African american albinism
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African American Albinism. Produced by: Charlie, Malik, Andrew, John, and Anthony. Basic Facts. Albinism is a condition which is inherited through recessive gene alleles. It is fairly rare, appearing in only 1 out of every 17,000 people.

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African american albinism

African American Albinism

Produced by: Charlie, Malik, Andrew, John, and Anthony

Basic facts
Basic Facts

  • Albinism is a condition which is inherited through recessive gene alleles. It is fairly rare, appearing in only 1 out of every 17,000 people.

  • Albinism is the lacking of some of the pigmentation normally found in people’s skin. It can also be caused by the defect of an enzyme which is responsible for making melanin in the human body.

  • There are two major types of Albinism. The first, oculocutaneous, affects the eyes, skin, and hair. The second, ocular, only affects the eyes.

  • There are also two different forms of Albinism. The first, hypomelanism, is when there is a partial lack of melanin. The second, amelanism, is when there is no melanin at all.

Physical problems
Physical Problems

  • There are actually not very many physical problems that Albinism causes. Most people can lead normal lives without being at much more risk than a “normal” person would be.

  • The one thing that Albinism can affect directly is a person’s vision. Most people who are Albino must wear eye glasses because of the lack of pigmentation in their eyes.

  • Also, if you are Albino you must be sure to protect your skin against the sun. The lack of pigmentation in your skin puts you at a greater risk for developing problems such as skin cancer.

Social problems
Social Problems

  • In the United States, children may be picked on at school if they are Albino.

  • In African countries, the discrimination is a lot worse. Every year people are murdered in countries such as Kenya for being Albino.

  • The reason these people are murdered is because their body parts are considered valuable to many people who feel they can conduct “Albino magic” which is the healing of the sick by using Albino limbs as part of a potion.

  • Other people may buy these body parts because they think it will increase their luck.

Our scenario
Our Scenario

  • Our scenario was a husband and wife with two children, one Albino, and the other vision impaired.

  • Our family makes has an income of 90,000 with full coverage from insurance.

  • The husband and wife want a third child and are discussing the risks of having one with a genetic counselor.

Probability of albinism
Probability of Albinism

  • In our scenario, the genetic counselor will assist us in determining the likelihood of a third child having Albinism.

  • The counselor will then tell us that our visually impaired child needs to undergo testing to see if his visual problems come from Albinism or another condition.

  • The counselor tells us that since both parents are normal colored, they must have an Aa genotype for the trait.

  • Judging from this, if we had another child they would have a 25% chance of being Albino.


  • Albinism can greatly affect people, especially socially, in any country, particularly African countries.

  • Despite this, Albinism is not that serious of a physical condition and with regular health check ups, Albinos can live a perfectly normal life.