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Gluu Server for Educational Institutions PowerPoint Presentation
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Gluu Server for Educational Institutions

Gluu Server for Educational Institutions

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Gluu Server for Educational Institutions

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  1. As cloud-based services continue to gain importance and adoption, many campuses are still struggling to offer integration strategies that work well with modern IT architectures, systems, and services. The Gluu Server enables an institution to support open web protocols for single sign-on and access management, and the annual subscription equips an institution with the support it needs to offer a secure access management service day after day. 100% Open Source Software With a Gluu Server, your institution is never subject to predatory licenses or per user fees. All components of the Gluu Server are free to use in production. Each component of the Gluu Server fulfills a different requirement: Gluu Server for Educational Institutions

  2. Shibboleth is one of the most dependable open source SAML single sign-on servers available and is in production at more than 5,000 organization’s worldwide. Asimba SAML Proxy enables an organization to consolidate inbound SAML authentication from the IDPs of partners to a website or app. Support for Asimba is not included with the Gluu Server EDU subscription, but can be provided as an additional option. oxAuthis Gluu’s inter-op leading OpenID Connect IDP and industry leading UMA Authorization Server (AS). GluuOpenDJ LDAP is our compiled and supported version of OpenDJ. LDAP provides persistence for the Gluu Server, and can be used as the authoritative source of identity if needed. oxTrustis the server administration application. In oxTrust, the server admin can manage and configure SAML & OpenID Connect single sign-on, and script policies to enforce custom authentication workflows and control access to web resources like folders and API’s.

  3. Your Infrastructure. Your Security Policies. All Gluu Servers are self-hosted. Gluu, as an organization, never stores or hosts your personally identifiable information (PII). With a Gluu Server, you can: Leverage an existing authentication system such as Active Directory. Call external security API’s such as two factor authentication mechanisms or intrusion detection software. Enforce access management, and multi-step, multi-factor authentication based on attributes and/or groups.

  4. Gluu EDU Build / Operate Subscription An instance of the Gluu Server is deployed in your data center on your VM’s. Both your organization and Gluu maintain root access to the servers. Starts at $30,000 (up to two servers) EDU Support No per user or per connection fees 24/7 monitoring and reporting Schedule a Meeting