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Cisco SLED Tech Day Mike Boruk Systems Engineer Florida SLED Cisco Systems CCIE # 4356 Agenda. EnergyWise Overview. Intelligent Measurement and Control. EnergyWise Components. Catalyst Embedded Management. Industry First. Smart Grid. Cisco EnergyWise.

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Presentation Transcript

Cisco SLED Tech DayMike Boruk Systems EngineerFlorida SLED Cisco Systems CCIE #


EnergyWise Overview

Intelligent Measurement and Control

EnergyWise Components

Catalyst Embedded Management


Industry First

Smart Grid

Cisco EnergyWise

  • Innovative technology added onto Cisco Catalyst switching portfolio
  • Company-wide optimization of GhG emissions – well beyond the 2% IT impact
  • Measure, reduce and report energy usage across the entire corporate infrastructure
  • Supports Cisco and non-Cisco devices: Phones, APs, PCs, building systems and more
  • The network as a platform for cross-industry energy management
cisco energywise converges it and facility networks
Cisco EnergyWiseConverges IT and Facility Networks

Tenant Services and TechnologiesIP Based

Building Services and TechnologiesNon-IP

High-Speed Internet





24/7 Monitor

IP Telephony


The Network Isthe Platform

Audio & Video Conferencing


Visitor Management

Video surveillance

Interactive Media


Digital Signage


cisco energywise operating cycle
Cisco EnergyWise Operating Cycle

Poll Power of Network Attached Devices: Phones, APs, PCs, Building Systems

Optimize Power Delivery with Policies

Real-time Granular Power Management


Show Power and Cost Savings

Correlate Power and Actions for Use Cases


Cisco EnergyWise

  • Measure power of connected devices

575 Watts

  • Intelligentcontrol
  • Energy cost saving

300 W

100 W

100 W

Bldg 18

Bldg 19

7 W

15 W

7 W

7 W

60 W

energywise a systems approach
EnergyWise: A Systems Approach


Building’s energy breakdown



EnergyWise Actions






Management applications for IT or Facilities



Switches and routers communicate through Management API

Management API

Wireless Controller


Cisco network aggregates status and power measurements

EnergyWise Domain

Client Protocol communicates with end points

Building Field Controller

Wireless Client

EnergyWise Entities

energywise management
EnergyWise Management

Third Party Power Management Applications


Cisco Works LMS



  • EnergyWise Management Communications






Management API

Wireless Controller



  • Energy Wise Domain and Entities




Building Field Controller



Wireless Client

energywise consumption and control
EnergyWise Consumption and Control

Power measurement and control

Understand the power consumption of Cisco connected devices

Query power information using a network-based approach

  • Time-of-day policies to control EnergyWise devices
    • Polices created on switch to notify and control power

Power Policy sent to network

Policy optimizes power utilization

Interpret power per device and device location

Management system reports power usage

EnergyWise Policy and Reporting



Management API

Wireless Controller


EnergyWise Domain

Building Field Controller

Wireless Client

EnergyWise Entities

energywise time of day power control
EnergyWise: Time-of-Day Power Control

Bank customer branch office

Operations run 9 to 5

Power off phones after hours

Power on next day

Turn off power at 7 PM

Policy added to network


Time is 7PM switch executes policy

Policy communicated across switches

Switch turns off port power

Time is 7AM switch executes policy

EnergyWise Enabled




Switch turns on port power

energywise peak power monitoring
EnergyWise: Peak Power Monitoring

Peak power reached – smooth & time-shift power use




Location Services

EnergyWise monitors power

Building Software

Policy added and distributed

to network

Peak Power Alert

  • Laptop to battery power
  • Eligible phones night sleep mode
  • Building temperature increased

Identify eligible phones, laptops,

building HVAC


+2° C


energywise hotel room power control
EnergyWise: Hotel Room Power Control
  • Hotel guest room control
  • Room settings customized for frequent guest

EnergyWise notified guest arrives




Wireless and Phone Control

Guest Services

Policy added and distributed

to network

Room power up

  • Phones power up
  • Wireless coverage assured
  • Room temperature setting
  • Lights on

