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2011/2012 Budget Presentation. What does this budget crisis mean to Happy Valley?. Happy Valley Mission Statement.

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2011 2012 budget presentation

2011/2012 Budget Presentation

What does this budget crisis mean to Happy Valley?

happy valley mission statement
Happy Valley Mission Statement

Happy Valley School’s mission is to educate the whole child in a small, safe, community supported school that provides a solid foundation to achieve academic, social and emotional success.

happy valley highlights
Happy Valley Highlights

Highest elementary API score in county-925

3.75 hour/day instructional aides in classes

Art and Music teacher twice weekly

Computer lab—students participate each day

Smart boards and laptops in classes

i-pads in Kindergarten, Kindles in upper grades

Arts Alive and Mini Courses

County Facility Grant

hvs highlights continued
HVS Highlights continued

Spectra dance and movement

Life lab and Zone Zero partnership

Cooperation Assemblies

Annual BBQ

Redwoods Dinner

Endowment Fund

Creativity Grant and Writing Center

Big Buddy program

Incredible parent involvement and dedication

providing context for the budget crisis
Providing Context for the budget crisis


2002- 1st cash deferrals. Now = $10 Billion

2007-08 CA economy slides into recession

2008-09 Schools take 1st major hit. 20%

2009- Basic aid districts hit with “fair share”

2010-11 Revenue limit deficit grows to over 19%.

2011-12 Revenues do not keep pace with projections and grows to -$1.275 billion

providing context
Providing Context

Proposition 98 “loans” the state $4 billion

The new state deficit is projected at $13 billion to June 30, 2013.

What is possibly on table for 2012-2013?

governor brown s proposed 2012 2013 state budget
Governor Brown’s Proposed 2012-2013 State Budget

Cornerstone of budget assumes passage of tax initiative named “Temporary Taxes to Fund Education”

Initiative will generate an additional $6.9 billion annually from 2013-16 by increasing state sales tax by ½ cent and increase income tax by up to 2% on the state’s wealthiest taxpayers.

2011 2012 trigger cuts
2011/2012 “Trigger Cuts”

Schools were prepared to lose $250 per ADA ($32,213) and with the trigger language, lost $13 per ADA ($1677).

$42 per ADA was assessed for transportation ($5418)

8.92% Share the Pain cost $72,303.

Total trigger cut loss to HVS in 11/12 =$79,398.

2012 2013 trigger cuts
2012/2013 “Trigger Cuts”

If the initiative does not pass in November, a $370/ ADA will be assessed to schools mid year. ($47,730)

Home to School transportation will be cut. At this time, it is $85/ADA. ($10,965).

Share the Pain would continue. ($77,000) and ($78,000 in 13/14)

Senate Bill 81, will increase the Share the Pain from 8.92% to 9.57% in 12/13-14/15.

Possible trigger cut loss to HVS in 12/13=$135,695.

funding loss over time at hvs
Funding loss over time at HVS

Federal Revenue—02/03=$505,850 to $72,280 in 11/12 and $47,139 in 12/13. This means a loss of $433,570 in 11/12 and $458,711 in 12/13.

State Revenue—06/07=$209,894 to $89,368 in 11/12 and $82,677 in 12/13. This means a loss of $120,526 in 11/12 and $127,217 in 12/13.

how to deal with the budget crisis at hvs
How to deal with the budget crisis at HVS

Clarify our strategy---”If you don’t know where you are going, any path will take you there” Old Russian Proverb

Stakeholder surveys to be completed in April.

Surveys will include pertinent information regarding programs and priorities.

Recognize that we don’t need to do what other districts are doing. Just what is best for Happy Valley and our students.

budget crisis con t
Budget Crisis con’t

Identify priorities and possible cuts through surveys and meetings. The parent survey will be available in April.

Put plan Aand B in place for next year.

Based on advice from COE, plan for the worst, but only have minimal cuts in place at this time. IF taxes are not extended in November, begin the process of deep cuts in 13/14.

Communicate, communicate, communicate.

cost to maintain programs
Cost to maintain programs

Instructional aides, Arts and Music teacher and Computer Technician=$124,834.16

11/12 Parent contribution for programs is for 3 aides, 2 noon duties, and 20% Art and Music.

12/13 Parent contribution will be 3 aides, 30% Art and Music, and Computer Technician. General fund will fund 3 instructional aides and 10% Art and Music.

12/13 contribution from parent club needed to maintain programs is approximately $82,000.

a few last beliefs
A few last beliefs…

Happy Valley is dedicated to have a home and school partnership with parents.

We are dedicated to continuous improvement.

We believe in developing the whole child through academics, character building, art, music and movement.

And lastly, we believe that no person stands so straight as when they reach to help a child.

it takes a village

Thank you for your continued support of Happy Valley Elementary and your beloved children.

Please remember that I have an open door policy if anyone would like to talk with me personally.

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