atmel flash based 32 bit microcontrollers n.
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ATMEL Flash based 32-bit Microcontrollers PowerPoint Presentation
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ATMEL Flash based 32-bit Microcontrollers

ATMEL Flash based 32-bit Microcontrollers

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ATMEL Flash based 32-bit Microcontrollers

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  1. ATMEL Flash based 32-bit Microcontrollers ARM & AVR32 products overview

  2. AT91SAM7 ARM7TDMI based 32-bit Flash Microcontrollers

  3. ARM - Product Strategy • High performance architectures increasing available processor performance • Peripheral DMA, multi-layer bus, distributed memory, Dual EBI • Leading the innovation in product integration • First single supply ARM Flash MCU (SAM7S) • First ARM7 Flash MCU with Ethernet and hardware encryption (SAM7XC) • First ARM7 MCU with external Nand Flash interface (SAM7SE) • 41.6Gbps bandwidth ARM9 MCU (SAM9263) • First monolithic ARM9 Flash MCU (SAM9XE) • To come ?? (under NDA, our competitors our copying us) • Power switching on a product level (SAM7L) • Smooth migration path from ARM7 to ARM9 to ARM11 controllers • Instruction set upwards compatible • Peripheral upwards compatible • Identical development tools ATMEL Confidential

  4. Only available performance counts • We systematically beat our competition on available performance in embedded systems. • But, customers focus on maximum operating frequency as an indicator for performance. • In embedded systems a large number of peripherals are transferring data (eg UART, SPI, I2S, …) affecting the available performance to the application. • Competition is able to run at higher max clock frequencies, but the lack of peripheral DMA (PDC) and efficient bus structures put them behind us in terms of available performance. ATMEL Confidential

  5. SAM7S Block Diagram AT91SAM7S JTAG ICE MainOSC PLL PMC WDT ARM7TDMI AIC PIT RC OSC RTT SRAM 8K-64KB Flash 32K-512KB ROM 8KB FFPI SAM-BA 1.8V LDO BOD POR Memory Controller AMBA Bridge Peripheral DMA controller APB ADC x8 PWM x4 PIO x32 Timer x3 USART UART SPI TWI USB* Device SSC USART* ATMEL Confidential *Not on S32 & S16

  6. PDC increases available performance ! SAM7 Not Feasible 55MHz Thumb mode from FLASH ATMEL Confidential

  7. SAM7 – Extensive Connectivity! X Available NOW! “It’s a SAM7S with Ethernet, CAN and optional Crypto in one package” SAM7X SAM7XC QPF100 60 I/O pins ATMEL Confidential 7

  8. SAM7SE – Extends SAM7S’s capabilities Available NOW! “It’s a SAM7S with an external memory bus” • External Bus Interface (SDRAM, Flash, CF, NAND, ECC) • Memory Protection Unit (MPU) SAM7SE QFP128 88 I/O pins SAM7S QFP48/QPF64 21/32 I/O pins • Same peripheral set • Direct software compatibility • More I/O pins ATMEL Confidential

  9. SAM7L Low Power mode transitions Available SOON! 1uA max OFF Mode 3uA max Switch Off Supply Switch Off the VR Active Mode VR ON, out = 1.8V PMC out = 2MHz SRAM ON Backup Mode VReg OFF 2KB SRAM OFF or ON (2µA) RTC OFF or ON (.5µA) LCD OFF or ON (300µA w/ pump) LCD OFF or ON (50µA w/o pump) Async Wake-up Typ: 100us 12uA max 20uA max Wake up on Interrupt > 100us Wait Mode VR ON, out = 1.3V PMC out = RC Osc. 2MHz RC Osc. OFF Idle Mode VR ON, out = 1.3V PMC out = 32kHz 2MHz RC Osc. OFF Wake-up on Async event 2us ATMEL Confidential

  10. In Spec In Development In Fab Available SAM7S161 SAM7L128 SAM7S16 SAM7L64 SAM7SE256 SAM7SE32 SAM7XC512 SAM7S512 SAM7X512 SAM7XC128 SAM7XC256 SAM7SE512 SAM7S256 SAM7S321 SAM7S128 SAM7X256 SAM7X128 SAM7S32 SAM7S64 SAM7A3 SAM7L256 ARM - SAM7 Roadmap Flash QFP/BGA QFP/BGA QFP/QFN 512kB 256kB SAM7S64 128KB 64KB 32KB No QFN on SAM7S161 16KB External Bus Interface USB Ultra Low Power CAN, MCI, USB Ethernet, CAN, USB Ethernet, CAN AES/3DES, USB Low Pin Count USB ATMEL Confidential

  11. Recognition form the user community • AT91SAM7S : • EEProductCenter Ultimate Product- Q4 2004 Processors and Memory • AT91SAM7X : • Embedded Control Europe Gold Award - H2 2005Micros & DSPs • EEProductCenter Ultimate Product - Q4 2005Processors & Memory • EE Times ACE Awards Ultimate Products of 2006 Processor & Memory • AT91SAM9261 : • Electron d’Or Award - 2006Best Product in Processors & Memory • Gold Reader Award - H1 2006Windows CE BSP • Innovation Award 2006Processor & Memory ATMEL Confidential

  12. Introducing AVR32 UC3AVR32 Flash Microcontrollers

  13. 2007, the year of the AVR32 UC3 • AVR32-UC3 integrates all the best and more to make the difference • Harvard architecture, 3-stage pipeline, 1.3 DMIPS/MHz • Tightly coupled SRAM minimizes context switching • Single variable length instruction set maximizes code density and performance • Native bit set and reset instructions • DSP and Divide instructions • Single clock cycle Multiply Accumulate • Non-maskable interrupt for maximum safety • On-chip debug interface • Memory Protection Unit, illegal instruction detection and privilege violation ATMEL Confidential