Identify Room Phones, AP,

Building HVAC, Lights



70 degreeF

energywise key terms
EnergyWise: Key Terms
  • EnergyWise Entity
  • EnergyWise Domain
  • EnergyWise Levels
  • Importance
  • Priority

EnergyWise Entity

  • An EnergyWise entity is a device that can communicate with an EnergyWise enabled network.
    • Examples: switch , PC, phone, AP, HVAC, lighting controllers…
  • Entities have a parent-child relationship.
    • Examples:
      • IP phone attached to a PoE switch
    • Air handler attached to an HVAC controller

EnergyWise Domain

  • An EnergyWise domain is a logical grouping of EnergyWise enabled entities.
  • Each EnergyWise entity belongs to one domain.
  • DNS-like naming hierarchy to reference entities:
    • Example:
    •, Role=Phone, Name=Lobby
energywise neighbors and children
EnergyWise Neighbors and Children
  • Connected entities in a domain can have a neighbor relationship and/or a parent-child relationship.
  • Parent entities care for their children in multiple ways:
  • Passthrough
    • Child is EnergyWise aware and events are forwarded directly to the child.
  • Proxy
    • The parent will be responsible for events associated with the child entity.
  • Translate
    • The parent will translate the events to a language the child can understand.
    • Example: BACNET





EnergyWise Levels

  • An EnergyWise power level indicates the power state of an entity.
  • The EnergyWise power management application/CLI can tell devices to enter power states using an EnergyWise power level set command.
    • Example: Set level 5
  • The entity can also communicate its power level back to the network.
what you d want to know about usage
What You’d Want to Know About Usage
  • What are the EnergyWise levels for the parent/child?
  • What is the usage?
  • How was the usage measured?
  • What would be the net change if I select to a different level?

EnergyWise Importance

  • EnergyWise importance is a way to differentiate between devices.
    • Example:
      • An office phone has lower importance than a business-critical or emergency phone.
      • The emergency phone never goes into sleep mode.

EnergyWise Query

  • Entity Phone
  • Priority of 50
  • Action: Set level Shut

EnergyWise Priority

  • Priority determines which devices will be affected.
  • If the priority is greater than importance, action is taken.



Shut < 50





EnergyWise Enabled










EnergyWise Query

  • Various types of queries can be performed in a domain.
  • Query actions: set, collect, sum

Set power level

Sum current power usage

Collect power at power levels

Delta or change of power usage at a specific level

Keywords and Tags

energywise summary
EnergyWise Summary

Converged IT and Buildings Centralized Policies

Environmental Benefits

Power Optimization

Lower Operating Costs


Catalyst 6500

Embedded Management and Tools

Switch Management and Operation



Smartport Macros

Configuration Rollback


Smartcall Home





catalyst 6500 management introduction
Catalyst 6500 ManagementIntroduction

Once the Catalyst 6500 is installed - what then makes it much easier to administer and manage than other available switch solutions…


Smartports -- Auto-Secure -- Auto-QoS -- Flash Sizes

Config Rollback -- EEM -- Smart Call Home -- LLDP

TDR -- GOLD -- LLDP -- Netflow Top Talkers -- SNMP

Subsystem ISSU -- PISA -- ERSPAN -- and much more…

Let’s Explore This In More Detail

catalyst 6500 management service deployment cisco supplied smartport macros
Catalyst 6500 ManagementService Deployment - Cisco Supplied Smartport Macros

Also built into the Catalyst 6500 is a set of default Smartport macros that are ready to go…

Router config options for trunking, STP and QoS

Global config options for STP, Err-Disable, VTP and UDLD

Desktop config options for switchport, STP and port security

Switch config options for switchport and STP

Phone config options for switchport, STP, port security and Auto-QoS

catalyst 6500 management configuration management config rollback
Catalyst 6500 ManagementConfiguration Management - Config Rollback

Configuration rollback provides a way to archive and save older configurations so that they may be recovered as and when needed…

