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English 310 Do Nows PowerPoint Presentation
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English 310 Do Nows

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English 310 Do Nows - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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September 2013. English 310 Do Nows. Pg. 24

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9 4 do now

Pg. 24

Write a little about your progress with the outside reading requirement. What are some of the things you find challenging about this assignment? What is going well? How did you go about choosing your first book for the semester? What is your current reading routine? We are currently in week 4, which means you have about two weeks to read your 400 pages for triad 1. How close to that number do you think you’ll be in the next two weeks?

9/4 Do Now
9 5 do now

Pg. 28

The Puritans viewed God as the one who made all the decisions about what happened to them (basically, “its God’s will”), so it was considered selfish and inappropriate to be upset for very long when bad things happened. How could this belief structure come into conflict with how a person normally feels when something bad happens?

9/5 Do Now
9 6 do now

Pg. 28

Open journaling. (School appropriate)

9/6 Do Now
9 9 do now

Pg. 30

Jonathan Edwards, a puritan minster, believed we were all born sinners. Are we born good, bad, or neutral? Explain your reasoning…

9/9 Do Now
9 10 do now

Pg. 30

Some researchers believe that when you want someone to stop a certain behavior, fear and guilt are far more effective than sending a hopeful message. What do you think? Are you motivated to behave properly out of fear of the consequences if you don’t behave properly or the hope of what comes from good behavior?

9/10 Do Now
9 11 do now

Pg. 32

Reflect on today’s date as well as other current events. Do you often think about world events and how they affect your life, or is it just events that happen in “other places”? Explain you thoughts and feelings…

9/11 Do now
9 12 do now

Pg. 32

Open journal (school appropriate).

9/12 do Now
9 13 do now

pg. 34

What do you know about the Salem Witch Trials? What questions do you have about it?

9/13 Do Now
9 16 do now

Pg. 36

What was the most interesting thing you remember about the film on Friday?

9/16 Do Now
9 17 do now

Pg. 36

Why are we often afraid of things we do not understand? Write about a time you experienced this idea.

9/17 Do now
9 19 do now

Pg. 38

Religion and God dominated puritan writings. What do you think writers today write about most often? Hint: look at what movies are most popular and what kinds of books show up on the best-sellers list. What will people think of us in 400 years?

9/19 do Now
9 20 do now

Pg. 38

Open journaling (school appropriate).

9/20 Do Now

Pg. 40

What makes a good leader? What characteristics does the person need to have in order to lead a group of people? What makes a bad leader?

9 24 do now

Pg. 42

Where do you see yourself in 5 years (you’ll be around 20 or 21)? What will you be doing, school, work, military? What are you doing now to make this a reality?

9/24 Do Now
9 26 do now

Pg. 42

Think about the following words:

Entitlement: The right to have something.

Narcissism: extreme love of oneself above all others.

Recently society has begun to label your generation (commonly called the Millennial (birth between 1982 and 2002) as an “entitlement” generation. There are statistics that show an huge increase in of diagnosed narcissism in your age group too (in one study it went as high as 2 out 3 people) What do you think? What evidence do you have for your opinion?

9/26 Do Now
9 27 do now

Pg. 44

Open journaling, school appropriate.

9/27 Do now
9 30 do now

Pg. 44

Think about a fictional tv show you watch (not reality tv). What motivates the main character to act the way they do? What are their reasons for their behavior? What is their essential goal? How does a character’s motivation in a fictional story, mirror human nature?

9/30 Do Now