time when you isolated, put down, or made fun of someone/ someone’s group of friends/ someone’s family

        *If it’s about people in school,

        please don’t use their names, thanks*