Configuration rollback allows the user to specify how many older configuration versions they wish to archive (up to 14 copies)…

catalyst 6500 management configuration management command history log
Catalyst 6500 ManagementConfiguration Management - Command History Log

The Catalyst 6500 IOS maintains a command history log - one log is kept for enable commands and the other log for configuration commands - the number of commands kept in the log is configurable…

6500#show history

del disk0:init.txt

configure replace disk0:oldconfig-1


show ver

show power

show ip int brief

archive config

show history

Enable Mode History

6506(config)#do show history


path disk0:oldconfig

maximum 10



router ospf 1

do show history


Config Mode History

catalyst 6500 management configuration management flash size
Catalyst 6500 ManagementConfiguration Management - Flash Size

Large flash sizes allow for multiple IOS images to be stored locally on the Supervisor - this saves time and effort in copying IOS images from other locations when they are needed…

catalyst 6500 management easy diagnostics gold
Catalyst 6500 ManagementEasy Diagnostics - GOLD

Generic Online Diagnostics can check the health of hardware components and verify proper operation of the system at run time or boot time …

Configure online diagnostics and check diagnostics results

Automated action based on diagnostics results

Verify hardware functionalities

Detect and identify problems before they result in network downtime!

embedded event manager what is it
Embedded Event ManagerWhat is it?

EEM is an IOS technology that runs on the Catalyst 6500’s control plane. It is a combination of processes designed to monitor key system parameters such as CPU utilization, interface errors, counters, SNMP and SYSLOG events, and act on specific events or thresholds/counters that are exceeded…

The first release of the EEM implementation (in Rockies 3.1 with Software Modularity) is based on V2.1.5

embedded event manager how can it be used
Embedded Event ManagerHow can it be used?

These are a few of the many uses that EEM can be applied to…

Send a page message to operations if any unauthorized hardware in installed/removed

Bring a backup link up when a packet drop threshold has been exceeded…

Run specific commands at set time intervals to assist in capacity planning

Send an email alert when a configuration change is made in production hours…

Generate custom SYSLOG on scheduled GOLD diagnostic run highlighting H/W issue..

Generate custom login message based on user-id that logs in

embedded event manager event detectors1
Embedded Event ManagerEvent Detectors

Will allow IOS Applications or EEM Policies to publish application specific events

Parses CLI commands for regular expression matches and published an event on a successful match

Provides persistent EEM counters that can be set by policies - a policy can be triggered when a specific counter crosses a threshold…

Provides a generic HW fault detection framework for customers to define their own fault coverage and corrective action(Catalyst 6500 Only Event Detector available in Whitney IOS release)…

Generates an event when a specific IDB port generic statistics counter crosses a threshold (above or below).

This detector is used to generate an event when IOS memory leaks occur, deadlocks or infinite loops are detected in IOS

embedded event manager event detectors2
Embedded Event ManagerEvent Detectors

Used as a placeholder for policies that are manually triggered via the “event manager run <policy-name>” command

This will publish an event when either a linecard is inserted or removed from the chassis

Generates an event for all Redundancy Framework notifications and state transitions

Generates an event when a specific SNMP counter crosses a threshold - either above or below

Generates an event for IOS modularity process start, normal/abnormal stop and restart events

This detector is used to generate an event when IOS memory leaks occur, deadlocks or infinite loops are detected in IOS tasks (processes)

embedded event manager event detectors3
Embedded Event ManagerEvent Detectors

Generates an event when a specific SYSLOG message is generated - match is determined using a regular expression

Generates an event at a specific time or after a specific period (I.e. countdown).

time based poe using eem
Time based POE using EEM

$ saved by deploying time-based PoE

  • 15.4W * 5,000 off hrs * $.11/kWhr

= Savings of $85,000 per year for 10,000 phones

6500 12.2(18)SXF

4500 Testing in progress


Call Manager

Catalyst 6500 Ethernet Linecard + EEM


Business Challenge

  • To save $ by powering down IP phones when unused
  • Locations include customer offices with operations 9am-5pm



Green Campus

Next Steps

Deployment Overview

  • Usage based IP Phone on/ off for next generation IP phones
  • Integration with Call Manager
  • Monitoring and control with: Centralized Mgr
  • Use modular Catalyst linecards combined with Green EEM script from:

“The power savings from using this EEM script on the Catalyst6500 has saved us enough to cover the price of all our 6,000W power supplies!”

