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The Southampton Learning Environment: CETIS PowerPoint Presentation
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The Southampton Learning Environment: CETIS

The Southampton Learning Environment: CETIS

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The Southampton Learning Environment: CETIS

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  1. The Southampton Learning Environment: CETIS Hugh DavisNov 2010

  2. What is the SLE? • SLE – Southampton Learning Environment • looking to enhance the student and staff experience around learning and living at UoS • Closely aligned with the Southampton Research Environment (SRE) and the Southampton Business Environment (SBE)

  3. Top Level goals • make it possible to undertake every aspect of livinglearningteaching • support a wide range of pedagogical approaches • a single place where you can go for toolscommunicationcollaborationinformationresources • act as a vehicle for reviewing and aligning our processes across the University • provide much more flexible systems • single login to all university tools and repositories online appropriate to your role in the university

  4. Why are we doing this?

  5. A technical view

  6. Wikis Communication tools Cloud services Tools, Services and Data Infrastructure Video Conferencing Forums Email PUBLIC WORKSTATIONS TurnItIn DropBox Presence Chat GoogleDocs Internal Services CLASSROOMS Podcasting Live@Edu Search EXTRANET E-Assignment External RSS Feeds COLLABORATIONSPACE Blackboard (or other VLE?) Delicious PROFILES Lecture Capture and Replay Podcasts SEARCH Question Mark Perception Uni/SUSU announcements Push WIFI STORAGE Module selection Course Announcements On-line forms INTRANET Internal RSS Feeds INTERNALSOFTWARE Resources E-Books Student Records HR Records Open Educational Resources Library Catalogue Timetable Room Bookings On-line Journals EdShare Student Handbook Fees Payment/records The SRN Programme/Module Catalogue Institutional data

  7. A Rich Learning Environment

  8. The SLE • There are underlying implications for • Technical infrastructure (WiFi, Storage) • Identity Management • Open Data • How we design courses • How we support curriculum design

  9. Agile Development: • A new approach for majority of UoS • Rapid and responsive • Collaborative and challenging • Enables progressive skill and output evolution and improvement over time • Requirements must be agreed up front, delivered, then move on • Needs focus on quality assurance and sign off of stages • Potentially provides quick wins in basic form • The SLE Programme will be adopting these approaches wherever possible such that early benefits can be achieved for end users and tool interface and interconnectivity can be developed.

  10. SLE Proof of Concepts (PoC): potential quick wins • We will be making 4 week “sprints” to produce prototypes of • SUSSED replacement • Blackboard replacement/upgrade? • And others – e.g. The Student Dashboard

  11. Our First PoC • SUSSED 2.0 (replaces our aging Portal) • Will provide • A launch page to tools • A gateway to resources • A profile page for the user • Status information • An excellent smart search function is highest priority • Will allow the installation of widgets from an “appstore” • Personalised and Personalisable • Shared Workspaces

  12. EdShare

  13. Some Applications we are leading on • Let me personalise my personal timetable • Let me select my options (fully informed) • Let me book an un-used classroom near me for a SEG group meeting • Tell me what bus I need to get from home to get to my next lecture in time • Remind me of the name of my tutee who is standing in front of me now, and let me know their current progress.

  14. First POC already conducted by SRE team • Intranet for typical research activities • Applying for a grant • Setting up a grant team • Pursuing research • Managing a grant • Disseminating research • Updating an Academic CV

  15. Comments on Subversion • This is all really about making our university think about • The sort of educational experience they wish to offer • The processes they need to support (e.g. assessment and feedback) • Ensuring equality of provision • Digital literacies and employability • Coping with the climate