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Master of Science in Pharmacy Program in Pharmaceutics (M.Sc. in Pharm.) by Department of Pharmacy Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Graduate School Chulalongkorn University. Objectives.

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Master of Science in PharmacyProgram in Pharmaceutics (M.Sc. in Pharm.)byDepartment of PharmacyFaculty of Pharmaceutical Sciencesand Graduate School ChulalongkornUniversity


The fast-pacing pharmaceutical technology nowadays focuses on the development of novel delivery systems to optimize drug absorption or site-specific delivery of bioactive compounds unable to be effectively delivered by conventional dosage forms. Such novel systems include micro-/nano-particulate carriers, liposomes, drug-polymer conjugates, as well as various viral and non-viral vectors. These systems are utilized to facilitate membrane uptake of drugs, macromolecules, and genetic materials.

The M.S. program in Pharmacy offered by the Department thus aims to orientate the students with the above trends by offering courses and training experiences in formulation development, stability evaluation, advanced drug delivery technology, biopharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics. The prospective students also have a choice to conduct research in their particular area of interest such as drug delivery systems development, bioavailability and bioequivalence studies, pharmacokinetic research, as well as development of products based on natural resources for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmeceutical uses. The specific purposes of the program are:

1. To produce qualified graduates with research experiences in the development of effective delivery systems for therapeutic (and cosmetic) purposes.

2. To create innovative knowledge in the field of pharmaceutical sciences to serve the scientific community through publication

program of study
A total of 36 credit hours are required for Master of Science in Pharmacy.

1. Course work 18 credits

Required core courses 12 credits

Elective courses 6 credits

2. Thesis 18 credits

1. Course work

1.1 Required core courses (12 credits)

3301630 Seminar in Pharmaceutics 1(1-0-3)

3301631 Special Problems in Pharmaceutics 1(0-3-1)

3301632 Stability of Pharmaceutical Products 2(2-0-6)

3301633 Experimental Methodology in Pharmaceutics2 (2-0-6)

3301634 Advanced Biopharmaceutics 2(2-0-6)

3301736 Statistics in Pharmaceutics I 2(2-0-6)

3301637 Applied Physical Pharmacy 2(1-3-4)

1.2 Elective courses (6 credits)

3301730 Microencapsulation Techniques 2(1-3-4)

3301731 Drug Delivery Systems 2(2-0-6)

3301732 Applied Pharmacokinetics 2(2-0-6)

3301733 Liposome Technology 2(1-3-4)

3301734 Statistics in Pharmaceutics II 2(2-0-6)

3301735 Bioavailability and Bioequivalence Assessment 2(2-0-6)

2. Thesis (18 credits)

3301813 Thesis

Program of study
Admission requirements

1. Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy from accredited universities or 5th year pharmacy students currently enrolled in the last semester with good academic standing.

2. Other requirements as announced annually or as considered by the administrative committee.

For more information please contact :

Department of Pharmacy

Chulalongkorn University

TEL: 662-218-8400-1

Fax: 662-218-8401