- Customer using the solution


IP SLA – Embedded Performance Tool








Service Level













Measurement Metrics






Dist. of



















New Additions in 12.2(33)SXH

  • DHCP Operation
  • Distribution of Statistics
  • DNS Operation
  • FTP Operation
  • HTTP Operation
  • ICMP Echo Operation
  • ICMP Path Echo Operation
  • LSP Health Monitor
  • MPLS VPN Awareness
  • VoIP Threshold Traps
  • Multi Operation Scheduler
  • One Way Measurement
  • Path Jitter Operation
  • Reaction Threshold
  • Scheduler
  • TCP Connect Operation
  • UDP Based VoIP Operation
  • UDP Echo Operation
  • UDP Jitter Operation



A new solution available now for Catalyst 6500

Proactive, real-time diagnostics and alerts

Automatic generation of Cisco service requests

Personalized web reports

Secure, reliable data transport

Smart Call Home

catalyst 6500 management simplified operation smart call home
Catalyst 6500 ManagementSimplified Operation - Smart Call Home

Cisco TAC investigates problem and suggests remediation including shipping replacement parts if necessary

Customer implements remediation and replaces faulty part (if applicable)

Sends message to Cisco TAC with precise information and diagnostics

Detects GOLD events and sends to Call Home

GOLD runs diags, isolates fault and precise location

netflow introduction what is netflow
NetflowIntroduction - What is Netflow?


1. Inspect packets key fields and identify value

2. If key fields unique, create flow record

3. When flow terminates, export flow record to collector

netflow first the hardware part
NetflowFirst the Hardware Part…

Netflow collection is a hardware enabled feature provided by the Policy Feature Card (PFC)…

Both the Supervisor 720 and Supervisor 32 are primed with the PFC hardware to support Netflow data collection…

netflow netflow capacities across the supervisor family
NetflowNetflow Capacities across the Supervisor family

Each of the Supervisors support for Netflow yields a different number of flows that can be stored in the Netflow tables - the table below provides a summary of the Netflow capacities for each of the Supervisors…

netflow netflow and the dfc
NetflowNetflow and the DFC

The Distributed Forwarding Card also has the ability to collect its own set of Netflow statistics independent of what is collected on the Supervisor - this needs to be factored into the design of a chassis with DFC’s..

netflow netflow and the dfc1
NetflowNetflow and the DFC

6500#show mls netflow ip module 3

Displaying Netflow entries in module 3

DstIP SrcIP Prot:SrcPort:DstPort Src i/f :AdjPtr


Pkts Bytes Age LastSeen Attributes

--------------------------------------------------- tcp :34138 :ftp Gi3/3 :0x0

8114 314332 22 11:22:41 L3 – Dynamic tcp :14102 :telnet Gi3/22 :0x0

612 10134 61 11:23:51 L3 - Dynamic

Flows on each of the DFC modules can be interrogated from the CLI - the following command output gives an example of what can be seen from the CLI output…

netflow flow masks define the flow
NetflowFlow Masks define the Flow

The setup below could contain one, three or four flows depending on the flow mask in use…

Flow mask - Source IP >>> Everything counted under one flow

Flow mask - Dest IP >>> Three flows

Flow mask - Full Flow >>> Four flows

netflow supported flow masks
NetflowSupported Flow Masks

The Catalyst 6500 supports the following flow masks - these are used to identify which pieces of information in the header will be used as input into generating a key for flow lookups…

netflow looking at flows on the switch cli
NetflowLooking at Flows on the Switch CLI
  • 6500#show mls netflow ip
  • Displaying Netflow entries in Supervisor Earl
  • DstIP SrcIP Prot:SrcPort:DstPort Src i/f :AdjPtr
  • -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Pkts Bytes Age LastSeen Attributes
  • ---------------------------------------------------
  • tcp :46528 :www :0x0
  • 7 3766 17 15:47:37 L3 - Dynamic
  • tcp :51813 :45912 :0x0
  • 25 21329 47 15:47:39 L3 - Dynamic
  • tcp :65211 :www :0x0
  • 9 7664 17 15:47:38 L3 - Dynamic
  • tcp :27077 :60425 :0x0
  • 10 5734 17 15:47:38 L3 - Dynamic
  • <…>
netflow looking at flows on the switch cli1
NetflowLooking at Flows on the Switch CLI

