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Digital Signage for Educational Institutions in 2020 PowerPoint Presentation
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Digital Signage for Educational Institutions in 2020

Digital Signage for Educational Institutions in 2020

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Digital Signage for Educational Institutions in 2020

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  1. Digital Signage forEducational Institutions in 2020

  2. Digital signage is a boon to the educational sector.

  3. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has forced educational institutions to find new ways of learning and the majority of the institutions around the world have switched to digital signages.

  4. Build Awareness Digital signage serves to be an effective tool in creating hygienic awareness among all staff and students inside the campus. Displaying content regarding the importance of hand sanitizing, wearing masks, etc can promote awareness and minimize the chances of infection.

  5. Digital Announcements Digital signages are ideal for displaying information on events like workshops, exams, annual day functions, book fairs, exhibitions, celebrations, holidays, etc. It is a perfect way for making everyone informed about the upcoming events on the campus. You can keep the students, parents, and staff up to date by integrating google calendar with digital signages. This will remind them what's happening on the campus and when.

  6. Easy Wayfinding It is quite common for recently joined students and anyone new to campus to have difficulty in finding the address of a classroom or office. In such a scenario, digital signage can help them navigate easily through digital campus maps.

  7. Enhanced Learning Teachers can make use of indoor digital signage solutions to show slides and play videos related to the subject. This can really enhance the learning experience of students. Visual learning has proved to have a significant impact on the minds of learners. Students are more likely to memorize visual content than traditional classroom lectures. 

  8. In this article, we will be discussing the benefits of LED digital signage displays for educational institutions in 2020. Hope you got an overview of the benefits offered by digital signage and why educational institutions embrace them.  If you found this slide useful, please share it with others. Thank You!