cisco hospital of the future palomar west n.
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Cisco Hospital of the Future: Palomar West PowerPoint Presentation
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Cisco Hospital of the Future: Palomar West

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Cisco Hospital of the Future: Palomar West - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cisco Hospital of the Future: Palomar West. Presented by: Michelle Kelly. Objectives. Describe the Cisco Hospital of the Future What is Cisco? When/Where will it open? What are some features of the hospital of the future? New technologies How are they improving the patient experience?

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cisco hospital of the future palomar west

Cisco Hospital of the Future:Palomar West

Presented by: Michelle Kelly

  • Describe the Cisco Hospital of the Future
    • What is Cisco?
    • When/Where will it open?
  • What are some features of the hospital of the future?
    • New technologies
    • How are they improving the patient experience?
  • How is the “Hospital of the future” being promoted?
  • Name and describe the hardware to be used in Cisco Palomar West Hospital
  • Name and describe the software to be used in Cisco Palomar West Hospital
  • Evaluate the usability of this software
  • Describe and evaluate the Information System that will be used at Palomar West
  • Assess the role and function or the nurse informatist at Cisco Palomar West
  • Examine related legal/ethical Issues
  • Discuss the advantages/disadvantages from a nursing perspective
cisco hospital of the future palomar west1
Cisco Hospital of the Future: Palomar West
  • Collaboration between Cisco and Palomar Pomerado Health system
  • Designed to positively transform the traditional healthcare experience
  • Embracing the latest connected health technologies
  • Provide high performance healing environment

(Cisco Systems, 2008)

cisco systems
Cisco Systems
  • Cisco Systems is a global corporation that designs and sells consumer electronics, communication technology and services
  • Cisco Systems is a billion dollar industry
  • Cisco Systems has achieved worldwide success in the development and marketing of hardware, software, and voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP)

(Wikipedia, n.d.)

cisco hospital of the future palomar west2
Cisco Hospital of the Future: Palomar West
  • Located in San Diego, California
  • Construction is currently ahead of schedule
  • Due to open in 2011
  • Advanced Robotics
  • 3-D Imaging
  • Patient tracking
  • PDA’s
  • Laptops
  • Electronic Signage
  • Cisco Medical Grade Network

(Cisco Systems, 2008)

virtual hospital
Virtual Hospital
  • Visitors have opportunity to tour the hospital years before it opens
  • Virtual tour used to gather feedback
  • Provides visitors a view of the design of patient rooms
  • Visitors will be able to see Connected Hospital technologies provided by Cisco

(Cisco Systems,2008)

virtual tour
Virtual Tour

(Zensius, 2009)





Patient Tracking

Cisco Telepresence

cisco telepresence
Cisco Telepresence
  • Seen during the Virtual Tour of the hospital
  • Visitors are welcomed by a virtual receptionist
  • New technology used high-definition video and audio to create a “in-person” experience

(Cisco Systems, 2008)

patient tracking
Patient Tracking
  • Radio frequency-enabled sensors that enhance security and safety of patients
  • Patient tracking will also protect the hospital property by tracking equipment

(Cisco Systems, 2008 )


Advanced robotics and functional imaging systems that will support medical procedures including interventional radiology, cardiovascular surgery, urology and gastroenterology.

(Cisco Systems, 2008)


Cisco Unified Communications

Cisco Medical Grade Network

SBS RFID Software

cisco medical grade network
Cisco Medical Grade Network
  • Communication, IT, and clinical systems will be converged onto single Medical-Grade Network
  • All aspects of patient’s stay will be monitored and managed by applications running on single network
  • This includes ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, security, fire and life safety, and digital devices
  • This will free up clinicians and allow them to focus on providing the best care to patients

(Cisco Systems, 2008)

software usability
Software Usability
  • Testing of technologies is critical to the success of new system software
  • New technologies are being tested by interdisciplinary planning and care plan teams
  • Clinical units are testing new systems during real time, real world healthcare operations or in mock-up conditions

(Edelstein, 2010)

technology testing
Technology Testing
  • Life Beds
  • SBS RFID software
  • Mobile Robots in clinical areas
  • Internet and video conferencing
  • Patient room design with mock-set ups

(Edelstein, 2010)

information system
Information System
  • Cisco Palomar West is using a clinical collaboration system that will combine both clinical and administrative systems
  • The use of a clinical collaboration will improve the quality of the patient care experience
information review criteria
Information Review Criteria
  • Information system
  • Healthcare Professionals that will benefit
  • Configuration of the Information system
  • Data Standards
  • Recommendation
  • Unified communications
  • Advanced clinical applications
  • Improved care delivery processes
  • Universal procedure rooms
  • Acuity adaptable patient care
  • Use of the Virtual World
  • Virtual world technology
  • RFID bracelet technology-in real time
  • Elderly/patient adaptability to new technology
  • Transition to new technology and employee resistance
  • Energy loss/emergency
nurse informaticist role
Nurse Informaticist Role
  • Collaborates with IT EHR project teams
  • Coordination of core nursing competencies
  • Support nursing research projects
  • Provider of education
  • Analysis of clinical databases such as core measures
  • Improved nursing workflow
nursing competencies
Nursing Competencies
  • Computer skills- Palomar West plans to use Web 2.0 technology to reach out to nursing students and get them exposed to the new environment.
  • Palomar West will have a high digital world environment and nursing will need to have competencies in e-mail use, laptops, EHR/medical charting, telepresence, internet and video conferencing, LCD/ information panels, and RIFD patient tracking.


ethical and legal issues
Ethical and Legal Issues
  • Use of Telemedicine
  • Virtual world
  • Cisco Palomar West is taking innovative risks with new information technology
  • New connected technologies will positively transform the traditional healthcare experience for employees and patients
  • Virtual world technology with patient avatars will allow people to experiment with proposed technology innovations
  • The nursing practice will be enhanced with the innovative technology at Palomar West
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