  14. AVR32 UC3 Microcontroller Up to 1.3 MIPS / MHz 80 MIPS at 66MHz FIR filter: 4.5 cycles / tap • High performance • Innovative RISC instructions • Multiply accumulate, Fractional multiply • DSP Instructions • Division Instruction • Multi-layered bus • DMA controllers • High code-density • C/C++ optimized architecture • Partnership with compiler vendor IAR • Low power consumption • State of the art low power engineering • Architecture tuned for low power 30 to 50% better than ARM mode 600µA / MHz 40mA at 66MHz(below 2mW / MHz) ATMEL Confidential

  15. AVR32 UC3 Benchmark Figures • Code Density • AVR32 outperforms ARM industry standard by 30% to 50% • 50% higher density ► 128KB = 200KB! • MIPS Performance (*) • 40MHz: 0 wait-state ► 1.3 Dhrystone MIPS/MHz • 66MHz: 1 wait-state ► 1.2 Dhrystone MIPS/MHz Keep the same device within the 80 MIPS range! (*) Dhrystone 2.1, measured using gcc 4.0.2 ATMEL Confidential

  16. AVR32 UC3 versus NEC / Freescale Cores ATMEL Confidential

  17. In Spec In Development In Fab Available UC3C064 UC3C0256 UC3C0512 UC3C0128 UC3B064 UC3A0128 UC3A1256 UC3B0256 UC3A1128 UC3A0256 UC3B0128 UC3A1512 UC3A0512 UC3A1064 UC3D064 UC3D0128 UC3C01024 UC3E01024 UC3D0256 UC3E0256 UC3E0512 AVR32 - UC3 Product Roadmap Flash 144QFP 100 QFP 64 QFP 48 QFN 64QFP 100 BGA 64 QFP 48 QFN 100 / 144QFP 144 / 208 BGA 1MB 512kB 256kB 128KB 64KB 66MHz 4x USART 3 TIMERS 8 10-bit ADC USB FS + OTG MACB EBI 60MHz 2x USART 3 TIMERS 8 12-bit ADC 1 DAC 1 COMP USB FS 1 CAN VBATT 66MHz 4x USART 3 TIMERS 8 10-bit ADC USB FS + OTG MACB 60MHz 3x USART 3 TIMERS 8 10-bit ADC USB FS + OTG 60MHz 4x USART 3 TIMERS 8 12-bit ADC 2 DAC 2 COMP USB FS 2 CAN VBATT 80MHz 6x USART 6 TIMERS 8 12-bit ADC 2 DAC 2 COMP USB HS + OTG 2 CAN, MACB Enh. EBI, VBATT ATMEL Confidential

  18. ATMEL Confidential

  19. AT32UC3A – Key Features • High Communication Capabilities • External communication: MACB, USB OTG, 4x RS-232, IRDA, 7816 • On-Board communication: 2x SPI, SSC, TWI • External Bus Interface (SRAM / SDRAM) • 15 Peripheral DMA Channels (one for each communication interface) • 6-layer high speed system bus matrix • High Integration Level to Reduce System Cost • Large Flash & SRAM Flash memories for RTOS & TCP/IP • Rich on-chip peripheral set with flexible pin-out assignment • Large number of GPIOs for on-board device control • Power Consumption • 40mA @ 66MHz (3.3V) (25°C, preliminary) • 40µA deep-stop single power supply ATMEL Confidential

  20. AT32UC3 – Applications • Markets • Industrial control, Building automation, Security & POS • Networked home appliances, consumer devices • Typical Applications • Control units: control panels, automation, monitoring Examples: Instrumentation panel, Building control, Medical monitoring, White-goods • Sensors/Actuators: networked or intelligent sensors/actuators Examples: Sensors with pre-processing, Air conditioning • USB Device: PC centric applications Example: Data logging, RS-232 serial upgrade • Gateways: Protocol conversion Examples: Ethernet / ZigBee gateway • USB mini-Host: interface to standard PC peripherals Example: Output to USB Printer, use USB WiFi key ATMEL Confidential

  21. AT32UC3A0512 (soldered) External Ethernet Phy 10/100 USB 2.0 mini A-B 129$ Retail Price Memories 8 Mb Atmel Dataflash 32 Mb SDRAM Socket for MMC/SD card Keypad, Joystick, LED, LCD Temperature, light & potentiometer sensors 2 USARTS JTAG and Nexus debug Prototype area Expansion connectors ThreadX (demo) + FreeRTOS OS included EVK1100 NEW! ATMEL Confidential

  22. AVR32 Studio ATMEL Confidential

  23. AVR32 Studio overview • Integrated development environment (IDE) for AVR32 • Develop standalone or Linux based applications • Supported tools • JTAGICE mkII, AVR ONE • EVK1100, STK600, NGW100 • C/C++ Compiler (GCC) • debugger (GDB) • Functionality • Flexible GUI – Advanced plug-in management • Breakpoints, expressions, registers, memory views • Product update from web • AVR32 specific registers view • Target management • programming, run control, voltage adjustments ... NEW! ATMEL Confidential

  24. Software Tools (free) AVR32 Studio C Compiler & Debugger GNU Compiler gcc GNU Debugger gdb Real-Time OS Hardware Tools (low-cost) JTAGIce mkII EVK1100 Software Library(free) Drivers for all peripherals TCP/IP + UDP stack (lwIP) Web & t-ftp servers, mail client USB stack device & OTG Mass-storage, HID File system FAT12/16/32 Demonstrator (free) Web Control Panel for EVK1100 Atmel Tools for UC3A Fast Design ATMEL Confidential