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CARGO DOOR’S Depressor Seal. Depressor Seal. Damaged Depressor Seal. Damaged Depressor Seal. DAMAGED Depressor Seal. Background.

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Cargo door s depressor seal

CARGO DOOR’S Depressor Seal

Depressor Seal

Damaged depressor seal

Damaged Depressor Seal

Damaged Depressor Seal

DAMAGED Depressor Seal


  • Six Sigmais data – driven business process optimization methodology which aims to reduce variation, elimination non-value added activities and significantly improve process quality.

Cargo door s depressor seal


How does it work ?

Y = f(X)


What is important to the organization ?

8-Blocker, Fishbone, CTQ, Process Flow



How much can the existing process improve ?

Capability analysis



What are the critical factors ?

Hypothesis testing, Regression



How to reduce variation, time, cost, defects ?

DOE, Simulation




How to maintain improvement ?


Cargo door s depressor seal

Project Definition

  • Objective

  • Reduce depressor seal damage (DSD) by more than 50%

  • Defect Definition

  • FWD & AFT Cargo Doors Depressor seal damage (DSD)

  • Benefits

  • Reduce maintenance repair cost

  • Reduce flight delays

  • Minimize operation interruptions

  • Constraints

  • Non-availability of detail data regarding the damage

  • Non-availability of maintenance repair cost

Cargo door s depressor seal

Team Members

Team Members

  • Saad Nujaim

  • Adel Sait

  • Mohammad Fayoumi

  • Khaild al ghomari

    Master Black Belt

  • Saad Nujaim

    Process Sponsor

  • GS, MD- GS Strategic Unit

Cargo door s depressor seal

Cause and Effect





Guiders set up of Hi-Loader

Hardness of depressor seal


Position Hi-Loaders

Condition of container

Rush Operation



Using of stoppers in

Cargo compartment









A/F Protection Guiders

Shipment Size

Different natis


Condition of stoppers in a/c

Cargo comprtment


A/C Door size




Cargo door s depressor seal

Descriptive Statistics for all DSD (2001 – 1st Qtr of 2008)

Run chart 2001 1 st qtr of 2008
Run Chart (2001 – 1st Qtr of 2008)

Cargo door s depressor seal

Control Vs Technology




Zst =0.85

Zlt =- 0.66

Zshift = Zst - Zlt

= 0.85+0.66


Poor control

Poor technology

Need better control

Technology is fine



Where we are now

Control is fine

Impove factory

or technology

World class


0.0 3.0 6.0



Depressor seal damage based on a c type
Depressor Seal Damage Based on A/C Type

86 % of DSD is related to B-747 ,while 14 % is related to other fleet type.

Depressor seal damage by station
Depressor Seal Damage by Station

53% OF DSD took place in Jeddah and Riyadh stations

Relationship between dsd and other variables
Relationship Between DSD And Other Variables

Determination of the existence relationship between the number of DSD and some other variables is measured by the value of the correlation coefficient “R”. The Correlation Analysis and its “R” value is shown in the table below:

Based on the above table , it is clear that the total number of DSD is linearly correlated to JED & RUH operation and B-747 fleet.

Note: Data Source :ARP-TSV

Analysis of dsd causes
Analysis of DSD Causes

One of the major causes of DSD incident is loading and off loading operation

on the A/C. B-747 A/C and B-777 A/C are very identical in terms of :

1- Loading / off-loading operation

2- Shipment types and size (ULD’S & Pallets)

3- Equipment used for loading/off-loading operation.

* Components Removals for years 2003,2004,2005,2006,2007 data Source :ARP-TSV

Operation volume analysis
Operation Volume Analysis

Question :- Does the operation volume of A/C B-747 and A/C B777 is significantly Different ?

Test of Hypothesis is used to compare the mean of B-747 NO. revenue dept and the mean of B-777 NO. revenue dept.

Analysis of Variance

Source DF SS MS F P

Factor 1 47383681 47383681 60.17 0.000

Error 54 42525739 787514

Total 55 89909420

Individual 95% CIs For Mean

Based on Pooled StDev

Level N Mean StDev -------+---------+---------+---------

B-747ALL 28 4086.8 851.0 (---*----)

B-777 28 5926.5 922.4 (----*---)


Pooled St Dev = 887.4 4200 4900 5600

Answer : Yes

Because the P-value = 0.000 , < 0.05 , we conclude that there is a statistical

difference between the two means and the mean of B-777 NO. revenue dep.

is higher.

Analysis of loading offloading and hi loader operation
Analysis of Loading/offloading and Hi-loader Operation

  • Following observations were made during the inspections performed in Jeddah and Dhaka (may2008) stations:

  • No adjustment for Hi-loader’s protection guiders was made

  • during loading and

  • off-loading operation.

Analysis of loading offloading and hi loader operation1
Analysis of Loading/offloading and Hi-loader Operation

  • The operator stands

  • on the right side

  • of A/C door.

  • A lot of damaged

  • ULDs were used.

Analysis of loading offloading and hi loader operation2
Analysis of Loading/offloading and Hi-loader Operation

  • Some of heavy ULDs were handled by the operator alone.

  • Inadequate supervision

Depressor seal damage by door location
Depressor Seal Damage By Operation Door Location

33 % OF DSD was located on the left side of A/C CGO doors, while 14 % of DSD was

On right side of A/C CGO doors.

Conclusion Operation

The analysis revealed that:

1- Hi-loader’s protection guiders

setting is considered as

the major cause of DSD.

2- Damaged and heavy ULDs

are another cause of DSD in

the absence of proper setting

of Hi-loader’s protection guiders and the operator stand alone on the right side of A/C cargo door.

Conclusion Operation



3- Cargo door of B-777 has less DSD due to :

A- Bigger door size in width.

B- It has protection guide fitted in A/C’s cargo door (help in offloading).


1. Hi-loader protection guiders

must be adjusted within A/C

Cargo door width.

2. Damaged ULD’S should not to be used.

3. ULD’S weight must be controlled to avoid loading of heavy ULD’S.


4. Assistance must be requested

by the operator in case of facing

stuck/heavy ULD’s.

5. Damaged ULD’s should

not be loaded side door.

6. Any failure of PDU should

be reported by the operator.

Improved loading offloading process
IMPROVED Operation Loading/ Offloading Process

Cargo door s depressor seal

Process Fixes & Control Operation

Causes of Variation

Control System

Process Fix

  • - The Adjustment of Hi-loader’s protection guiders was not performed

  • A lot of ULD’S were damaged.

  • Inadequate Supervision.

  • Review & study the processes of loading and offloading.

  • Update GSPM to include the recommendations.

  • To enhance safety awareness by explaining correct practices to the concerned staff.

  • GS established licensing & training programs.

-Monitor the processes of loading and offloading.

- Perform the random inspection.

- Monitor DSD trend.

Cargo door s depressor seal

Project Closure Operation

Implementation of project recommendations will yield the following :-

  • Eliminate the maintenance repair cost

  • Eliminate any related cost to operation interruption and flight delays


  • Minimize operation interruption

  • Minimize unexpected flight delays

  • Improve A/C safety.


Cargo door s depressor seal

Thank You Operation