If a flow hashes to the same location as an existing flow (and there are no spare Alias CAM entries), then the flow record is not created. Netflow tables are a finite resource, and as such need to be managed to avoid the situation where flow records are not kept…

  • C6500#show mls netflow table-contention detailed
  • Earl in Module 6
  • Detailed Netflow CAM (TCAM and ICAM) Utilization
  • ================================================
  • TCAM Utilization : 100%
  • ICAM Utilization : 0%
  • Netflow TCAM count : 130944
  • Netflow ICAM count : 0
  • Netflow Creation Failures : 270274
  • Netflow CAM aliases : 0
netflow now the software part netflow data export nde
NetflowNow the Software Part - Netflow Data Export (NDE)

Netflow Data Export is a software process that retrieves the data from the Catalyst 6500 hardware and exports it in a pre defined record format to a configured Netflow collector.

The Netflow collector can represent the data in a variety of graphical and tabular forms…

catalyst 6500 management monitoring netflow top talkers
Catalyst 6500 ManagementMonitoring - Netflow Top Talkers

Netflow Top Talkers is a new feature that presents information about the traffic flows that have consumed the most bandwidth - these flows are displayed with the top talkers show command...…

catalyst 6500 management switch management show platform hardware capacity
Catalyst 6500 ManagementSwitch Management - Show Platform Hardware Capacity

The show platform hardware capacity command provides an at-a-glance view of system wide resource consumption…

catalyst 6500 management switch management show sanity
Catalyst 6500 ManagementSwitch Management - Show Sanity

The “show diagnostic sanity” command can be used to review the configuration for inconsistencies…

6506#show diagnostic sanity

Pinging default gateway

Type escape sequence to abort.

Sending 5, 100-byte ICMP Echos to, timeout is 2 seconds:


Success rate is 100 percent (5/5), round-trip min/avg/max = 1/1/4 ms

Could not verify boot image "disk0:s72033-advipservicesk9_wan-mz.122-33.SXH.bin" specified in the boot string.

The following ports have UDLD disabled. Please enable UDLD for optimum config:


The following ports have an unknown UDLD link state. Please enable udld on both

sides of the link:


The following ports with mode set to desirable are not trunking:

Gi1/48, Gi4/12, Gi4/16

The following ports have portfast enabled:


catalyst 6500 management easy diagnostics tdr
Catalyst 6500 ManagementEasy Diagnostics - TDR

Time Domain Reflectometry is a hardware feature built into selected Cisco linecards that runs cable tests over copper cables to facilitate the troubleshooting and diagnosis of cable faults...…

TDR facilitates troubleshooting of Cable Faults REDUCING time to fix and resolve…

catalyst 6500 management monitoring lldp and lldp med
Catalyst 6500 ManagementMonitoring - LLDP and LLDP-MED

Link Layer Discovery Protocol - Media Endpoint Discovery is a means to allow the switch to discover the attached inline powered device and negotiate the power requirements to optimize power consumption in the switch...…

catalyst 6500 management monitoring pisa nbar
Catalyst 6500 ManagementMonitoring - PISA NBAR

Two new Supervisor 32 options with built in PISA provides for hardware based NBAR that serves to classify application traffic - traffic can be blocked, redirected or logged - traffic can also be classified providing higher priority for applications deemed business critical...…

Application, Hosts, Conversations, TopN, MPLS, DiffServ, URLs …

Cisco NAM

Function Overview

Traffic Analysis

Cisco Collaborations

E2E App Experience

App, Server, Network response times

Insight into app behavior

Visibility into: Router, Switch, NetFlow, WAAS, NBAR, Unified Communications

Open Instrumentation

Intelligent Capture

Voice & Video

Interfaces for key functions

Collaboration with best-of-breed reporting vendors


Packet decode

Internal & remote storage

Quality Metrics for Voice and Video

Call attributes

feature summary
Feature Summary
  • Port monitoring
  • Flow monitoring




Top N


  • Application Performance Analytics
  • Voice quality analytics
  • Video quality monitoring
  • QoS (DiffServ) monitoring
  • MPLS monitoring
  • Packet capture and decode
switchport monitoring
View traffic statistics on all ports

Traffic statistics include utilization, bytes, packets, broadcasts, multicasts, and errors

Drill-down on a particular port to obtain more granular details

Switchport Monitoring

Flow Monitoring: Real-Time & Historical

  • Learn what applications are running on the network, who’s using them, and how much bandwidth they’re consuming
  • Proactively spot bottlenecks before your network suffers blows to performance
  • Define and improve the consistency and quality of both individual and overall network services
  • Understand network behavior before and after a business change

Detailed Host Statistics

Conversation Pair Statistics

Application Distribution

application performance analysis
Application Performance Analysis





Client Delay

Server Network

Server Delay

Application Delay

Client Network

Network Delay

Total Delay

  • Measure network round trip time, client response time, server response time, transaction times
  • Troubleshoot application performance problems
  • Perform pre- and post-deployment monitoring of app optimization & acceleration services
  • Analyze application behavior and trends for capacity planning
  • Define and assure application services levels
packet capture and decode
Perform multiple captures simultaneously

View decodes while the data is still being captured

Use triggers, filters, and a capture analysis toolkit to simplify problem identification and resolution

Save captures onboard or remotely

Packet Capture and Decode
voice monitoring
IP telephony monitoring

Track active call attributes

Identify call quality degradation using packet loss and jitter statistics

View call details for individual phones

Real-time & historical flow monitoring

View distribution of VoIP protocols

Application Performance Analytics

Measure Cisco Unified Communications Manager response times

QoS monitoring (DSMON)

View VoIP traffic by DSCP values

Voice Monitoring
voice quality monitoring
Voice Quality Monitoring

Troubleshoot Video Delivery Problems

  • Provides real-time video packet loss statistics
  • Includes src/dest address filter to monitor key RTP streams of interest
  • Key data includes RTP packet count, packet loss, and packet loss rate
  • Enables alarm thresholds to be set on packet loss variables
  • Logs RTP packet loss events as syslogs
qos monitoring
QoS Monitoring



  • Validate planning assumptions and QoS allocations
  • Detect incorrectly marked
  • or unauthorized traffic

NAM-Embedded Traffic Analyzer

Ethernet Header

FTP Data

IP Header


TCP Header















switch router health monitoring
Monitor vital switch/router resources such as CPU usage, backplane bandwidth, memory usage, temperature and fan status, sysUpTime, and power supply status

Provides immediate information on the health of critical network devices

Switch/Router Health Monitoring

Tight integration with the switch/router permits the NAM to monitor and track important infrastructure health diagnostics


Virtual Switching System

Virtual Switching System System is a new technology break through for the Catalyst 6500 family…

catalyst 6500 management monitoring span erspan
Catalyst 6500 ManagementMonitoring - SPAN/ERSPAN

SPAN and ERSPAN are replication techniques that can send a copy of data from a port/VLAN to a local switchport or switch at a remote location (over an IP cloud)...…

span and vss

In a Virtual Switching System, the number of SPAN sessions is limited to what the VSS Active Supervisor can provide. SPAN capacity on the VSS Hot Standby is not factored into available SPAN sessions…

