how to shoot a basketball n.
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How To Shoot a Basketball !! PowerPoint Presentation
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How To Shoot a Basketball !!

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How To Shoot a Basketball !! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How To Shoot a Basketball !!. Have u ever wanted to shoot a basketball the correct way, but didn’t know how??. Get a basketball. Get a goal (or go somewhere with a basketball goal). You want that great feeling of " nothin ' but net" when the defender is trying really hard to stop you??.

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Have u ever wanted to shoot a basketball the correct way, but didn’t know how??

  • Get a basketball
  • Get a goal (or go somewhere with a basketball goal)

You want that great feeling of "nothin' but net" when the defender is trying really hard to stop you??

  • Having a good shot makes you a threat on the floor, especially if you can handle the ball and drive well to the hoop.

Basketball Shooting tip #1!

  • 1. For shooting the basketball you must have your entire body in the right position to ensure that you have the greatest chance of making the shot. First you should have your strong arm up and Bent at a 90 degree angle.

Shooting tip #2!

  • 2. Also have your weak arm up along side it as a helper hand. This is a basketball tip OFTEN overlooked.



Tip #3!

  • 3. Then flick your wrist and push your arm up to propel the ball towards the net. The first step for you is to learn these fundamental basketball shooting tips, and then you can move on.

Basketball shooting #4!

  • Body Positioning - Stand 2 or 3 ft. directly in front of the basket. Assume a jumping stance. Your feet are shoulder width apart, and parallel to each other; one foot is slightly ahead of the other (you should learn to shoot with either foot forward). The knees are flexed. Although both feet are entirely in contact with the court, almost your entire body weight should be on the balls of the feet and distributed equally on both feet. Your shoulders should be square to the basket and slightly ahead of your hips, which should be directly over the mid point of your feet. Your head should be erect. Keeping you shoulders squared to the basket is a CRUCIAL basketball shooting tip.

Shooting Basketball #5

  • Ball To Hand - Hold the ball in two hands, in front of you, close to the body, and just above waist level. The fingers and thumbs of both hands are pointing directly away from you; keep the elbows in. The hands should be on the top half of the ball; The complete inner surface of the hands should be in contact with the ball. The fingers and thumbs of each hand are spread comfortably. The distances separating the fingers and the thumbs should be the same. The forefingers should be parallel to each other. To hold the ball, push both hands towards its centre to create enough pressure to hold it.

Tip #6

  • Ball To Body - Now move the ball to the point above and in front of your head from which you will shoot. You must be able to see the basket under the ball. As you raise the ball, rotate your shooting hand so that it is directly behind and under the ball by the time it reaches shooting position. As you rotate the shooting hand, which controls the ball, the non-shooting hand slides over the ball, ending to the side and slightly under the ball. The non-shooting hand takes no part in the shot. Its job is to help hold and protect the ball until the moment the shooting action begins.

Tip #7!!

The Shot - Your shooting action begins the moment you are in set position. Shooting is a one-piece action in which you quickly jump and uncock the wrist. This quick jumping action generates most of the power for the shot. The feet barely leave the floor. As the hand comes forward as the wrist is uncocked, the ball immediately begins to rise up on the fingertips. Quick wrist action and fingertip control give a crisp back spin to the ball. For maximum control of the ball, it should come off the tips of the forefinger and middle finger. To transfer power from the legs to the ball, release the ball just as, or just before, you complete your jumping action.


The End!!

Basketball. (for more information!)

Have fun shooting basketball(: