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The Rules of Basketball PowerPoint Presentation
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The Rules of Basketball

The Rules of Basketball

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The Rules of Basketball

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  1. The Rules of Basketball By Joshua Singel Students Teachers

  2. Objectives • After this lesson, students will be able to: • Explain the rules of basketball • Work individually to describe what each rule means • Take a quiz and answer the questions with 100% accuracy Previous Next

  3. Target Audience • This PowerPoint is targeted for sixth grade students in health class Previous Next

  4. Learning Environment • To complete this PowerPoint, students must have access to a computer lab or to a classroom with computers. Previous Next

  5. Video Play Ball Previous

  6. The Rules of Basketball The Basics Shooting Player Positions Fouls Quiz Dribbling

  7. The Basics Main Menu Previous Next

  8. Objective of Basketball • Basketball is a team sport where the objective of the game is to shoot a ball into a basket in order to score points • The team with the most points at the end of the game wins Main Menu Previous Next

  9. Overview • Two teams, consisting of five players each, play on a marked rectangular court with a basket at each end of the court Main Menu Previous Next

  10. Overview • Each team has its own half of the court where they are able to play offense and try to score • While on offense, teams can dribble, pass, shoot, and try to score the ball in a 10-foot high hoop <- Offensive Player Main Menu Previous Next

  11. Overview • When a team doesn’t have possession of the ball, their goal is to play defense and get the ball back from the other team • While on defense, teams can steal the ball, block shots, and force turnovers <- Defensive Player Main Menu Previous Next

  12. Overview • Each game is divided into two sections, the first half and the second half. • In college, each half is twenty minutes long • At half time, teams go into locker rooms to rest and talk strategy Main Menu Previous Next

  13. Overview • Referees are the officials on the court that keep the game under control • Usually there are two or three referees on the court for a game Main Menu Previous Next

  14. Practice Quiz How tall is the rim of the basketball hoop from the floor? 8 feet 6 feet 10 feet Main Menu Previous

  15. That’s Right! Main Menu Previous Next

  16. Oops! The correct answer is 10 ft Main Menu Previous Next

  17. Player Positions Main Menu Previous Next

  18. Guard • The guard is responsible for calling plays and bringing the ball down the court • They are typically the shortest players • Guards must have good dribbling, passing, shooting, and communication skills Main Menu Previous Next

  19. Forward • Power forwards can play near the basket and can shoot jump shots • Small forwards are typically smaller and quicker than power forwards. They are considered one of the most versatile players Main Menu Previous Next

  20. Center • Centers are generally the tallest players on the court • Their goal is to get open near the basket and post up for a short shot • On defense, they are responsible for blocking shots and getting rebounds Main Menu Previous Next

  21. Practice Quiz What position foes the tallest player on the team normally play? Guard Forward Center Main Menu Previous

  22. That’s Right! Main Menu Previous Next

  23. Oops! The correct answer is Center Main Menu Previous Next

  24. Dribbling Main Menu Previous Next

  25. Dribbling • A player must keep their dribble at all times when they are walking with the ball in their hands • If a player steps with both feet without dribbling, then a player is called for traveling and the other team receives the ball Main Menu Previous Next

  26. Dribbling • A player must only dribble with one hand on the ball at a time • A player cannot pick up their dribble and resume dribbling again • Both of these violations are known as double dribling Main Menu Previous Next

  27. Practice Quiz A player is allowed to pick up their dribble and then start dribbling again. True False Main Menu Previous

  28. That’s Right! Main Menu Previous Next

  29. Oops! The correct answer is False Main Menu Previous Next

  30. Shooting Main Menu Previous Next

  31. Shooting • A player shoots a ball towards the hoop to make points • There is no protocol that must be followed when shooting Main Menu Previous Next

  32. Two-Point Shot • A shot anywhere inside of the u-shaped three-point line is worth two points if it is made. Main Menu Previous Next

  33. Three-Point Shot • Three-point shots are shot behind the u-shaped arch and are worth three points if the ball goes through the hoop Main Menu Previous Next

  34. Lay-Up • A layup is when a player approaches the rim from an angle and shoots the ball with one hand • The ball bounces off of the backboard and goes into the hoop Main Menu Previous Next

  35. Slam Dunk • A slam dunk is when a player holds the basketball and puts the ball into the hoop while touching the rim Main Menu Previous Next

  36. Free Throw • A free throw is shot when a player shoots the ball from the free throw line after being fouled • A free throw is only worth one point Main Menu Previous Next

  37. Practice Quiz How many points are awarded to a player when they shoot a lay-up? 1 2 3 Main Menu Previous

  38. That’s Right! Main Menu Previous Next

  39. Oops! The correct answer is 2 Main Menu Previous Next

  40. Fouls Main Menu Previous Next

  41. Personal Fouls • Personal fouls include illegal physical contact to players with or without the ball • Fouls include hitting, pushing, slapping, or holdings Main Menu Previous Next

  42. Personal Foul Penalties • If a player is shooting while being fouled, then the player gets to shoot free throws • The players shoots two free throws if the shot was missed and the player shoots one if the shot was made Main Menu Previous Next

  43. Personal Foul Penalties • If a player is fouled while not shooting, the ball is given back to the team, unless the fouling team has committed 7 or more fouls. Then the players gets to go to the free throw line Main Menu Previous Next

  44. Charging Foul • An offensive foul that is committed by a player when he/she pushes or runs over a defensive player • The other team is then awarded the ball Main Menu Previous Next

  45. Blocking Foul • When a defensive player does not establish position in time to prevent an opponent from driving to the basket Main Menu Previous Next

  46. Flagrant Foul • When a player violently contacts an opponent by punch, kicking, or hitting • This foul results in free throws for the player who was fouled Main Menu Previous Next

  47. Technical Foul • Either a player or a coach can commit this type of foul when foul language is used or when a player/coach argues with the referees • The opposing team gets to shoot two free throws and receives the ball when a team commits a technical foul Main Menu Previous Next

  48. Practice Quiz If a person commits a flagrant foul, they are ejected from the game. True False Main Menu Previous

  49. That’s Right! Main Menu Previous Next

  50. Oops! The correct answer is false Main Menu Previous Next