Virtual Switch Domain

Switch 1 Supervisor

Switch 2 Supervisor


VSS State : Active

SPAN Management: Active

Replication: Active

VSS State : Hot Standby

SPAN Management: In-Active

Replication: Active

Virtual Switching System is supported in 12(33)SXH1 which introduces the following SPAN capabilities per Virtual Switching System Domain…

critical 6500 mibs
Critical 6500 MIBS

Critical MIBs for monitoring

New MIBs in 12.2(33)SXH

Catalyst6500 MIBs -



CISCO-VIRTUAL-SWITCH-MIB has been defined to support SNMP access to the Virtual Switching System Configuration - the following MIB variables are accessible to an SNMP manager…

cvsGlobalObjects - Domain #, Switch #, Switch Mode

cvsCoreSwitchConfig - Switch Priority and Preempt

cvsChassisTable - Chassis Role and Uptime

cvsVSLConnectionTable - VSL Port Count, Operational State

cvsVSLStatsTable - Total Packets, Total Error Packets

cvsVSLPortStatsTable - TX/RX Good, Bad, Bi-dir and Uni-dir Packets


This MIB will be the main vehicle though which Network Management stations access information relevant to the operation of the Virtual Switching System…

what s new for lms 3 1
What’s new for LMS 3.1

VSS support

Support for device Diagnostics



Smart Call Home

PoE Management

Best Practices and Discrepancy Reporting


Metro-E 802.1ag Ethernet Ping and Jitter Operation and auto IP SLA


resource manager essentials
Resource Manager Essentials

Inventory Manager

Detailed inventory collection and reporting

Software Image Manager

Complete software image mgmt, download and tracking

Modular IOS support

Configuration Manager

Version control, archival, editing and reporting

Network-wide config changes

Change Audit Services

Single interface to view all hardware, software, and configuration changes


resource manager essentials1
Resource Manager Essentials

Syslog Analyzer

Distributed collection, flexible reporting, and action scripts to pinpoint network incidents

PSIRT Report

PSIRT details, Announced date, Description , Severity, IOS Version (s) impacted, Image File Name (s), Fixed in IOS Version, Number of Devices Impacted, Devices affected due to PSIRT

EoSale/EoLife Report

Hardware Platforms with published EoX bulletin, Cards/Modules with published EoX bulletin.

Diagnostics & Tools

Troubleshoot device connectivity

Desktop integration of partner and customer applications

User customizable Network-wide show command tool




QPM 4.1 Enhancements

  • Support NBAR protocol discovery
  • Enhanced PDLM support
  • Improved UI experience

NetQoS NetVoyant 5.1

  • Group PISA to provide an aggregated view of the application usage
  • Event drill down capability for granular view
  • Capacity planning

PISA Campus Application Visibility Localized View and Aggregated Campus View

Aggregated View

catalyst 6500 management summary
Catalyst 6500 ManagementSummary

The Catalyst 6500 provides a range of features that simplify both the management and ongoing administration of the switch…


Catalyst 6500 Feature Roadmap (Operation & Manageability)


FCS – CQ4 2008

Half Dome

FCS – 1st Half 2010



  • System health check
  • Config change tracking
  • Config change checksum
  • Flash MIB file type option
  • CatOS MIB parity
  • Show hardware capacity MIB
  • Test TRAP
  • IPSLA Enhancements
  • SNMP, SYSLOG, HTTP IPv6 support
  • Ethernet OAM IPSLA
  • Config Diff utility
  • Mini protocol analyzer
  • Duplicate MAC indicator
  • Traffic monit. Syslog (back plane and fabric)
  • Rollback confirmed change
  • MIB enhancements
  • Syslog level granularity
  • Flexible Netflow
  • XML Programmatic Interface
  • Web Services
  • New line card support with out software upgrade
  • Connectivity Management Processor
  • Increased no. of Tx/Rx SPAN sessions
  • GOLD Enhancements
  • IPSLA Enhancements
  • Configuration Rollback
  • Customizable Smart Ports
  • Power Limiting
  • Netflow Top Talkers
  • Per Interf. Netflow Data Export
  • AutoQoS
  • CallHome with EEM and GOLD
  • MAC address notification
  • Link error monitoring
  • Port disable on errors
  • Command history log
  • VLAN Locking
  • Incr. No. of ERSPAN sessions
  • Distributed ERSPAN
  • 50+ MIB objects