mrs roby s third grade
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Mrs. Roby’s Third Grade

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Mrs. Roby’s Third Grade - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mrs. Roby’s Third Grade. Classroom Procedures. Mrs. Roby’s Class Rules. 1 . Follow directions. 2. Stay in your place. 3. Be kind to others. 4. Raise your hand to speak. Consequences For Not Following Rules. Cow moved to YELLOW barn =loss of point for citizenship.

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mrs roby s third grade

Mrs. Roby’sThird Grade

Classroom Procedures

mrs roby s class rules
Mrs. Roby’s Class Rules
  • 1. Follow directions.
  • 2. Stay in your place.
  • 3. Be kind to others.
  • 4. Raise your hand to speak.
consequences for not following rules
Consequences For Not Following Rules
  • Cow moved to YELLOW barn =loss of point for citizenship.
  • Cow moved to BLUE barn = loss of 2 points
  • Cow moved to RED barn =loss of 3 points and isolation from group.
  • Behavior marked and sent home daily and must be signed by parent.
rewards for good behavior
Rewards for Good Behavior
  • Fun Friday…for students with no more than 3 marks.
  • Trip to the Treasure Box for 10 “Green Grass” days.
  • Other special treats and rewards possible.
  • Special class treat for Compliment Chain reaching floor.
morning jobs
Morning Jobs
  • Come in quietly.
  • Take folders, planner, and homework out of backpack and put on the table.
  • Hang up backpack and jackets.
  • Trade 2 pencils.
  • Make lunch choice.
  • Sit down and quietly begin working.
line up procedures
Line Up Procedures
  • Stand up quietly when called.
  • Push in chair.
  • Walk quietly to the door.
  • Stand in transition position.
  • Walk in transition position.
transition position
Transition Position

When moving from one place to another throughout the school…

Walk in a straight line.

Put hands behind your back.


(quiet lips)

to get your attention
To Get Your Attention...

*When you hear the cow moo...FREEZE!

*Turn and face your teacher.

*Get ready to listen!

listening position
Listening Position
  • Eyes on speaker
  • Mouth closed
  • Hand still and quiet
work time procedure
Work Time Procedure
  • Follow directions.
  • Sit up straight with feet on floor.
  • If you need a new pencil, raise your hand.
  • Always put your name and number your paper!
  • Keep writing tools in your school box in your desk.
bathroom procedures
Bathroom Procedures
  • Raise your hand to ask for permission.
  • Knock quietly on the door before entering.
  • Quietly use the restroom.
  • Flush the toliet and turn off light.
  • Wash hands with soap.
  • Throw paper towel in trash can.
  • Return to your seat quietly.
homework procedures
Homework Procedures
  • Write down homework in planner daily.
  • Take home necessary books and supplies.
  • Complete homework each night.
  • Show homework to a parent and have them sign your planner.
  • Return planner and work to school.
  • Not completing homework = loss of citizenship point.
take home folders
Take Home Folders
  • Folders will be taken home daily and returned each day.
  • Each day student behavior will be marked on the behavior chart that is kept in the folder.
  • Have your parent sign behavior calendar each night.
  • Work and notes on the “Keep at Home” side should be taken out of the folder and kept at home each night.
  • Items on the “Return to School” side should be signed and returned the next day.