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  1. SCOTLAND Berta Rovira Carla Combalia Mariel López Erika Prat



  4. THE FLAG:


  6. History of Scotland.


  8. House of Alpin (848-1034) Kenneth MacAlpin was the first king of Scotland, in 843. His successor was Mac Ailpein de Dòmhnall. His brother. In the years858 to 862 . Mac Choinnich de Còiseam, in the years 862–877. Mac Choinnich de Aodh , in the years, 877–878.

  9. Mac Dhunghail de Griogair, in the years 878–889. He had no dynasty. Malcolm II, was the last king of this house. In the years 1005–1034.

  10. House of Dunkeld, 1034-1286 Duncan I, was in the years 1034–1040. His successor was Macbeth. He was on throne for the years 1040–1057. Hewas married to her cousin Gruoch. He killed Duncan I in the course of the battle of Pitgaveny. His successor was Mac Gille Chomghain de Lughlagh, (Lulach) stayed in the throne during the years 1057–1058. Malcolm III, son of Duncan I. in the years 1058–1093.

  11. WILLIAM WALLACE: Is a very famous Scottish hero who organized the common people to fight and defeat English soldiers in the 30 century. William Wallace was finally executed by king Edward in London in 1305. You can see the story in Bravehard .

  12. ROBERT THE BRUCE: He was the only one that gained independence from Scotland. The independence was declared in 1328. The second war of the independence was in 1332-1357. but Scotland lost.

  13. JAMES VI OF SCOTLAND: The king James VI of Scotland (James I of England) . The english asked James to be king of Engalnd too and he became the first monarch to govern England, Scotland and Ireland at the same time. He called this kingdom “ Great Britain” . He stay in the throne for first time in 24 July 1567.

  14. ACT OF UNION In 1603 Scotland and England made the act on union.

  15. SCOTLAND NOW: Scotland now are a part of England. The queen is Isabel II.


  17. BRAVEHEART This film isabout a scotishmanwhofought a lotfortheindependence of Scotland, hisnameisWillam Wallace. Finaly he died in a square in front of allthepeople. Hislastwordwas “Liberty”

  18. ROB ROY

  19. Mary Reilly The film is about a man who has two personalities. Mary Reilly is the woman who works in the house and discover the two personalities of the man, nobody else know anything about this. When is on the good personality he is called Dr.Henry Jekyll and when he becames bad her name is Mr.Hyde. Mary Reilly fall in love of Dr. Henry Jekyll.

  20. AE FOND KISS Is a pakistan boy who live in Scotland. He fall in love with a scotish girl but his family didn’t want to he be married with her. He had a lot of problems, but finally they get married.

  21. SWEET SIXTEEN This film isabout a boywholiveswithhersisterbecausehismotheris in prison.Hedoesn’tfetalongwithherstepfather. They are immersed in theworld of drugs, withthemoneythat he earns of thedrugs he buy a houseforhermother, butherstepfathermakefireonit. At theend of the film theboykillherstepfather.

  22. THE END